Policy Measures

CountrySectorPolicy NameDescriptionDateTotal Value (USD Billions)
Antigua and BarbudaOther sectorIncentivising vaccinationThe incentives include a $5000 prize-draw weekly for vaccinated individuals, along with an 8000sqft plot of land at the end of June. (Weekly raffles extended to the end of August, Cash for Vax campaign).01/06/20210.00
Antigua and BarbudaUnclearEnding duty-free concessionsThe Cabinet announced the end of duty-free concessions (i.e. the implementation of duties) on automobiles, earth-moving equipment, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles entering Antigua and Barbuda.20/05/20210.00
Antigua and BarbudaUnclearMaintaining Public Sector (Commitment to No Layoffs)All 12000 public sector employees retained at full salaries, despite the economic crisis (notably due to the collapse in tourism, 80% of the usual national GDP). Salaries frozen from 2020 to 2021, however. Budgetary impact unclear, date indicates the confirmation in the Budget Speech that this policy was ongoing in 2021.18/01/20210.00
Antigua and BarbudaUnclearGovernment GuaranteesSpecified in the 2021 Budget Speech, the Prime Minister confirmed the government's' agreement to guarantee up to $50 million XCD, for business expansion and cash flows to enterprises affected by the pandemic18/01/20210.02
Antigua and BarbudaTransport and communicationsLIAT fundingProvision of further financial support for the Government’s plans in relation to the reorganization of LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport Services)18/01/20210.01
Antigua and BarbudaEnergy and waterAPUA farmer water bill reductionCut by 25% in farmers' water bills, to encourage increased food production. Cost unclear, date given for the budget speech, as the original policy adoption date is also unclear.18/01/20210.00
Antigua and BarbudaOther sectorMSJMC health fundingTransfers to Mt St John Medical Center were increased in 2020 in response to COVID-19 needs, and the Medical Benefits Scheme had its debt financing and expenditure restructured by the government. Total spend on healthcare for 2020 was $115 million XCD, but it is not indicated how much of an increase this was year-on-year to prepare for and tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.18/01/20210.00
Antigua and BarbudaUnclearCapital BudgetThe capital budget for 2021 is increased 62% on the $103.3 million XCD spent on capital projects in 2020. The increase in capital spending is "part of the Government's strategy to promote economic activity while [they] await a rebound in the tourism sector" (the sector which alone accounts for 80% of GDP and 70% of employment). The total value of the budget for 2021 is $167.2 million XCD, implying a recovery strategy leading to a rise in spending of $63.9 million XCD.18/01/20210.02
Antigua and BarbudaEnergy and waterAPUA borrowingMinister responsible for Public Utilities announced that APUA had borrowed $169 million XCD to improve internet services, water delivery system, and plant electricity cables underground. Another $30 million XCD was confirmed to have been secured from the private sector to lay an under-sea cable.22/10/20200.00
Antigua and BarbudaIndividualsCOVID-19 Social Protection Support ProgrammeThe Emergency Food Assistance Programme, commenced in April 2020, had by December delivered 50664 food packages. The Government Voucher Programme, partnered with a PDV contribution of $500,000 (XCD), totalled a value of 1.25m XCD. Both were funded by a waiver of sales tax (ABST) to the total value of $5m XCD.01/04/20200.00
Antigua and BarbudaUnclearPandemic Relief Barrel InitiativeHouseholds can import items including food, toiletries, baby and disinfecting wipes, face masks, vitamins etc, without facing duties and taxes other than a $10 XCD processing fee and the Revenue Recovery Charge. The Christmas Barrel initiative added in November 2020 included clothing and shoes in the items that could be imported. By January 2021, almost 13500 barrels had been cleared under the initiative. Cost unclear. 8/07/21 The 'Dollar Barrel Initiative', a continuation of these programs, has been extended to the 31st of July. The current total estimated reduction in tax receipts for the government is EC $3.5m.01/04/20200.00
Antigua and BarbudaEnergy and waterAPUA charge reductionsState-owned public utilities company required by the state to reduce the fuel variation charge on electricity, and offer discounts for residential and commercial users (amounts vary across 2020). Other than in cases of theft of services, a moratorium on disconnections from APUA water and electricity supplies was instituted. Budget Speech 2021 values this relief at a net of $21.8 million XCD.01/04/20200.01
ArgentinaFunding for forestry-industrial SMESCredit line for purchase of capital goods for forestry-industrial SMEs12/08/20210.00
ArgentinaAgricultural aid provision for provincesDelivery of agricultural machinery for several municipalities (Lamarque, Beltrand, Bariloche, General Roca, Cervantes)17/08/20210.00
ArgentinaRegional water worksFunding for water works in Tucuman which will allow to avoid flooding produced y summer rains17/08/20210.00
ArgentinaConnectivity works in Santa ClaraAdditional 1357 of fiber optics networ in the province through the Connect Plan13/08/20210.00
ArgentinaTransfer of hospital equipmentTransfer of hospital equipment to Santiago del Estero province13/08/20210.00
ArgentinaFunding for agriculturural infrastructure in CatamarcaFunding for irrigation work repair, agricultural infrastructure, and animal feed13/08/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearFinancing for SMEsLine of 300 million pesos for loans to provincial SMEs04/08/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorKnowledge Economy Nodes ProgramFinancing for province investment plans (20 million pesos per project) for technological innovation and development03/08/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorInvestment in ANLIS Malbran InstituteFunding for equipment and works for institute to improve decision-making in public health03/08/20210.02
ArgentinaConstructionFunding for industrial park developmentDevelopment of 36 industrial parks in 16 provinces14/07/20210.02
ArgentinaEnergy and waterGreen Productive Development PlanSubsidization of credit lines, contributions, and technical support for suppliers in the green economy such as the green hydrogen industry and electric vehicle industry. Policy reportedly announced on 13/07/202113/07/20210.10
ArgentinaOther sectorFunding for local enterprises in Santa FeAgreement of 75 million pesos to Santa Fe for conditioning of rural roads and capitalization for SMEs and legumes19/07/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorNational Program for Healthy Cities, Municipalities, and CommunitiesInvestment to finance food and road safety, care for elderly, and environmental health in municipalities27/07/20210.02
ArgentinaUnclearTe Sumo ProgramProgram to promote employment of young people of 18-24 years of age28/07/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorInstitutional Evaluation ProgramFunding by MinCyT to science and technology institutions to strengthen R&D capacities and give responses to challenges raised by the pandemic13/07/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorVaccine purchaseAgreement with Moderna for purchase of 20 million doses of the vaccine11/07/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearImpulso Mujeres loans for SMEs led by women5-year term loans with a 6 months grace period and up to 20 million per women-led SME06/07/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorFund transfer to provinces for pandemic aidGovernment transfer (National Treasury Contributions) to the provinces to contain the pandemic and aid in economic reactivation.02/07/20210.08
ArgentinaUnclearJob creation program in Entre RiosProgram to create 1000 new jobs in Entre Rios, with companies receiving percentage of average employer contribution for each new hire.29/06/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorPension funding for Santa CruzAssistance to Santa Cruz of more than one billion pesos to strengthen provincial welfare fund24/06/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorFunding for vaccine developmentFunds from the R+D+i Agency for COVID-19 vaccine "ARVAC Cecilia Grierson” development14/06/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorFunding for Strategic Plan of VaccinationFunds from the Development Bank of Latin America to strengthen vaccine acquisition, support production chains and scientific initiatives08/06/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearLoans for SMEsExpansion of credit line for productive investment of SMEs, as well as additional $500 million for SMEs exporting to Brazil05/06/20210.03
ArgentinaOther sectorStrategic Plan of VaccinationLargest vaccination plan in Argentinian history for vaccine distribution and vaccination18/05/20210.00
ArgentinaAgricultureFunding for agricultural production in Entre RiosFunding to assist agricultural producers as well as fund road works05/05/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearFiscal Credit Program for TrainingTax credit program to promote SME training of workers05/05/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorInvestment to supply essential drugsDistribution of drug to 8106 health centers around the country02/05/20210.04
ArgentinaConstructionFunding for projects in Santa FeWorks including water, sanitation, university infrastructure and road repair23/04/20210.82
ArgentinaOther sectorInvestment for digital transformation of SMEsFinancing and assistance for scaling of science and technology and industrial promotion21/04/20210.00
ArgentinaIndividualsEmergency Assistance Program for Independence Gastronomic SectorPayment of a sum of up to $ 18 thousand to independent workers in the gastronomic sector20/04/20210.00
ArgentinaConstructionFunding for housing and infrastructure works for municipalities of Ensenada and BerissoIncludes construction of a sewage plant and housing units16/04/20210.02
ArgentinaOther sectorHealth system investmentConstruction and investment in health center in Ushuaia as well as investment in the health centers of Tolhuin and Río Grande.14/04/20210.00
ArgentinaConstructionRebuild ProgramInvestment to complete abandoned housing works14/04/20211.19
ArgentinaOther sectorFinancing for research and production of vaccinesInvestment in research and development for vaccine development02/04/20210.03
ArgentinaUnclearInvestment promotion regime for exports20% of the foreign exchange obtained in exports linked to a new investment will be freely applicable for up to an annual maximum equivalent to 25% of the gross amount of foreign exchange entered in the Free Exchange Market to finance investment projects of at least US $100 million. Investments are eligible if they are from forestry-industrial, mining, agro-industrial, hydrocarbon, and manufacturing industries.31/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorSupport for Effective Universal Health CoverageProject to provide access to healthcare across Argentina; funded by World Bank loan31/03/20210.25
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsDigital Inclusion and Innovation in Public ServicesExpansion of remote access platforms, implementation and improvement of online systems, and expansion of network of digital points through the program using World Bank Funds31/03/20210.08
ArgentinaIndividualsInvestment for Salta provinceFunding for urbanizing popular neighborhoods, guaranteeing food security and building childhood centers26/03/20210.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsFiber optic network expansion in CatamarcaInvestment to expand the federal fiber optic network in the Catamarca province23/03/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorFund to assist SMEs in CatamarcaCreation of credit line for SMEs in Catamarca in the agro-industrial, industrial, and mining sectors (Specific Affection Fund)—total 600 million but have contributed by regional government23/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorTourism investmentFunding to Rio Negro to carry out infrastructure works for tourism through 50 destinations plan18/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorDigital service programLaunch of the Cuidar Escuela program to register suspected COVID-19 cases18/03/20210.00
ArgentinaConstructionCredit for industrial park productionCredit line for up to 60 months with a six month grace period for the development of industrial parks through Banco Nacion16/03/20210.03
ArgentinaTourism and leisureFunding for the tourism sector through the REPRO II programAdditional $4,000 per month in addition to the initial $12,000 per months already awarded to tourism workers16/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorFinancing for SMEs in La PampaFinancing lines for SMEs in La Pampa with a rate subsidized by the FONDEP of 22%16/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorMedical suppliesSupply of medical supplies to residents affected by fire in Andean region13/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorAdditional support for culture industries through REPRO II programAdditional $18,000 of support for workers in cultural industries12/03/20210.00
ArgentinaIndividualsSocial development assistance to PatagoniaAid supplies sent to Patagonia region in response to the fires12/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorMicrocredits for entrepreneursMicrocredits for entrepreneurs in 17 municipalities in Entre Rios to provide access to machines and tools for entrepreneurs at low rates12/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorChildcare centersCreation of 27 early childcare centers in Entre Rios12/03/20210.00
ArgentinaTourism and leisureFunding to restructure tourism destinationsFunding to maintain the Blessing of Christ statue as part of the Plan 50 Destinations12/03/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorScholarship provisionProgresar scholarships provision for students in the 2021 budget11/03/20210.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsRoad work infrastructure investment in Buenos AiresWorks along roads in Buenos Aires to promote economic development of the region11/03/20210.90
ArgentinaOther sectorEscalar Emprendedores ProgramFinancial assistance for SMEs wanting to scale production for the adoption of new technologies. The line will have a total amount of $ 500 million from the Trust Fund for the Development of Entrepreneurial Capital10/03/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorFunding for localities for protocol adaptation140 million pesos for localities to adapt and improve the resources of the localities in accordance with health prevention measures and compliance with protocols.10/03/20210.00
ArgentinaAgricultureFunding for agriculture projectsFunding for eleven projects in rural agriculture10/03/20210.00
ArgentinaTourism and leisureExpansion of SME financingExpansion of total amount of zero-rate financing line for tourism MSMEs08/03/20210.04
ArgentinaUnclearExtension of unemployment benefitsExtension of unemployment benefits until May 31, 202105/03/20210.00
ArgentinaConstructionConstruction of territorial centers for Gender and Diversity PoliciesConstruction of these centers in 23 provinces and Buenos Aires to respond to gender violence03/03/20210.02
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsImplementation of universal basic benefitProvision of 2,500 prepaid telephone cards to ensure connectivity of vulnerable neighborhoods2/3/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorUniversity Program of the School of Professional EducationInitiative to promote training in professional skills for students aimed at the development of the productive and technological sector26/2/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorExtension of the Relief Fund for Tourism ProvidersContribution of 30,000 pesos to worker who meet eligibility requirements in the tourism industry26/02/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorCanalization in the Balderrama areaInvestment to improve operation of natural drainage network for control of excess water26/2/20210.00
ArgentinaConstructionPlanning and Territorial Ordering ProgramPromotion of proposals for provincial territorial development to guide urbanization processes22/2/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearInitiative for environmental projectsFunding for 21 socio-environmental initiatives within the framework for the "Making trouble for our land" initiative, facilitating the involvement of youth and adolescents in sustainable development19/2/20210.00
