Green Recovery

What is a Green Recovery?

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the world.

Now it is time to build back.

Can we return to our economies based on fossil fuels that

pollute, accelerate climate collapse and natural disasters, damage human health and streghthen the social gap?

Or can we transform our economies and societies by investing in green recovery?

Green Recovery
is an opportunity

to rectivate and develop Latin American and Caribbean economies

through investments in low-carbon and climate-resilient sectors

In addition, this would bring improvements in health, transport, food and increase competitiveness.

Green Recovery could reduce social inequalities and poverty.

LAC countries have the historic opportunity to lead a sustainable recovery by rebuilding their economies and improving the welfare of our people.

Bienestar social Desarrollo económico y empleo Cumplir los objetivos climáticos
social well-being economic development and employment meeting climate goals