ArgentinaAgricultureCredit line for family farmersCredit line of financial assistance for agricultural micro-enterprises for 36 months with an interest rate of 21%18/2/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorFunding for regional child development140 million to create and improve child development spaces in Catamarca18/2/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearEmployment subsidyMonthly benefit of up to 4,500 pesos for those who have attended work orientation workshops for a maximum of three monthly periods and workshops of job support for up to 6 months; the resolution also gives a single payment of upto 9,000 for those who pass a professional training course,as well as further financial aid for SMEs and workers with disabilities17/2/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorDrug research and developmentProject to strengthen the capacities of the institutions in the National Public Laboratories Agency network, including vaccine production capacity and development of drugs for neglected diseases5/2/20210.00
ArgentinaIndividualsMobile agencies programAgencies providing services such as labour counseling and complaint registration4/2/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorEcopark constructionConstruction of Ecopark to clean up existing open-air dumps. Coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment but financed by the Inter-American Development Bank3/2/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearCredit line for doctorsFinancing so that doctors can renew personal computers as part of Telemedicine program2/2/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorRegional distribution of medical suppliesProduction of disinfectant to be distributed to the Rafaela region1/2/20210.00
ArgentinaEnergy and waterGrant to shipyardGrant to Rio Santiago shipyard for the improvement of production structure28/1/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorSupplier Development ProgramAssistance for 81 industrial projects in strategic sectors such as energy (renewable and non-renewable), health, transport, etc.28/01/20210.02
ArgentinaOther sectorVocational training programFree vocational training courses for young people and adults without previous studies28/01/20210.00
ArgentinaUnclearRelaunch of REPRO II programAdditional benefits to workers of companies registered for the program26/01/20210.00
ArgentinaAgricultureFunding for forestry industryFunds for works and equipment for the forestry industry in Federación, Villa Paranacito and Concordia22/01/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorResearch investmentPRODUCIR+SALUD program to promote research and development in science and technology21/1/20210.35
ArgentinaOther sectorExtension of REPRO II programExtension of program which gives bonuses to workers of companies in critical situation and health providers of up to 9000 per month20/1/20210.00
ArgentinaAgricultureAgro-livestock stimulusFunds to stimulate provincial agro-livestock production20/1/20210.01
ArgentinaOther sectorSalary increases for health institute employeesSalary improvements for around 600 workers in 13 health institutes8/1/20210.00
ArgentinaOther sectorCombating gender violenceConstruction of a Territorial Center for the development of gender and diversity policies of around 600 square meters in the city of Ushuaia21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionInvestment for water and sanitation worksTo promote water and sanitation works, road and urban improvement, social equipment and management of water resources that will benefit the population of the municipalities of Ushuaia, Río Grande and Tolhuin.21/12/20200.01
ArgentinaUnclearProvincial Management Strengthening programTo promote territorial development in Tierra del Fuego21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsDock expansionExpansion of commercial dock in Ushuaia21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsBus terminalsBus terminal expansion in Ushuaia ad Rio Grande21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsRoad maintenanceCompletion and rehabilitation of National Route 321/12/20200.02
ArgentinaConstructionWater and sanitation projectsInvestment in seven projects that will benefit more than 46 thousand inhabitants by expanding the coverage of basic drinking water and sewer services, and the improvement of the situation of the marine-coastal environment in Tierra del Fuego21/12/20200.03
ArgentinaConstructionHousing development programHousing solutions to meet diversity of housing demand21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionUrban developmentConstruction of 74 homes in Roque Saenz Pena21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionNational Land PlanLot construction21/12/20200.01
ArgentinaOther sectorStrengthening of community organizationsThe Argentina Construye Solidaria Program aims to strengthen the work of those civil society organizations that carry out community action and neighborhood support tasks.21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearloans to SMEsLoans to SMEs in Tierra de Fuego21/12/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorSecurity force investmentInvestment for infrastructure works, equipment, and training for security in Buenos Aires21/12/20200.45
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsMandatory Universal Basic PlanPlan for provision of mobile communication services and access to internet/TV services for lower income sector and vulnerable population18/12/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsImplementation of digital pointsExtension of federal fiber optic network17/12/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearWorker training and protection program for public employeesPrioritizing the role of public employees through improvement of working conditions and training, as well as allowing contests and promotions to e carried out digitally15/12/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsCreation of national action planCreation of National Action Plan to identify most vulnerable communities and provide basic needs11/12/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearCredit for small businessesLaunch of line of direct credits up to 15,000,000 to fund investment in small businesses11/12/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearTourism training courseCourses for tourism management offered by the Ministry of Tourism06/12/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorProtection kits for recyclersDelivery of personal protection kits for recyclers in the Quilmes and Buenos Aires provinces04/12/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionFinancing for urbanizationFinancing of ten projects to create 1,935 lots in order to increase the supply of urbanized land at affordable prices03/12/20200.01
ArgentinaUnclearSalary protection8th edition of ATP program, which provides unemployment benefits, loans, and salary payments, completed during the month of November—salary payment02/12/20200.12
ArgentinaEnergy and waterSolar energy for rural areasDelivery of 5,400 solar panels to rural producers in 19 provinces27/11/20200.00
ArgentinaAgricultureBenefits to soybean producersCompensatory benefits to small and medium producers of soybeans of up to 400 hectares27/11/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearVocational training program for womenFree training program in beauty and personal care for women under house arrest who have recently been released, developed virtually in response to the COVID-19 pandemic27/11/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsGuarantee to energy supply for electro dependentsSubsidy for works and adjustments in hoike electrical installations for those who need electrical supply for health reasons25/11/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorGrant programGrants of up to $ 20,000 for projects in environmental conservation and restoration in Chaco and Mesopotamia24/11/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorExpansion of Health Networks ProgramInvestment into delivery of goods such as ambulances and equipment for diagnostic imaging and transfer of resources ot jurisdictions, revitalization of primary care in response to the pandemic20/11/20200.24
ArgentinaOther sectorSupport for provincial health systemInvestment to finance development and implementation of digital tools in provinces19/11/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorBuilding of storage vaccine centerAgreement to build and equip mass storage center for vaccines through REDES DE SALUD program19/11/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorProgram extensionExpansion of Plan NACER (plan to reduce infant mortality) and its successor, the SUMAR program19/11/20200.01
ArgentinaUnclearAid to municipalityAdditional aid to Moreno municipality to face the pandemic19/11/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearFunds to municipalities80 million pesos to Quilmes and 38 million pesos to Moron to strengthen health system and help out vulnerable sectors13/11/20200.00
ArgentinaEnergy and waterLoan program extensionsExtension until June 2022 of loan term for PERMER II, a program that allows energy projects to be carried out across vulnerable rural regions13/11/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorLaunch of digital health programLaunch of IMPULSA program to promote use of new information and communication technologies in healthcare05/11/20200.06
ArgentinaOther sectorStimulus for sanitary solutionsSupport for projects and technological solutions generated by 16 universities and scientific institutions to provide sanitary solutions26/10/20200.00
ArgentinaTourism and leisureCredit line for tourism SMEsFinancing for SMEs in tourism sector, credit also backed with 100% guarantees12/10/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsConnect PlanPlan for provision of ICT services and broadband connections including high quality satellite connectivity, adding value to national data center, and revaluing Open Digital Television16/09/20200.50
ArgentinaEnergy and waterNational Supplier Development ProgramLine of credit for suppliers in strategic energy and mining sectors09/09/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorEmergency 'Activate Patrimony' Scholarships1.5m pesos to create thirty scholarships under the Secretariat of Cultural Heritage07/09/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorFinancial support for Health Insurance Agents and indirectly health servicesExtends financial support to Health Insurance firms who have suffered a decrease in revenue during July 2020, relative to March 2020. This support should ensure the effective functioning of health services during the pandemic, as well as timely payment by insurance providers, guaranteeing continued care for beneficiaries.31/08/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsFacilities to pay credit card statementsAllows credit payments for September to be financed over twelve months, accruing interest at a maximum rate of 40% p.a. plus VAT.27/08/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsCard purchase cashbackExtends 15% refund for debit card purchases for those receiving benefits until end of the year25/08/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsIncrease in pension benefitsIncreasing benefits by 7.5% through August 202024/08/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsInfrastructure investment19.7 billion pesos to start and reactivate infrastructure works in Chaco, Misiones, Cordoba, La Pampa and Salta, including on highways, public repairs, bridges (mostly traditional transport but also includes a water treatment plant for 7777m pesos, and other water treatment works for 1.5bn pesos)19/08/20200.27
ArgentinaTourism and leisureSingle emergency subsidy for private non-profit management audiovisual communication services of the Argentine RepublicSubsidies for supporting media19/08/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionHousing program relaunchRelaunch of the Ministry of Housing's Procrear Plan to support construction, home renovation and home purchases.11/08/20200.27
ArgentinaIndividualsExtension of family support allowanceSubsidy of 15000 pesos to relatives of people who died due to COVID-19.8/8/200.00
ArgentinaAgricultureProgram for the promotion of work, rooting and local supply100m pesos for program aimed at rural farming and fishing07/08/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsEmergency Family Income10,000 pesos paid as emergency family income in August 202030/7/200.00
ArgentinaUnclearEmpower Work500m pesos for the Empower Work program to launch in Chaco.27/07/20200.01
ArgentinaUnclearWork and Production Assistance ProgramWage assistance, tax relief for businesses, credits for self-employed, subsidised loans24/07/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsIncome tax reliefVarious tax relief for different tax groups23/07/20200.00
ArgentinaAgricultureEconomic, Productive, Financial and Social Emergency Assistance ProgramExtension of general maturities for social security obligations from June 1 2020 to December 31 2020, and suspension of tax enforcement, for apple and pear production chains22/07/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearTrust Fund for Provincial Development6.406 billion pesos granted to various provinces in the from of loans.16/07/20200.09
ArgentinaConstructionFederal Argentina Construye Solidaria ProgramFinancing the purchase of materials for the execution of minor works.08/07/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionNational Program for the Reactivation and Completion of Housing, Infrastructure and Habitat WorksDevelop habitat conditions, housing, basic infrastructure, and community equipment of households involved with unsatisfied basic needs and of vulnerable groups in situations of emergency, marginalisation and environmental risk. Labour reintegration of affected population and mobilisation of economy.07/07/20200.00
ArgentinaEnergy and waterCo-financing of solar-tech to use in agro-fisheries35 million pesos to finance the incorporation of renewable energy into the fishery industry01/07/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearPromote Work program in Cordoba313 million pesos to improve employability and generate new product proposals through education, job training, and certification of skills30/06/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearSuspension of tax executionsSuspension of the initiation of tax enforcement proceedings until July 31, 202025/06/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearGuarantee Fund for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (FOGAR)The National Government provides for the creation of a Specific Affectation Fund that will have 30 billion pesos that the State will transfer to the Argentine Guarantee Fund. The guarantees granted will will be aimed at those companies registered in the SMS Registry. The objective of this Fund includes facilitating the repayment of the loans for working capital and coverage of deferred checks.25/06/20200.43
ArgentinaUnclearLocking of precautionary measuresLocked precautionary measures designed to provide tax relief to SMEs to help them fulfil tax obligations until July 31, 202025/06/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsEmployment supportRaised amount provided to those eligible for Independent Employment Program, Local Productive Framing and Promote Program to $3000 per month for three months for IEP, and up to two months for latter two programs.24/06/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearTraining and Employment InsuranceIncrease of $3000 in monthly financial aid towards unemployed workers actively seeking employment and updating their job skills, or developing independent ventures22/06/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsWorkers aid extensionExtending aid for workers associated with cooperatives receiving emergency financial assistance from two to four months, and an increase in aid of $16500 per applicant under Self Managed Work Program18/06/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearATM charge suspensionExtension of ATM charge suspension until September 3018/06/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearExtension of Provincial Financial Emergency Program$4.8bn to province of Cordoba, $4.6bn to Santa Fe, $1.2bn to Misiones, $3bn to Santa Cruz, awarded as part of Provincial Financial Emergency Program16/06/20200.20
ArgentinaUnclearLaunch of Empower Work programA new national program for socio-productive inclusion and local development, paying social salary to undertake urban and rural initiatives and protect incomes. Subsidies and no-bank loans used to purchase capital.16/06/200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsFunding for Provincial Administrations to Support OperationsEmergency measures for sanitary, economic, and housing needs, benefitting ongoing relief programs. Of this, includes the Provincial Financial Emergency Program to direct funds to provincial governments in need of financial support because of decreased tax collection and difficulties meeting debt in the crisis.12/06/20200.01
ArgentinaIndividualsTransport compensationEmergency compensation for companies providing services to residents returning to Argentina, or foreigners returning to home countries11/6/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsFunding for disabilitiesThree programs created to assist individuals with disabilities affected by COVID-19 including through financial aid, protected production workshops and reinforcement of provincial input banks10/6/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsCompensation for redundanciesDoubles compensation for individuals dismissed without just cause, extending this measure for 180 days9/6/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearTax credit program for trainingSMEs encouraged to increase productivity through total or partial reimbursement of costs of training through electronic tax credit9/6/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsTax exemption for various affected groupsIncome tax exemption for overtime, guards, personnel of health, armed, and security forces, and others working in health emergency related areas for income earned between March 1 and September 30 20209/6/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsEmergency financial assistance for workersPayment of 3000 pesos to those part of Empower Work program that did not receive IFE05/06/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsEmergency financial assistance for vulnerable familiesPayment of 10000 pesos to Emergency Family Income (IFE)30/05/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsUnemployment benefit extensionExtending the maturities of unemployment benefits until August 31st29/05/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearSuspension of toll fares for health and security forcesSuspension of tolls for personnel of health and security forces for the duration of isolation28/05/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsRoad companies compensation funding$500m one-off compensation for inter-jurisdictional automotive passenger road transport companies (tariff compensation regime)26/05/20200.01
ArgentinaOther sectorBudget reallocation for health and science$127m extra allocated to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to strengthen health and testing22/05/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorRepatriation of funds from IMFRepatriation of over $21m that Argentina had sent to the IMF to buying 70000 new computers to improve connectivity in education22/05/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearOil consumption restrictionsBan on oil imports (in an attempt to increase domestic consumption), cut on oil export tax, freeze on liquid fuel tax, and fixed price per barrel of oil.19/05/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsPension increasesIncrease of 6.12% in pension payments, bringing minimum to $16864, and maximum to $11347918/05/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorNational contracting officeNational Agreements entered with suppliers through the Acord.AR platform to meet COVID-19 emergency needs. Through this platform, the government will publish notices for bidders to offer goods and services, and national, provincial, and CABBA agencies can evaluate offers, allowing direct contracting without being subject to contracting regimes15/5/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionPublic Investment Program in Housing & InfrastructureFederal public investment program, Argentina Construye, will aim to build 5500 homes, finance 42900 items of gas, electric and sanitary infrastructure, and create 750000 direct and indirect jobs between 2020 and 2021.14/5/20200.52
ArgentinaIndividualsEmergency assistance for work and productionExtending benefits of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production to payment of complementary wages and employer contributions8/5/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearREPRO aid for workers covered by REPRO businessesIncreasing coverage of Productive Recovery Program (REPRO) aid for a factor of 30 for number of workers reached, and by a factor of 5 for amount paid out06/05/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorNational Institute of Music Solidarity FundEstablishing a National Institute of Music including a Solidarity Musical Fund that directs funding to musical activity such as through prizes, awards, and scholarships05/05/20200.00
ArgentinaOther sectorLoans to producers of key goodsProvides loans from the national bank to producers of food, hygiene, cleaning and medical supplies.05/05/20200.37
ArgentinaAgricultureIncrease for beneficiaries of the Interharvest ProgramIncrease in monthly financial aid for workers in agrarian and agro-industrial sector who are inactive between harvests to $5000 as part of Interharvest Program04/05/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsSelf-Managed Work Program financial aidEmergency economic assistance provided to those on the Self-Managed Work Program for those whose income has been affected as a result of isolation01/05/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividuals0% Tax Rate for income relief measuresEmergency family income (IFE), Universal Child Allowance (AUH), and Complementary Salary (SC) no longer income taxed01/05/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsCare and support networks subsidiesIncrease in subsidies provided to social care networks to guarantee provision to vulnerable households30/04/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsExtraordinary Payments to Holders of Food CardMade one-time extraordinary payments to recipients of Alimentar, the Argentine Food Card, giving a bonus of 4000 ARS to families with one child and 6000 ARS to families with two or more children. This funding is to be credited on the 29th April29/04/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearWorking capital for companiesProvide working capital to companies at preferential rates for 180 days with an annual interest rate of 26 percent.22/04/20204.83
ArgentinaUnclearCompetitiveness Support Program60m pesos financing 500 companies through non-refundable contributions, aimed at improving the productivity of SMEs through the implementation of technical assistance in management technologies.08/04/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearExtension on export duty holidayExtends the payment of export duties until September 30.08/04/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearREPRO Health Emergency Assistance ProgramEstablishes a REPRO (Programa de Programa de Recuperación Productiva)- Health Emergency Assistance Program to provide between ARS $6000 and ARS $10,000 per worker for employers with greater than 100 workers.01/04/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearEmergency Assistance ProgramCompensatory salary allocation, zero rate credits for self-employed and monotributistas, unemployment benefit system, and subsidized rate loans01/04/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearExtension of debt maturities for SMEs and Micro SMEsExtends a Debt Regularization Regime designed to assist micro, small and medium-sized companies with tax debt regularization, taxpayer sanctions and other provisions through June 30.29/03/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsForeclosure and eviction moratorium and mortgage restrictionsThrough September 30, mortgage credit monthly installments for single dwelling, occupied real estate cannot exceed installment amounts as of March 2020. Foreclosures and evictions are suspended for these dwellings over the same period.29/03/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsBonus scheme for healthcare workersFour monthly bonuses of AR $5k for healthcare workers26/03/20200.00
ArgentinaUnclearDuty and Tax ExemptionExemption from import duties and statistical tax for medical suppliers imposed from April - August24/03/20200.00
ArgentinaIndividualsTemporary suspension of cut of services for non-paymentElectricity, running water, gas through networks, phone, and cable television services cannot be suspended for non-payment24/03/20200.00
ArgentinaTransport and communicationsFinancing to ensure telework modalityProvides financing for the production of equipment to ensure telework modality.20/03/20200.04
ArgentinaIndividualsDirect payments350bn pesos in direct payments to help unemployed workers, pensioners, those on family allowance benefits, and those on welfare19/03/20205.51
ArgentinaIndividualsBenefits to employees of health-related services95% reductions of the tax rates corresponding to social security contributions for health service employees, a 2.5% reduction in tax on credit and debit bank accounts, as well as a 5% decrease in tax on savings accounts.19/03/20201.13
ArgentinaConstructionSupport for infrastructure, education, tourism and constructionIncreases budget for capital expenditures by 40 percent to provide ARS $100 billion in support for infrastructure, tourism and education.17/03/20201.58
ArgentinaUnclearOnline purchase of national productsShift toward online purchase of national products, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.13/03/20200.00
ArgentinaConstructionPlan Argentina HaceFunds for local projects to create 20,000 new local jobs with gender parity10/03/20200.48
ArgentinaOther sectorFinancing for industrial park infrastructureProvides financing for industrial park infrastructure.04/03/20200.13
BahamasOther sectorCOVID-19 surge response (medical expenses)7.2mln Bs were allocated to the medical services to facilitate field hospital, add new beds and increase number of medical professionals active.28/07/20210.01
BahamasOther sectorHealthcare fundingThe Ministry of Health has been allocated 297mln Bs (equivalent to USD). The funds are going into three institutions: $223,455,825 for the Public Hospitals Authority; $45,000,000 for the National Health Insurance Authority; and $47,474,124 for the Department of Public Health. The aim of this allocation is to improve the health infrastructure, expand telemedicine, expand universal health coverage and enhance the Covid mitigation efforts, including vaccinations. supporting the sustainability goals.17/06/20210.30
BahamasOther sectorVaccination funding from CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, The Bahamas and TCI100K Bs (USD equivalent) was allocated toward vaccination purchases.10/06/20210.00
BahamasIndividualsSocial benefits funding (extension in comparison to the BAU scenario)20mln Bs (USD equivalent) was allocated to fund social services benefits, supporting individuals struggling due to the pandemic26/05/20210.02
BahamasOther sectorEast Grand Bahama Comprehensive School1.9mln Bs (USD equivalent) was allocated to fund East Grand Bahama Comprehensive School. The measure aims to create a sustainable basis for post-pandemic growth.26/05/20210.00
BahamasOther sectorInagua Comprehensive School3.3mln Bs (USD equivalent) was allocated to fund the Inagua Comprehensive School. This measure aims to create a stable basis for post-pandemic growth.26/05/20210.00
BahamasConstructionFamily Island airport infrastructure support15.4mln Bs (USD equivalent) was allocated to fund the repair and rebuild projects of the Family Island's airport.26/05/20210.02
BahamasConstructionRagged Island infrastructure investment in multi purpose center, clinic, and police station7.5mln Bs (USD equivalent) was allocated to fund infrastructure projects on Ragged Island. This includes a multi purpose center, clinic and police station. These investements aim to increase the attractiveness of the island and serve as a basis for a post-pandemic growth and recovery.26/05/20210.01
BahamasUnclearSupport for small business development35mln Bs ( USD equivalent) was allocated to fund grants and aid for small businesses.26/05/20210.03
BahamasOther sectorDigitization initiative funded by IDB$30 million Digitization initiative funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) geared at making it easier for residents and businesses to do business in The Bahamas.19/04/20210.03
BahamasOther sectorPan American Health Organization/World Health Organization grant for Bahamas to support public health actions against the pandemicThe Bahamas was a recipient of $677,000 Canadian dollars which was utilized for the procurement of supplies and technical resources. These efforts included the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment, the donation of COVID-19 laboratory test kits, technical assistance and training.22/03/20210.00
BahamasOther sectorFunding for National Health Insurance for FY 20/21 July-December19.2 mln B$ was allocated to the National Health Insurance to support COVID-19 related expenditure01/12/20200.02
BahamasOther sectorUnemployment Assistance for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-December 2020 corrected by July-October expenditureThis measure offers holistic income support for self-employed persons and sole entrepreneurs who would not ordinarily qualify for unemployment benefits under the National Insurance Board benefit scheme. This measure provides self-employed persons who have been impacted by COVID-19 with up to $200 per week for an initial period of 8 weeks.01/12/20200.02
BahamasOther sectorFood Assistance Program for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-December 2020 corrected by expenditure from July-OctoberAdditional 15.6 mln B$ has been allocated via the Department of Social Services and the National Food Distribution Task Force.01/12/20200.02
BahamasUnclearPayroll support programs including mainly the Tax Credit and Tax Deferral Employee Retention Program for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-October 2020This measures constitute provision of tax credits and deferrals for businesses to help meet payroll obligations. To assist with meeting non-executive payroll, businesses with an annual turnover of over $3 million and at least 25 employees may apply for a tax credit of up to $300,000 over a 3-month period for VAT and Business Licence fees. Businesses may also receive up to $300,000 in these taxes deferred, with payments to begin in January 2021, in 12 monthly instalments. However, eligible businesses must retain at least 80% of their staff level as of February 2020 to receive the credit/deferral, and must not be in the following industries: retail or wholesale grocery food, regulated telecommunications, regulated financial and insurance business, or gaming.01/10/20200.02
BahamasIndividualsSocial assistance programs and Utility Support for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-October 2020This measure aims to offer support in from of goods and services for the individuals affected by COVID. It includes among others. suspension of disconnections temporarily and deferral on bill payments for a period of 3 months for persons who have contracted the virus, are in quarantine, or have lost their jobs as a result of the impact of the virus.01/10/20200.01
BahamasOther sectorMinistry of Health COVID-related Funding for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-October 2020An additional 7.9 million was allocated to the Ministry of Health to assist with the detection, treatment and mitigation of COVID-19. This includes the purchase of supplies and equipment, research, etc.01/10/20200.01
BahamasIndividualsUnemployment Assistance for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-October 2020This measure offers holistic income support for self-employed persons and sole entrepreneurs who would not ordinarily qualify for unemployment benefits under the National Insurance Board benefit scheme. This measure provides self-employed persons who have been impacted by COVID-19 with up to $200 per week for an initial period of 8 weeks.01/10/20200.04
BahamasOther sectorBusiness Continuity Loan Program for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July - October 20208.3 million B$ has been allocated to assist small businesses with less than $3 million in turnover, who have been in existence for at least 1 year, with loans and grants to assist with payroll and other operational expenses. Eligible businesses must agree to retain at least 51% of their staff level as of February 2020. The Small Business Development Center (SDBC) is administering this program, with the help of its financial partners.01/10/20200.01
BahamasIndividualsFood Assistance Program for Fiscal Year 2020/21 July-October 2020For persons who are now on reduced work weeks as a result of COVID- 19, the Government is providing food vouchers with a value of $100 per week to assist persons with groceries. Eligible persons may apply for and receive these vouchers at the Department of Social Services.01/10/20200.02
BahamasOther sectorSupport for Family IslandsThe Ministry of Finance is allocating $1.8 million to support the Family (Outer) Islands specifically to be used for any COVID-19 related expenditure which is in keeping with the Government’s commitment to reprioritize existing resources and to provide the necessary support to keep communities safe.14/09/20200.00
BahamasOther sectorSupport for Water and Sewerage Corporation15.2 mln B$ was granted to the Water and Sewerage Corporation to tackle operational costs amid loss of revenue due to the COVID 19 in July-December 202001/07/20200.02
BahamasOther sectorGrants for independent schools5.0 mln B$ was granted additionally to the independent schools due to the COVID-19 related economic struggles in July-December 202001/07/20200.00
BahamasUnclearPayroll support programs including mainly the Tax Credit and Tax Deferral Employee Retention Program for Fiscal Year 2019/20This measures constitute provision of tax credits and deferrals for businesses to help meet payroll obligations. To assist with meeting non-executive payroll, businesses with an annual turnover of over $3 million and at least 25 employees may apply for a tax credit of up to $300,000 over a 3-month period for VAT and Business Licence fees. Businesses may also receive up to $300,000 in these taxes deferred, with payments to begin in January 2021, in 12 monthly instalments. However, eligible businesses must retain at least 80% of their staff level as of February 2020 to receive the credit/deferral, and must not be in the following industries: retail or wholesale grocery food, regulated telecommunications, regulated financial and insurance business, or gaming.01/06/20200.02
BahamasIndividualsSocial assistance programs and Utility Support for Fiscal Year 2019/20This measure aims to offer support in from of goods and services for the individuals affected by COVID. It includes among others. suspension of disconnections temporarily and deferral on bill payments for a period of 3 months for persons who have contracted the virus, are in quarantine, or have lost their jobs as a result of the impact of the virus.01/06/20200.00
BahamasOther sectorMinistry of Health COVID-related Funding for Fiscal Year 2019/20An additional 3.5 million was allocated to the Ministry of Health to assist with the detection, treatment and mitigation of COVID-19. This includes the purchase of supplies and equipment, research, etc.01/06/20200.00
BahamasIndividualsUnemployment Assistance for Fiscal Year 2019/20This measure offers holistic income support for self-employed persons and sole entrepreneurs who would not ordinarily qualify for unemployment benefits under the National Insurance Board benefit scheme. This measure provides self-employed persons who have been impacted by COVID-19 with up to $200 per week for an initial period of 8 weeks.01/06/20200.01
BahamasOther sectorBusiness Continuity Loan Program for Fiscal Year 2019/2039 million B$ has been allocated to assist small businesses with less than $3 million in turnover, who have been in existence for at least 1 year, with loans and grants to assist with payroll and other operational expenses. Eligible businesses must agree to retain at least 51% of their staff level as of February 2020. The Small Business Development Center (SDBC) is administering this program, with the help of its financial partners.01/06/20200.04
BahamasIndividualsFood Assistance Program for Fiscal Year 2019/20For persons who are now on reduced work weeks as a result of COVID- 19, the Government is providing food vouchers with a value of $100 per week to assist persons with groceries. Eligible persons may apply for and receive these vouchers at the Department of Social Services.01/06/20200.00
BahamasUnclearPayroll support programs including mainly the Tax Credit and Tax Deferral Employee Retention Program for the Fiscal Year 2020/21.This measures constitute provision of tax credits and deferrals for businesses to help meet payroll obligations. To assist with meeting non-executive payroll, businesses with an annual turnover of over $3 million and at least 25 employees may apply for a tax credit of up to $300,000 over a 3-month period for VAT and Business Licence fees. Businesses may also receive up to $300,000 in these taxes deferred, with payments to begin in January 2021, in 12 monthly instalments. However, eligible businesses must retain at least 80% of their staff level as of February 2020 to receive the credit/deferral, and must not be in the following industries: retail or wholesale grocery food, regulated telecommunications, regulated financial and insurance business, or gaming. The total value is corrected by actual expenditure from July-October. IMF estimate.01/06/20200.14
BahamasUnclearBusiness Continuity Loan Program for Fiscal Year 2020/21 October - JulyAdditional 32.7 million B$ has been allocated to assist small businesses with less than $3 million in turnover, who have been in existence for at least 1 year, with loans and grants to assist with payroll and other operational expenses. Eligible businesses must agree to retain at least 51% of their staff level as of February 2020. The Small Business Development Center (SDBC) is administering this program, with the help of its financial partners. IMF estimate.01/06/20200.03
BahamasEnergy and waterSupport for key SOEs3 mln B$ per month for BPL (Bahamas Power and Lights) and 4 mln B$ per month for WSC (Water and Sewerage Corp.) The total value is corrected by the expenditure for WSC for July-December 2020. IMF estimate01/06/20200.05
BahamasN/AIMF support under RFI frameworkApproved a disbursement in the amount of SDR 182.4 million (about US$250 million, 100 percent of quota) for The Bahamas under the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI). These resources will help meet the urgent balance of payments needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, boost resources for essential COVID-19-related outlays and catalyze additional support from development partners.01/06/20200.00
BarbadosOther sectorFight against Covid-19Government is to spend $109 million in the coming financial year’s national budget to fight the COVID-19 pandemic09/04/20210.05
BarbadosOther sectorNational Vaccine FundThrough donations - this money will be spent on vaccination22/03/20210.00
BarbadosTourism and leisureBarbados Employment and Sustainable Transformation (BEST)Position island hoteliers and tourism companies to retain at least 75 percent of the workforce, create sustainable jobs, honor their statutory obligations and manage their debt. Investments in the transformation of the tourism plant (such as refurbishment, digitization, renewable energy, water saving systems and the integration of product offerings with manufacturing/ agriculture/cultural industry).16/09/20200.15
BarbadosUnclearVAT Loan Fund12 month interest free loans to companies that can show their cash flow has been severely disrupted by the pandemic.05/05/20200.02
BarbadosTourism and leisureCovid Recovery Fund for TourismA $200 million Barbados Tourism Fund Facility is being established as part of Government’s $2 billion economic stimulus plan, which is aimed at helping the country to recover from the financial fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.30/04/20200.10
BarbadosIndividualsHousehold Survival ProgramInitiative to help assist displaced workers. Those being laid off are entitled to unemployment benefits. Includes a minimum income (BDS $600/month) for households made unemployed by COVID-19 and supplemental unemployment benefits though the National Insurance Scheme.9/4/20200.01
BarbadosConstructionHome for all program– The government is to use BBD 50 million in the Housing Credit Fund to unlock a further BBD 200 million of financing from the banks to help over 1,000 households construct and own an affordable home. The project is expected to start in three months and is initially targeted at persons with a household income of BBD 4,000 per month.03/04/20200.02
BarbadosOther sectorHealth and capital expenditureThe Government of Barbados (GoB) has identified upfront emergency health and capital expenditures to mitigate the spread of infection (e.g. refurbishing clinics).29/05/20200.00
BarbadosIndividualsNational Crisis ManagementGrants to individuals - Supplementary provision required to cover the shortfall under Adopt-our-Families Programme for the Financial Year 2021-2022.06/07/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionGeneral Management and Coordination ServicesAmount requested to cover the donation to St Vincent and the Grenadines, following the Eruption of La Soufrière Volcano on April 09, 2021.06/07/20210.00
BarbadosIndividualsGeneral Management and Coordination Services - International TransportThe sum is is required to meet the costs of urgently needed financial relief to Barbadian employees who were employed with LIAT.06/07/20210.00
BarbadosUnclearClean up process for ash deposited on BarbadosThe sum is to reimburse Ministries, Departments and State-owned Enterprises for expenditure incurred from the clean-up process resulting from the ash deposited on Barbados.06/07/20210.01
BarbadosConstructionManagement commission of ParliamentRehabilitation of the East Wing of Parliament.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosTransport and communicationsDefence and Security PreparednessRequired for boat repairs and other capital projects23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionRural Development - Grants to Public InstitutionsRequired for the operational expenses of the Rural Development commission as well as for capital work23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionPromotion of Sporting Achievement and Fitness Sub-ProgrammeRequired for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic systems at Kensington Oval.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionUrban DevelopmentRequired for the operational expenses of the Urban Development commission as well as for capital works.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosIndividualsGeneral Management and Coordination Services - International Transport and TourismRequired to cover the accommodation rebate to visitors and Barbadian Nationals who were affected by the delays in receiving their COVID-19 test results23/03/20210.00
BarbadosTourism and leisureDevelopment of Tourism PotentialRequired to meet the expenses of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI).23/03/20210.01
BarbadosTransport and communicationsMinistry of Tourism and International Transport - Aviation ServicesThe sum of $1,967,556 is to provide Minimum Revenue Guarantee Support to interCaribbean Airways Ltd. in the amount of BDS $327,925.92 monthly for an initial six-month period from January to June 2021. This equates to a total of BDS $1,967,555.52 for the period.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionGrant to Public InstitutionsRequired on behalf of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation to cover expenses related to the plant and equipment of the said Corporation.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionGrant to Public Institutions - Revenue CollectionProvided to meet capital expenditure at the Barbados Revenue Authority.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosIndividualsCare PackagesRequired to meet the expenditure for the procurement of goods and services for the preparation of sixty thousand (60,000) care packages during the Financial Year 2020 to 2021.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosTransport and communicationsPublic Transportation ServicesProvides for the procurement of one hundred thousand (100,000) secure plastic cards with the associated supplies to the Barbados Licensing Authority from C.L. Gibbs Company Ltd23/03/20210.00
BarbadosTransport and communicationsTransport Board SubsidyProvides for the operations of the Transport Board.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosIndividualsSanitation ServicesRequired to facilitate payment for one hundred thousand (100,000) rollout carts, eighty (80) cart lifters, seventy-five (75) handheld computers and forty (40) truck Radio Frequency Identifications (RFIDs).23/03/20210.00
BarbadosOther sectorGrants to Public Institutions - National Conservation CommissionRequired to facilitate the procurement of Climate control containers for medicinal cannabis under National Conservation Commission, as well as civil works on the Botanical Garden in the financial year 2020-2021.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionGrants to Public Institutions - Barbados Agriculture CompanyTo establish the Project CARE (the Community Agricultural Response and Empowerment Project) and the refurbishment of the old factory chimney and building located at Bath Plantation.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosOther sectorPrimary Healthcare ServicesTo provide enhanced laboratory testing services and facilitate a research Agenda. This will include biotechnology, genomic testing and other health related activities.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosOther sectorCOVID-19 Programme ManagementTo facilitate the procurement of additional COVID -19 vaccine and accessories for the roll-out of the National Vaccine Programme.23/03/20210.01
BarbadosConstructionMaintenance of CollegeRequired for roof repairs at the Queen’s College School.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosEnergy and waterEnergy and Natural ResourcesRequired to facilitate payments to SMEs contracted to assist the Barbados Government in negotiations with the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited.23/03/20210.00
BarbadosConstructionHousing UpgradesRequired as additional funds to cover the cost of electrical upgrades to housing units under the National Housing Corporation.23/03/20210.00
BelizeAgricultureContingent Emergency Response Component Phase II (CERC 2)Framed as relief for registered farmers severely impacted by the CAOVID-19 pandemic and 2019 drought, this support is funded by the government and the World Bank. It includes support against market contraction, drought relief, and post-harvest management support via a voucher system redeemable at preselected suppliers (not for cash). The program was intended pre-Covid under the BCRIP, but is funded somewhat differently post crisis.24/02/20210.01
BelizeIndividualsBCCAT (new)Cash Transfer Program providing 21500 households with emergency short-term cash, of 3 BZ$300 payments every two months, for 6 months. Total cost BZ$5805000017/02/20210.03
BelizeIndividualsBelize COVID-19 Cash Transfer Program (BCCAT)Transfers between $150 and $600 BZ in emergency cash to supplement households that have not qualified for other social assistance schemes, with priority placed on poor families with pregnant women, children, the elderly, and persons living with physical disabilities. Uses funds from the World Bank, allocated BZ$19 million for assistance over a six-month period.15/12/20200.01
BelizeOther sectorSecond unemployment relief programExtension from August to October of the Unemployment Relief program, with the same provisions. By closure on 13/10/2020, 42,890 applications were approved. BZ$14.3 million had been paid, with the total committed amount reaching BZ$38.6 million.3/8/20200.02
BelizeN/ACOVID-19 detection suppliesDonation totals value of BZ$300,000, ALONGSIDE US$1million grant in April to the government to fund their response.16/7/20200.00
BelizeOther sectorMSME Support ProgramUnemployment relief — employees laid off.03/07/20200.00
BelizeIndividualsFood Assistance ProgramHad provided over 150,000 food baskets to households in urgent need, by 16/09/202011/04/20200.00
BelizeTourism and leisureUnemployment relief programRelief program, initially focused on tourism and allied services sectors, providing $150 (Belizean) every 2 weeks for recently unemployed persons, and $100 for the long-term unemployed, for at least a 3 month period (pending review). To June 5, projections for 3 months of payments to all approved applications totalled $34.1million Belizean.03/04/20200.02
BelizeIndividualsFood Assistance Program (new)Open to applications from 6-18 Jan 2021, the new program follows in the steps of the first COVID-19 Food Assistance Program.06/01/20200.00
BelizeTourism and leisureLoan for relief for employeesLoans 25 million Belizean Dollars for relief spending in response to the COVID-19 crisis, in particular for those in the tourism industry. 2% of the recurring budget will be allocated to assist with repayment of this loan, to be recovered through cost savings across all ministries.25/03/20200.01
BoliviaOther sectorFideicomiso de Apoyo a la Reactivación de la Inversión Pública (FARIP) - Fund for the reactivation of public investment.2000mln Bs was allocated to the newly created FARIP fund. FARIP will finance public investment projects of the autonomous territorial entities.24/06/20210.29
BoliviaTransport and communicationsRevolving fund for the Administración de Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares a la Navegación Aérea (Airports, Support Staff and Navigation)Approx. 84mln Bs was allocated to the newly created Revolving Fund, supporting the operations of the Airports and Auxiliary Services to Air Navigation (AASANA). This funds will be dispersed to pay obligations corresponding to salaries, bonuses and social security benefits and pay for expenses arising from the organizational restructuring of the entity.24/06/20210.01
BoliviaIndividualsBono Contra el Hambre (increase in value of the measure)The total value of the Bono Contra el Hambre program exceeded the previously accounted for 4bln Bs and has reached 4,035,773,000. Thus 36mln Bs is accounted as the total value of this policy, to account for the increased spending.1/6/210.01
BoliviaOther sectorEducational funding95mln Bs was allocated to support educational system with items including broadened internet connection, electronic appliances and the like.20/05/20210.01
BoliviaOther sectorPAHO equipment donationPAHO donated 300,000$ worth of PPE and medical supplies to support the reaction against COVID. This accounts for approx. 2mln BOBs.03/05/20210.00
BoliviaTransport and communicationsState support for the Boliviana de Aviación - BoA (airline)37.5mln Bs was transferred in a from of a subsidy from the Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas Pública to the Boliviana de Aviacion (airlines).23/12/20200.01
BoliviaIndividualsBono Contra el Hambre (Bonus against Hunger)Financial support of Bs 1000 (USD 146) to Bolivian citizens above 18 years of age with disabilities, citizens over the age of 18 who do not receive any type of public or private salary, pregnant women01/12/20200.58
BoliviaOther sectorWorld Bank support to Bolivia's emergency response to Covid-19The support will be utilised to purchase supplies, equipment and materials for Covid-19 prevention, screening and treatment, diagnostic and screening equipment and supplies, mechanical ventilators and vital signs monitors; protection materials for staff at healthcare facilities; and the adaptation of hospital facilities.05/08/20200.17
BoliviaOther sectorAdditional funding to contain the COVID- related risks during elections35mln Bs is allocated toward increasing the security of the elections. The funds will be used for health and safety measures for all people involved in the electoral process.24/07/20200.01
BoliviaUnclearLoan (IADB funded)130mln (929mln Bs) USD loan is made to support employment protection efforts in Bolivia by the IADB. The measure targets MSMEs, to sustain the levels of employment.22/07/20200.13
BoliviaConstructionInfrastructure investment100 mln Bs was allocated toward infrastructure upgrades and maintenance in the provinces most affected by the pandemic.23/06/20200.01
BoliviaUnclearFideicomiso del Fondo de Reactivación (Recovery fund)Up to 12bln Bs was allocated toward newly created Reactivation Fund. This is ought to be dispersed in forms of loans to the small businesses affected by COVID-19.23/06/20201.74
BoliviaN/ASectoral guarantee fund (FOGASEC)1.1bln Bs is made available as part of the recovery plan. It will finance new loans and corporate issuances. If financial institutions cannot recover those values, the Fogasec will finance up to 50% of the balance due. The measure aims to spur recovery with state-capture of part of the risks.23/06/20200.16
BoliviaConstructionSocial Housing program (FOGAVISS)5bln Bs is made available to fund wide housing program. Funding will be granted to the low-income individuals in the from of credit support. The measure aims to stimulate economic recovery via the support for the construction sector. The maximum amount of support is pegged at 150 thousands Bs in the case of house purchase or construction financing. In the case of housing upgrades the maximum amount is set at 70 thousands Bs.23/06/20200.72
BoliviaIndividualsCOVID-19 Crisis Emergency Social Safety Nets ProjectWorld Bank (AIF, IRBD) funded. Aims to mitigate impact on the income of poor and vulnerable households (through cash transfers),extend safety net to informal workers, and provide support to the cash transfer payment system.14/05/20200.25
BoliviaUnclearSupport to MSMEs(Supreme Decree 4216)Under this programme, the government promised low-interest credit to MSMEs for upto five years.15/04/20200.22
BoliviaIndividualsBono UniversalFinancial support (cash transfer) of Bs500 (USD 73) to Bolivian citizens between 18 to 59 years old with more than 2 years of residency who are: (i) not formal workers in the public or private sector; (ii) not receiving pensions (including elderly and disability); (iii) not eligible for BCF; and, (iv) not a parent of a child eligible for BF.14/04/20200.19
BoliviaUnclearBono Canasta Familiar (Decreto Supremo 4200/20): Measures around electricity, water and food basketThe Bolivian government promised family baskets (57 USD or 400 Bolivianos) for households with elderly, people with disabilities and pregnant mothers. The national government stated that it would pay the electricity bills of the household category of the country that consume up to Bs120.- (One hundred and twenty bolivianos) corresponding to the months of April, May and June 2020 and pay fifty Percent (50%) of the water consumption of the household category25/03/20200.01
BoliviaIndividualsBono Familia (Family Bonus) (Decreto Supremo 4197/20)Financial support (cash transfer) of Bs500 per child for households with school-going children to cover extra expenses related to health,transport, food.18/03/20200.22
BoliviaUnclearTax ReliefSupreme Decree No. 4198 extended the deadline for the payment of corporate taxes,allowed payments in instalments, provided 50 percent of the tax is paid before June 1, 2020.18/03/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExpansion of services in primary careTo meet the request of more than 2,000 municipalities that requested the reinforcement for the cost of their health teams, community agents and Family Health Units (FUS), the Ministry of Health published three ordinances freeing resources for this purpose.21/07/20210.13
BrazilOther sectorInnovation in the production of drugs and biopharmaceuticalsPartnership with Embrapii will contribute to the end of external dependence on the production of medicines to the SUS, with research groups developing drugs and biopharmaceuticals21/07/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 3 statesA further 53 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in 14 statesA further 618 adult ICU beds and 28 pediatric sits were authorized by the Ministry of Health for the care of critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis24/06/20210.01
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 5 statesA further 61 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis24/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 9 statesA further 91 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis22/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorExpanding attendance for vaccination of homeless people in Rio de JaneiroFunding for the teams of the Office on the Street vaccinating homeless populations18/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 16 statesA further 364 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis10/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 22 statesA further 2191 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis06/08/20210.01
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in 3 statesA further 62 adult ICU beds were authorized by the Ministry of Health for the care of critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis06/08/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorProduction of Covid-19 national vaccineBrazil has developed facilities to produce its own vaccines, and the first ones should be delivered in October06/01/20210.36
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 7 statesA further 122 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis28/05/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 11 statesA further 296 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis24/05/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in 13 statesA further 488 adult ICU beds were authorized by the Ministry of Health for the care of critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis24/05/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 12 states and DFA further 212 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis18/05/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in 11 states and DFA further 915 adult ICU beds were authorized by the Ministry of Health for the care of critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis12/05/20210.01
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 8 statesA further 174 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis11/05/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorMoney released for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccinesThe Federal Government released R$ 5.5 billion for the purchase of more vaccines, with the aim of strengthening the national campaign against Covid-19 in 2021.11/05/20211.05
BrazilOther sectorCredit for strengthening care in the Unified Health SystemThe Ministry of Health received R$ 5.3 billion of extraordinary credit for strengthening care and care in the Unified Health System (SUS). The release of the appeal occurred through Provisional Measure No. 1,04131/03/20210.94
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for 12 states and the Federal DistrictAuthorization of 322 pulmonary ventilatory support beds (LSVP) for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis31/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorMoney for Care Centers and Community Reference Centers to Cope with Covid-19The resource will be used for the maintenance of establishments, aimed at the care of people with mild symptoms of the disease or cases of flu syndrome31/12/20200.03
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health extends more than 600 beds in 11 statesThe extension represents 75.9% of the beds enabled for patients with Covid-19 in the Unified Health System (SUS). The action is part of the federal government's strategic support in serving federal entities in the fight against the pandemic31/11/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Alagoas15 more adult ICU beds authorized to the state of Alagoas for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in BahiaAuthorization of 25 more adult ICU beds to the state of Bahia for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in CearáAuthorization of 44 more adult ICU beds to the state of Ceará for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Federal DistrictAuthorization of 26 more adult ICU beds for the Federal District for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Espírito SantoAuthorization of 48 more adult ICU beds for the state of Espírito Santo for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in GoiásAuthorization of 50 more adult ICU beds for the state of Goiás for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Minas GeraisAuthorization of 28 more adult ICU beds for the state of Minas Gerais for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in ParáAuthorization of 45 more adult ICU beds for the state of Pará for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in PernambucoAuthorization of another 100 adult ICU beds for the state of Pernambuco for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in ParanáAuthorization of 85 more adult ICU beds for the state of Paraná for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Rio de JaneiroAuthorization of 85 more adult ICU beds for the state of Rio de Janeiro for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Rio Grande do SulAuthorization of 10 more adult ICU beds for the state of Rio Grande do Sul for exclusive care for critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Santa CatarinaAuthorization of 20 more adult ICU beds for the state of Santa Catarina for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in São PauloAuthorization of 286 more adult ICU beds and five pediatric ICU beds for the state of São Paulo for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Mato GrossoAuthorization of 84 more adult ICU beds to the state of Mato Grosso for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-1929/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in RoraimaAuthorization of 28 more adult ICU beds to the state of Roraima for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in the Federal DistrictAuthorization of 59 more adult ICU beds to the Federal District for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in MaranhãoAuthorization of 25 more adult ICU beds and 9 pediatric ICU beds to the state of Maranhão for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Mato Grosso do SulAuthorization of 28 more adult ICU beds to the state of Mato Grosso do Sul for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in ParaíbaAuthorization of 9 more adult ICU beds to the state of Paraíba for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.07
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in PiauíAuthorization of 9 more pediatric ICU beds to the state of Piauí for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.07
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in Rio Grande do NorteAuthorization of 62 more adult ICU beds to the state of Rio Grande do Norte for exclusive care for critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in RondôniaAuthorization of 10 more adult ICU beds to the state of Rondônia for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.08
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in TocantinsAuthorization of 10 more adult ICU beds to the state of Tocantins for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis29/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health invests more than R$ 65 million in the expansion of the mental health networkBrazilian municipalities will receive resources to qualify for 74 Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS), 100 Therapeutic Residential Services (SRT), two reception units and 144 Referral Hospital Services29/10/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorHealth allocates more than R $ 11.2 million for care to pregnant and postpartum women in ManausThe Ministry of Health allocated more than R$ 11.2 million of resources to the municipality of Manaus (AM) to reinforce qualification and care actions for pregnant women and puerperal women. The pasta initiative is part of a series of measures to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-Cov2) in the capital of Amazonas29/01/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorManaus receives reinforcement of 108 doctors to care for the populationTo strengthen care in basic health units (UBS) in Manaus (AM), the Ministry of Health is providing 108 medical professionals to the capital of Amazonas. In all, 137 candidates went through the processing stage, and 108 were allocated, according to criteria established in the notice27/01/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorFederal Government invests R$ 335 million to expand care and prevention of prematurityThe funds can be used to improve the structure, expand access and qualify the care of these services in the care and follow-up to pregnant women and newborns during the Covid-19 pandemic in the country26/11/20200.06
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health allocates about R$ 71 million to cope with Covid-19 in Rio Grande do SulThe resource will be used in the cost of health actions and services to cope with the public health emergency and can be applied in primary and specialized health care, health surveillance, pharmaceutical care, procurement of supplies, supplies and hospital products and in the definition of specific care protocols25/09/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health invests in mental health assistance in the fight against Covid-19The Ministry of Health allocates to municipalities about R$ 650 million for the acquisition of essential medicines for mental health due to the social impacts caused by the coronavirus pandemic24/09/20200.12
BrazilOther sectorHealth authorizes 685 more ICU beds for 11 states and Federal DistrictAuthorization of ICU beds for exclusive care to critically critical patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis24/03/20210.01
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health extended the qualification of more than 6,000 ICU bedsICU beds extended to treat Covid-1923/09/20200.05
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds45 adult ICU beds and five pediatric icu beds were authorized on Friday (23/04) by the Ministry of Health for the care of critically critically obese patients23/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorMoney for the purchase of medicines, equipment and inums for YanomamiThe Ministry of Health is allocating R$ 8.3 million for the purchase of hospital supplies, equipment and medical materials for the Yanomami Special Sanitary District22/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorHealth extends 248 ICU bedsExtension of 248 adult ICU beds requested by the states and municipalities22/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health extended more than 50% of ICU bedsAs part of the federal government's strategic support in the care of states and municipalities, the Ministry of Health extended the qualification 7,844 exclusive ICU beds for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 requested by the states and municipalities, which corresponds to 53.5% of the total enabled by the folder since the beginning of the pandemic21/10/20200.36
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in AmazonAuthorization of two more adult ICU beds to the state of Santa Catarina for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis20/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in BahiaAuthorization of eight more beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to confirmed patients or with suspected covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in Federal DistrictAuthorization of 100 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to confirmed patients or with suspected covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in Espírito SantoAuthorization of 11 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in GoiásAuthorization of 13 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-1920/4/20210.03
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in Minas GeraisAuthorization of 43 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in ParanáAuthorization of 39 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in Rio de JaneiroAuthorization of 40 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in Rio Grande do SulAuthorization of 37 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to confirmed patients or with suspected covid-1920/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in São PauloAuthorization of 166 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to confirmed patients or suspected covid-1920/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support in SergipeAuthorization of 66 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-1920/4/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in AmazonAuthorization of 30 more adult ICU beds to the state of Amazonas for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis20/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorHealth authorizes more than 1,200 ICU beds for five statesAuthorization of another 1,280 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis19/03/20210.01
BrazilOther sectorHealth authorizes more than 1,400 ICU beds for 17 statesAuthorization of 1,499 adult ICU beds were authorized for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis19/03/20210.01
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health authorizes more than 1,600 icu beds covid-19 for 64 Brazilian municipalitiesAuthorization of 1,639 adult ICU beds and eight pediatric ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis18/03/20210.01
BrazilTransport and communicationsHealth releases more than R $ 385 million to computerize health postsThe resources can be used for the acquisition of equipment and technology that enable the computerization of health units. The electronic recording of the data replaces the annotations in paper sheets and, with this, the clinical information of the patients is concentrated in a single database. The clinical history can be accessed by other health professionals when the National Health Data Network (RNDS) is in operation. The records made in the systems will also be essential for monitoring vaccination against Covid-1918/12/20200.08
BrazilOther sectorDental care receives incentive of more R $ 128 million for safe resumptionThe resources will be allocated to oral health teams (eSB) and dental specialty centers (DSC) of municipalities throughout the country, benefiting millions of Brazilians18/12/20200.03
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in SergipeExtension of 54 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured covid-19 patients18/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in AlagoasExtension of even beds of Adult ICU for exclusive care to critically injured patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Mato Grosso do SulExtension of seven beds of Adult ICU for exclusive care to critically critical patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in the AmazonExtension of 10 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients in Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Rio Grande do NorteExtension of 20 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically critical patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in BahiaExtension of 64 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients in Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in TocantinsExtension of 27 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically critical patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in ParaíbaExtension of 30 beds of Adult ICU for exclusive care to critically critical patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Mato GrossoExtension of 45 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients of Covid-19, and reinforce the action to combat Coronavirus in Mato Grosso18/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in GoiásExtension of 113 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients in Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in PernambucoExtension of 16 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured covid-19 patients18/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in CearáExtension of 99 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Santa CatarinaExtension of 86 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Espírito SantoExtension of 211 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in ParanáExtension of 275 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically critical patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Minas GeraisExtension of 298 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients in Covid-1918/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in Rio Grande do SulExtension of 535 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically critical patients of Covid-1918/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorExtension of ICU beds in São PauloExtension of 494 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured patients in Covid-1918/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorPresident of the Republic signs MP authorizing extra credit of R $ 20 billion for vaccination against coronavirusThe amount will finance all expenses related to the Plan, such as acquisition of doses, syringes, needles, logistics, communication, among others17/12/20203.95
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health extends 1,475 ICU beds in 11 statesThe Ministry of Health extended, on Thursday (17), 1,475 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured covid-19 patients. 11 Brazilian states benefited from the action to combat Coronaviru17/12/20200.03
BrazilOther sectorMoney for pregnant women and puerperal womenThe investment will contribute to strengthen the early identification, monitoring of pregnant women and puerperal women with flu-like syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndrome, with suspicion or confirmation of covid-1916/04/20210.04
BrazilOther sectorHealth allocates more than R$ 113 million for immunization and health surveillance actionsThe federal resource will be allocated to states and municipalities to confront Covid-19 and provides, among other actions, for the strengthening of the National Immunization Program (PNI)16/10/20200.02
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health authorizes 79 more icu beds Covid-19 in BahiaAuthorization of15/03/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in SergipeAuthorization of 45 more adult ICU beds to the state of Sergipe for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis14/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid-19 ICU beds in AmapáAuthorization of 19 more adult ICU beds to the state of Amapá for exclusive care to critically injured patients with covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis14/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorHealth releases more than R$ 39 million to strengthen care for traditional peoples and communitiesThe Ministry of Health is releasing more than R$ 39.7 million to encourage health care for traditional peoples and communities seeking care at health posts throughout the country14/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorAn additional 375 EXTENDED ICU beds in states and municipalitiesThe investment in the extension of beds amounts to R$ 36 million to be passed on to the states and municipalities to pay for the units for the next 60 days14/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorHealth allocates more than R$ 29 million to continue the safe resumption of dental careTo continue the effort to resume dental care by the Unified Health System (SUS) safely against Covid-19, the Ministry of Health released more than R$ 29 million14/12/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health authorizes more than 3,900 ICU beds Covid-19The Ministry of Health has unreservedly supported states and municipalities during the Covid-19 pandemic, serving actions, services and providing infrastructure to cope with the disease. The authorization of ICU beds Covid-19 occurs on demand of the states, which has autonomy to make available and finance as many beds as necessary.12/03/20210.03
BrazilOther sectorTransfer of money to primary careThe Ministry of Health will transfer almost R$ 1 billion in resources to cope with Covid-19 in primary care, a patient's gateway to the Unified Health System (SUS). This could be used to combat malnutrition and strengthen care for elderly and traditional communities.11/05/20210.19
BrazilUnclearHealth passes money to strengthen primary careTo reduce the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health will pass on more than R$ 416 million to support actions under Primary Care by the Prevent Brazil Program in the municipalities and the Federal District11/02/20210.08
BrazilOther sectorFinancial resources for Covid-19 coping centersMoney for centers to fund the first care and identification of cases of flu-like syndrome and covid-19 early on, thus avoiding the overload of emergencies and hospitals09/04/20210.08
BrazilUnclearSupport to Health in SchoolMinistry will pass money to municipalities to develop actions to promote, prevent and health care of public school students throughout the country04/08/20210.02
BrazilUnclearStrengthening the safety of treatment of patientsMoney released to states and municipalities to strengthen safety measures in the structure of dialysis and hemodialysis services in the SUS due to the pandemic01/08/20210.02
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for BahiaEight more beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health for the state of Bahia05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Ceará46 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Ceará05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Espírito Santo10 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to confirmed patients or with suspected covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Espírito Santo05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for the Federal District28 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the Federal District05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Minas Gerais98 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Minas Gerais05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Maranhão9 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Maranhã05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Pará20 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Pará05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Piauí12 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to confirmed patients or with suspected covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Piauí05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Paraíba3 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Paraíba05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for Rio Grande do Sul10 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of Rio Grande do Sul05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds for São Paulo40 beds of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support for exclusive care to patients confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health on Thursday (06/05) for the state of São Paulo05/06/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorPurchase of Pfizer vaccineThe Ministry of Health has pledged to allocate more than R$ 6.6 billion for the purchase of 100 million doses of The Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech05/06/20211.31
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health authorizes more than 3,200 ICU bedsThe Ministry of Health reiterated its responsibility in the tripartite management of the SUS and authorized resources for the cost of 3,201 ICU beds for critically affected patients affected by the disease in 22 states and the Federal District03/05/20210.07
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Piauí23 more adult ICU beds to the state of Piauí for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Bahia89 more adult ICU beds and 5 pediatric ICU beds were authorized in the state of Bahia for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to AlagoasAuthorization of 28 more adult ICU beds to the state of Alagoas for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Espírito SantoAuthorization of 46 more adult ICU beds and 17 pediatric ICU beds to the state of Espírito Santo for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to CearáAuthorization of 78 more adult ICU beds and 18 pediatric ICU beds to the state of Ceará for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Pulmonary Ventilatory Support beds253 pulmonary ventilatory support beds for exclusive care to confirmed patients or with suspected covid-19 were authorized by the Ministry of Health05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to MaranhãoAuthorization of 31 additional adult ICU beds in the state of Maranhão for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Mato Grosso do SulAuthorization of five more adult ICU beds to the state of Mato Grosso do Sul for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to ParáAuthorization of 28 more adult ICU beds to the state of Pará for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Mato GrossoAuthorization of 43 more adult ICU beds to the state of Mato Grosso for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to ParaíbaAuthorization of 33 more adult ICU beds to the state of Paraíba for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to ParanáAuthorization of 57 more adult ICU beds to the state of Paraná for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to PernambucoAuthorization of 157 more adult ICU beds and 6 pediatric ICU beds to the state of Pernambuco for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Rio de JaneiroAuthorization of 75 more adult ICU beds to the state of Rio de Janeiro for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Rio Grande do NorteAuthorization of 32 more adult ICU beds to the state of Rio Grande do Norte for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to RondôniaAuthorization of five more adult ICU beds to the state of Rondônia for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Santa CatarinaAuthorization of five more adult ICU beds and 10 pediatric ICU beds in the state of Santa Catarina for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to Rio Grande do SulAuthorization of 38 more adult ICU beds to the state of Rio Grande do Sul for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis.05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorAuthorization of Covid ICU beds to São PauloAuthorization of 318 more adult ICU beds and five pediatric ICU beds in the state of São Paulo for exclusive care to critically injured patients with Covid-19, on an exceptional and temporary basis05/04/20210.00
BrazilOther sectorHealth passes money to Centers to confront Covid-19The Ministry of Health will allocate more financial incentives to Community Reference Centers and Care Centers to cope with Covid-19, aiming to expand and qualify the monitoring of chronic diseases, prenatal care and routine consultations with demands also related to coronavirus infection3/2/20210.08
BrazilOther sectorSUS dental services receive incentive of more than R$ 128 millionOral health teams (eSB) and specialized dental centers (DSC) will receive more than R$ 128 million to strengthen the resumption of care during the Covid-19 pandemic. The resources are exceptional and temporary due to the pandemic of Covid-19, for the safe resumption of dental care.11/10/20200.02
BrazilUnclearExtension of tax reduction on credit operationsThe reduction in the Financial Operations Tax (IOF) on credit operations was extended by 90 days. The estimated tax waiver for the quarter is approximately R $ 6.2 billion.2/10/20201.09
BrazilUnclearExtension of tax deduction for medical and hospital productsExtension of zero IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) rate for medical and hospital products until December 31.2/10/20200.11
BrazilUnclearExpansion of payroll loansExpansion of payroll loans to beneficiaries of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) by 5%. The increase is valid for loan contracts signed until December 31, 2020. The objective is to allow those who had already reached the 30% loan limit to have an additional 5% margin to make new contracts.02/10/20200.00
BrazilUnclearFiscal Recovery ProgramOrdinance PGFN No. 21,562 instituted the Fiscal Recovery Program, which consolidates different actions related to the settling of federal debts. This includes the granting of tax regularity, suspension of tax foreclosures, and debt renegotiation provisions, amongst other things30/09/20200.00
BrazilUnclearExceptional transactions allowed for rural debtEstablished the conditions for Exceptional Transaction of federal debts related to rural credit operations.30/09/20200.00
BrazilTransport and communicationsCredit for technological servicesBNDES launched a new credit line (Industry 4.0) for technological services, which will benefit companies of all sizes and sectors, rural producers and the public sector. Technological services associated with the categories accredited in the BNDES system may be financed: Lean Manufacturing, Digitization, Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Manufacturing, Technological Development of New Products and Processes, Basic Industrial Technologies; and Productive and Energy Efficiency.29/9/20200.00
BrazilUnclearExtension of tariff reductionsThe Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex) of the Ministry of Economy approved the extension of the temporary reduction of the Import Tax rates to zero for products used to prevent and combat Covid-19. The measure was extended to October 30 from September 30.17/9/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorHealth invests more R$ 99 million to expand access to mental health services in the SUSTo strengthen the mental health care of Brazilians during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Health provided about R$ 99 million to expand and qualify the care provided by the 2,657 Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS) that currently operate in 1,790 Brazilian municipalities12/9/20200.02
BrazilIndividualsSuspension of financing payments in low-income housing sectorFinancing payments in the low-income housing sector are suspended for the period of September - December 2020, limited to a total of R $3 billion8/9/20200.56
BrazilIndividualsSuspension of taxpayer default measuresSuspension of measures that exclude taxpayers from installment payments due to default until September 30 20203/9/20200.00
BrazilIndividualsExtension of emergency aid to informal and unemployed workersExtension by 4 months of emergency aid until December 2020. The amount of the aid has been reduced from the RL 600 per month in the original package to RL 300 per month.01/09/202018.52
BrazilUnclearInvestment in Manaus Free Trade ZoneSuframa (the public administration agency that manages fiscal incentives granted to the Manaus Free Trade Zone) approved R $1.36 billion in new investments, which will generate more than 2,200 new jobs.27/08/20200.24
BrazilIndividualsExtension of prepaid monthly minimum wage installments to people with temporary disabilitiesExtension of prepaid monthly minimum wage installments to people with temporary disabilities from 30 days to 60 days24/8/20200.00
BrazilUnclearCredit to microentrepreneurs and micro and small businessesInstituted Peac-Maquininhas initiative, which facilitates access to credit for individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) and micro and small businesses. This program has R $ 10 billion of Union resources, to be released in two equal installments. The first installment of R$5bn was released on 28/9/20.19/08/20201.80
BrazilTransport and communicationsUnconditional airline supportBNDES solidified a R$3.6 billion bailout package for major Brazilian airlines after over 5 months of negotiations over the package amount14/08/20200.66
BrazilOther sectorBrazil invests R$ 280 million to qualify Community Health Agents and Endemic Combat AgentsThe Health with Agent program is an initiative that aims to improve health indicators, quality and resolution of Primary Care services to Brazilians, through the qualification of 286,000 Community Health Agents and 95,000 Endemic Agents, who operate throughout the national territory12/08/20200.05
BrazilTransport and communicationsCivil Aviation Emergency PlanThis law ratified the provisional decree passed in March, which was approved with changes by Congress in July. The law confirms that airlines can defer payments of debts for public procurement contracts until December 2020, allows airlines flexible repayment to customers for flight cancellations, and releases FNAC funding of up to R$3bn in loan guarantees (note: policy value recorded as R$0 as loan guarantees do not represent a fiscal outflow).05/08/20200.00
BrazilConstructionIncreased funding to energy efficiency fundThe National Electricity Conservation Program (PROCEL), which is a federal government program, will contribute R$30m to the Guarantee Fund for Energy Efficiency Credit (FGEnergia) of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). "These non-refundable funds will be used to support energy efficiency projects through the provision of guarantees. Energy efficiency projects from different sectors of the economy may be contemplated."23/07/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorMinistry of Health extends 1,420 ICU beds in 17 statesContinuing the strengthening of the fight against Coronavirus, the Ministry of Health extended, on Monday (7), 1,420 adult ICU beds for exclusive care to critically injured Covid-19 patients in 17 Brazilian states12/07/20200.01
BrazilOther sectorHealth releases R$ 59.4 million to strengthen the pni structureThe Ministry of Health is investing more than R$ 59 million to strengthen the National Vaccination Program (PNI) of the Unified Health System (SUS) in confronting Covid-1912/07/20200.01
BrazilUnclearExtended reduction in tax rate on credit operationsExtended reduction in IOF tax rate on credit operations by 90 days, and reduced IOF rate for the same period.2/7/20200.00
BrazilIndividualsExtended suspension of collection actsThe National Treasury Attorney General's Office (PGFN) extended, until July 31, 2020, the temporary suspension of collection acts due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus (Covid-19).01/07/20200.00
BrazilEnergy and waterCredit for wind farm constructionThe National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) approved long-term financing for the implementation of the Ventos de Santa Martina wind farm 14, located in the municipalities of Caiçara do Rio do Vento and Riachuelo, in Rio Grande do Norte. The financing for the special purpose company (SPE) Ventos de Santa Sofia Energias Renováveis ​​SA will be R $ 208 million, with the prospect of generating more than 200 jobs during and after the conclusion of the project, considering only the wind farm financed.It is estimated that 1,500 jobs will be created during the implementation of the entire complex that spans three municipalities in the state, with a total installed capacity of 504 megawatts.30/06/20200.04
BrazilTourism and leisureEmergency aid to the culture sectorBRL 3 million will be allocated (mostly from the National Culture Fund) to states and municipalities for the cultural sector.29/06/20200.00
BrazilTransport and communicationsExtension of suspension of financing payments in public transport sectorExtension of suspension of financing payments in public transport sector. The suspension lasts up to six months and includes payments to FGTS (a severance indemnity fund) for financing made by private urban public transport companies through the subprogram Refrota, of the Pro-Transport program, of the Ministry of Regional Development. The impact of the suspension of these payments is estimated at approximately R $ 51 million.23/06/20200.01
BrazilIndividualsElectricity bill exemption for low-income familiesElectricity bill exemption for low-income families22/06/20200.00
BrazilUnclearSuspension of payment of municipal social security contributionsMunicipalities that have their own Social Security Schemes (RPPS) may suspend the payment of employers' social security contributions and installment agreements. The measure, provided for in Complementary Law No. 173/2020, was regulated by Ordinance No. 14,816 (published 6/22). This regulation allows municipalities to suspend, upon approval of municipal law, unpaid installment terms installments and employer contributions corresponding to the months of March to December 2020. This is expected to generate a financial impact of R $ 22.1 billion.22/06/20204.29
BrazilEnergy and waterTransfer of funds to distributors and free consumers of electricityTransfer of funds to distributors and free consumers of electricity. Intended to strengthen the electricity sector liquidity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.22/06/20200.04
BrazilIndividualsExtension of tax adjustment statementsExtended the deadline for submitting the Annual Income Tax Adjustment Statement - Individuals (DIRPF) for the year 2020, calendar year 2019, to June 30, 2020.12/06/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorHealth invests more than R$ 61 million for the reorganization of oral health care in the SUSMoney to support the reorganization and adequacy of environments focused on dental care in Primary Care and Specialized Health Care11/06/20200.01
BrazilEnergy and waterReduction of royalties for small and medium fossil fuel companiesThis resolution provides for the reduction of royalties and the incentive for small or medium-sized companies in the activities of exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas.04/06/20200.00
BrazilEnergy and waterCredit line to support biofuel producersThe international oil price reduction made biofuels less competitive compared to gasoline. The program aims to support the sector as a result of COVID-19 related losses, incentivise the maintenance of jobs, and reduce the risk of fuel shortages during the period of economic recovery, through the provision of credit by the national development bank, BNDES, which functions under the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade.04/06/20200.29
BrazilUnclearFederal aid to states, municipalities and Federal District - new resourcesGranting of federal aid of approximately R $ 60.15 billion to states, municipalities and the Federal District for strengthening of actions to combat the new coronavirus.22/05/202010.87
BrazilUnclearFederal aid to states, municipalities and Federal District - suspension and renegotiation of debtGranting of federal aid of approximately R $ 65 billion in the from of debt suspension and renegotiation to states, municipalities and the Federal District for strengthening of actions to combat the new coronavirus.22/05/202011.75
BrazilUnclearRemoval of import tax for products essential to combatting COVID-19Zeroed the Import Tax on another 118 products used to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, it includes more than 80 drugs used in the treatment of hospitalized patients and in the direct fight against coronavirus.18/05/20200.00
BrazilEnergy and waterSupport to electricity distribution companiesThe 'COVID Account' was established to provide financial aid to electricity distribution companies, to help them deal with issues of energy oversupply and higher payment defaults. This financial aid will be paid by consumers through their bills, starting in 2021.18/05/20200.00
BrazilPurchase of PPE for prisons and public securityWill invest around R $69.1 million in purchases of individual safety equipment (PPE) to guarantee the security of the prison system and public security operations during the pandemic period of the new coronavirus. The Ministry of Economy, through the Central de Compras, will act as centralizer of the acquisition, which aims to serve several public security organs of the Union, states, Federal District and municipalities, through a single contract. Items such as gloves, alcohol gel, goggles, disposable sneakers and masks will be purchased0.00
BrazilIndividualsSuspension of automatic debits of tax installmentsSuspended automatic debits of installments with maturities in May, June and July 2020. Maturities of these installments were extended to August, October and December 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.12/05/20200.00
BrazilUnclearExtension of tax installment paymentsExtended the installment payments administered by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil and the Attorney General of the National Treasury due in May, June and July 2020.12/05/20200.00
BrazilRemoval of import tax for expanded list of productsExpanded the list of products sent by mail or international air parcel that will have, until September 30, 2020, their Import Tax rates zeroed.08/05/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorFederal aid to philanthropic hospitalsBudgeted up to R $ 2 billion in federal aid for holy, non-profit philanthropic hospitals and hospitals that act in a complementary way to the Unified Health System (SUS) . The money should be used in actions to combat the Covid-19 pandemic07/05/20200.34
BrazilUnclearAuthorising advanced payments in public procurement contractsAuthorized the making of advance payments in tenders and contracts during the state of public calamity, as long as it is indispensable to obtain the good or ensure the provision of services. This device can also be used when the advance generates significant savings for public coffers.07/05/20200.00
BrazilUnclearSmall business credit lineState-owned savings bank Caixa and the small business association Sebrae announced a new BRL 7.5bn credit line for small businesses20/04/20201.41
BrazilOther sectorHealth extends the qualification of 372 exclusive ICU beds for CovidExtension of the qualification of 372 beds of Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU) exclusive for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 in the Unified Health System11/04/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorR&D spending on COVID related researchA fund of R$ 50 million (US$ 10 million) will be allocated to financing 11 research thematic lines, which includes the development of new methods of prevention and control, diagnosis, treatment and vaccines against coronavirus and other respiratory diseases.07/04/20200.19
BrazilIndividualsSick leave paymentGovernment to pay for the first 15 days of leave for employees sick with COVID-1907/04/20200.00
BrazilUnclearEmergency Employment Maintenance ProgramThe government authorized the reduction of working hours and wages, in return for the maintenance of jobs. The government will compensate employers for the reduction in hours07/04/20200.00
BrazilUnclearExtension of payroll creditTerm extension for payroll credit to 84 months and reduction of the maximum interest07/04/20200.00
BrazilUnclearPayroll creditCredit provided to companies to finance payroll for up to 2 months07/04/20206.51
BrazilIndividualsSalary bonus paymentRelease of funds in anticipation of payment of salary bonus allowance in June07/04/20200.48
BrazilIndividualsRetiree salary paymentPayment of 13th month salary for retirees07/04/20201.76
BrazilOther sectorPurchase of respiratorsR$1bn of respirators procured by government for delivery in April07/04/20200.19
BrazilIndividualsIncome support for workers with reduced remunerationProvides support to employees who have had their hours and remuneration reduced.01/04/20209.72
BrazilUnclearEmergency support for municipalities and statesProvides support to federative entities, including municipalities and Participation Funds of States (FPE).31/03/20203.07
BrazilUnclearReduction in company rates paid to social services systemReduces rates that companies must pay to the autonomous social services system, Sistema S, by 50 percent. This will reduce expenses paid by Brazilian companies by over R $ 2.5 billion.31/03/20200.00
BrazilIndividualsDirect cash payments to informal workers, intermittent workers and single mothersProvides an R $600 payment to informal workers for three months. The payment focuses on assisting intermittent and informal workers, unemployed workers and individual micro entrepreneurs. Mothers who are solely responsible for supporting families may receive payments of up to R $1,200.30/03/202018.83
BrazilUnclearCredit to support employee salaries for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Provides a reduced-interest (3.75 percent annual interest rate) emergency credit line to SMEs, exclusively for the payment of employee salaries. The government will pay the salaries of employees who earn up to twice the value of the minimum wage (R $ 2,090) for two months. if they do not fire their workers.27/03/20207.84
BrazilIndividualsPayment reinstatement for unregistered pensionersEstablishes that retired civil servants, pensioners and civilian political amnesties who failed to re register for payments can now have their payments reinstated.27/03/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorCredit line for healthcare companiesProvides a credit line to health care companies with a 10 percent annual interest rate.27/03/20200.39
BrazilOther sectorReduced financing line for nonprofitsProvides a reduced-interest (10 percent annual interest rate, versus previous 20 percent) financing line to Santas Cases, or nonprofit entities, in Brazil.27/03/20200.98
BrazilIndividualsReduction in interest rates for borrowersReduces interest rates and increases payment terms, setting overdraft and revolving credit card interest at 2.9 percent per month.27/03/20200.00
BrazilIndividualsPayment postponement for families with real estate financingPostpones payment of installments for families who have real estate financing by three months, impacting 800,000 families.27/03/20200.00
BrazilUnclearSupport for states and municipalitiesProvides funding for states and municipalities.23/3/20203.14
BrazilUnclearSuspension of state debtsSuspends debts of states to the union.23/03/20202.47
BrazilUnclearSupport for the renegotiation of state and municipal debtsProvides support for the renegotiation of state and municipal debt with banks.23/03/20201.88
BrazilUnclearSupport for state credit operationsProvides support for state and municipal credit operations.23/03/20207.84
BrazilIndividualsExpansion of family allowance program to cover additional familiesExpands the family allowance program (Bolsa Família) to cover an additional 1.2 million families.23/03/20200.39
BrazilIndividualsSupport for social assistance programsProvides funding to support social assistance expenditures by modifying the State Participation Fund.23/03/20200.39
BrazilOther sectorEmergency appropriations for health programsProvides support for health expenses.23/03/20201.57
BrazilUnclearBNDES measures to support SMEs and working capital for businessesR $ 20 billion for transferring funds from the PIS / PASEP fund to the FGTS, R $ 19 billion for suspension of payments for direct operations, R $ 11 billion for suspension of payments for operations and R $ 5 billion to reinforce the BNDES Small Business Credit line22/03/202010.79
BrazilOther sectorIncreased health care spendingDeclared a state of public calamity, which enables the government to increase health spending and exceed spending caps.20/03/20200.00
BrazilTransport and communicationsAirline tariff and fee postponementAirline relief package includes: i) a 6-month postponement of the collection of air navigation tariffs; ii) postponement to December 2020 of the collection of concession fees from airport concessionaires without fines; and iii) a 12-month extension period for companies to reimburse customers for cancelled flights.19/03/20200.00
BrazilUnclearCredit for SMEsPROGER / Workers Assistance Fund (FAT) to provide credit to micro and small firms19/03/20200.20
BrazilUnclearDeferral of SME taxation paymentsThe Simples Nacional taxation scheme for SMEs is deferred for 3 months at the federal level17/03/20204.43
BrazilUnclearFGTS deferralDeferral of payment of FGTS (a severance indemnity fund) for 4 months17/03/20205.99
BrazilOther sectorCensus deferral and funding allocation to healthCensus postponed to 2021 and funding reallocated to health sector17/03/20200.00
BrazilOther sectorReallocated health funding to support COVID effortsThe balance of the vehicle insurance fund (DPVAT), which was over R$4.5bn, was reallocated to the health system for COVID efforts.16/03/20200.90
BrazilOther sectorHealth invests more than R$ 221 million for care for patients with obesity, diabetes and hypertensionThe Ministry of Health is investing more than R$ 221 million to increase care and early care for people with chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Unified Health System (SUS) during the Covid-19 pandemic03/11/20200.04
BrazilOther sectorMaintenance of the transfer of the Prevent Brazil ProgramExtended funding for Primary Care due to the primary role of Primary Care in actions against covid-19 for the first quarter of 202115/04/20210.91
ChileUnclearBonds and tax benefits for SMEsTwo laws including bonuses, bonds, and tax breaks for more than 820 SMES11/06/20210.00
ChileIndividualsExtension of Universal Emergency Family Income for June, July, and AugustInsurance of an income of $500,000 for a family of four for June, July, and August06/06/20210.00
ChileOther sectorIndustry Transition FundFund to promote the reactivation of the audio-visual sector through the strengthening of audiovisual projects such as films, TV series, and video games and support of distribution and commercialization of unitary works of national feature films and video games04/06/20210.00
ChileTourism and leisureAid for tourism guides and tourism industryInitiative to benefit all tourism guides through three lines: promotion of employability, formalization, and training02/06/20210.00
ChileUnclearAdditional funding for municipalitiesAdditional money for 345 communes to help municipalities meet expenses for their pandemic26/05/20210.38
ChileIndividualsReform of Middle Class Bonus and Solidarity Loan500,000 pesos to any person who meets the requirements and has an income between minimum wage and 1.5 million; amount reduced proportionally for those who have an income between 1.5 and 2 million05/04/20210.00
ChileOther sectorExtension of Emergency Family IncomeExtension during April, May, and June; For families that qualify and live in communes that have been in quarantine for 14 days or more, the new Emergency Family Income will reach $ 100,000 per month per family member; or families living in communes that have been in quarantine for a day or more, the new Emergency Family Income will reach $ 60 thousand per month per household member.22/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsAdditional Covid BonusCovid bonus of $ 40 thousand per month per household member will be paid for families that qualify during April, May, and June22/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsExtension of middle class bonusComplementary bonus that will range from $ 100 thousand to $ 250 thousand, as well as standard $500,000 for people that qualify22/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsSolidarity Loan for Middle ClassZero interest loan covering up to 5% of annual income22/03/20210.00
ChileTransport and communicationsSolidarity Bond and Loan for CarriersUp to $350,000 for transportation carriers and option for loan of $320,00022/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsUnemployment insurance extensionImprovement of unemployment insurance with a payment equivalent to 70% of the lost salary, and goes down month by month until reaching 45%22/03/20210.00
ChileUnclearSubsidies for workers who have found a jobSubsidy for recently employed: $ 50 thousand per month for a period of 6 months, and will increase to $ 70 thousand per month, for women, youth or disabled workers.22/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsProtege Subsidy Extension$ 200 thousand per month for each child under 2 years of age for three months for working parents22/03/20210.00
ChileUnclearIncrease in entrepreneurship subsidiesIncrease in subsidies for entrepreneurs and SMEs22/03/20210.20
ChileUnclearExtension of credit for SMEsExtension of SME credit line for three months22/03/20210.00
ChileOther sectorStrengthening of health networkFunding for primary health network, test and trace, and purchase of vaccines22/03/20210.30
ChileOther sectorStrengthening of Social Protection NetworkExpansion of policies in place for Chileans worth up to 2% of GDP—see breakdown below (funding converted from 5.5 billion USD to Chilean pesos)22/03/20215.57
ChileIndividualsMiddle Class Bonus$400,000 per beneficiary for middle class11/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsSolidarity Loan3 time loan of 650,000$ for those who qualify to be repaid without interest11/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsRental SubsidiesUp to $250,000 for low and middle income family groups who are currently renting a home11/03/20210.00
ChileUnclearEmployment benefitsIncrease in subsidies for workers and extension of Employment Subsidy by two months07/03/20210.00
ChileIndividualsExtension of IFE and COVID BonusExtension into March and April of benefits for vulnerable families with amounts ranging from $ 100,000 per member to $ 25,000 per member24/02/20210.00
ChileOther sectorParks creation plan (Urban Parks Minvu Plan 2021)Construction of 17 parks in 11 regions27/01/20210.33
ChileUnclearExtension of benefits for small businessesAnother round of Reactive FOGAPE credit to give SMEs opportunities to refinance current debts and finance investment projects27/01/20210.00
ChileIndividualsExpansion of benefits for those quarantining (IFE Bonus)Contributions of up to $ 100,000 per person for those quarantining (approximately 7.8 million people) through three bonds: IFE-Quarantine, IFE-Transition, and IFE Preparation and Opening07/01/20210.47
ChileIndividualsIFE-Transition Bonus$40 thousand per person decreasing with fifth family member for communes that have spend at least 14 days in Phase 207/01/20210.00
ChileIndividualsIFE Preparation and Opening25$ thousand per person decreasing from fifth member for communes that have spent at least 14 days in phase 3/407/01/20210.00
ChileIndividualsPension increaseIncrease in pensions for beneficiaries of the Basic Solidarity Pension03/01/20210.00
ChileIndividualsBonus for healthcare workersBonus of $200,000 for health officials30/12/20200.00
ChileConstructionSocial housing investmentInvestment to build 61,000 homes20/12/20202.59
ChileUnclearLoan for dependent workers and individual entrepreneursExtension of State Loan for december: entrepreneurs and dependent workers can apply for a loan of up to 650,000 pesos with 0% interest07/12/20200.00
ChileTransport and communicationsGreen transportConstruction of terminal for electric buses powered by green energy and solar panels, as well as an additional 215 electric buses03/12/20200.08
ChileIndividualsChristmas bonusBonus of 25,000 pesos for each household member for all households that were beneficiaries of sixth contribution of the Emergency Family Income27/11/20200.00
ChileIndividualsLoan for individualsDependent workers, independent workers, and individual entrepreneurs can take out a loan of up to $650,000 with 0% interest06/11/20200.00
ChileIndividualsTax cutsTax cut for over 130,000 older adults ranging from 50% of contributions for those with an income greater than $ 669911 per month and 100% of contributions for those making less than that amount20/10/20200.00
ChileUnclearReactivate Pyme: Vamos con TodoUnder this program, beneficiaries can receive up to 3 million pesos to support their SMEs05/10/20200.02
ChileUnclearFurther wage subsidies for firmsFurther wage subsidies to firms given for another 6 months: (i) the return subsidy (for those that were with suspended contracts under the employment protection law, they will receive CLP160,000 per employee; and (ii) a hiring subsidy (subsidy for the 50% of the nominal wage, 60% for youth, female and disabled with a maximum of CLP250/260,000 per employee rehired). Eligibility applies.28/09/20200.00
ChileUnclearLiquidity supportLoans with 0% interest rate for independent workers/entrepreneurs. Eligibility applies.08/09/20200.00
ChileUnclearExtension of Employment Protection ActPassed bill extends the Employment Protection Law. Access requirements are temporarily made more flexible, and the benefits received have been increased.1/9/20200.00
ChileOther sectorScholarships for training coursesFor a total of 3,000 individuals, free scholarships for training courses especially for those who work in performing arts, music, design and audiovisual sectors.31/8/20200.00
ChileIndividualsNational Fund for Inclusive Projects (FONAPI)Financing of social organisation projects that address pandemic-related needs of people with disabilities. Fund has CLP 42.5 million for the region to allow the execution of projects.12/8/20200.05
ChileUnclearStep by Step Plan, Chile RecoversPublic investment plan within period 2020-2022 for CLP 34 billion, with the sole purpose of recovering jobs lost due to COVID-19.1/8/20200.04
ChileIndividualsExtension to Middle Class Protection PlanDirect transfers of around USD $635 to middle-class workers with severe income losses. Part of Emergency Plan for Protection and Reactivation carried out over 24 months.14/7/20200.01
ChileTourism and leisureReactivating TourismSubsidies worth CLP20 billion to tourism SMEs, benefitting around 6,500 companies throughout Chile9/7/20200.03
ChileUnclearMiddle Class Protection PlanPolicies to support middle-class suffering income loss from COVID-19, including soft loans from the Treasury, mortgage payment delays, and subsidies for rentals. Program worth USD $1.5 billion. Part of Emergency Plan for Protection and Reactivation carried out over 24 months.5/7/20201.51
ChileUnclearNew Tax MeasuresTo boost the liquidity of SMEs, temporary reduction in the CIT rate, and temporary 50% reduction of income tax for SMEs during 2020, 2021, and 2022. Also, extension of suspension of monthly provisional tax payments, extending instantaneous investment depreciation till 2022. VAT postponement extension to October 2020. Extended PPM suspension to the months of July, August, and September. Part of Emergency Plan for Protection and Reactivation carried out over 24 months.02/07/20200.00
ChileIndividualsExpansion of Employment Protection Act coverageExpanded the coverage of the Employment Protection Law and Unemployment Insurance to include unemployed people, who have resources in their individual unemployment accounts, but do not meet the contribution requirements, access to these insurance benefits.29/06/20200.00
ChileIndividualsFurther expansion of IFE Coverage and AmountCoverage now also primarily to include households with formal income that are within 90% of the Social Household Registry (RSH) and that are within 80% of the new Socioeconomic Emergency Indicator (ISE).22/06/20200.00
ChileUnclearSelf-employed worker supportEstablishes a monetary benefit to support self-employed workers' earnings who issue honorary ballots, of up to three months through subsidies and/or preferential credit rates from the Treasury. Potential group of beneficiaries of around 1.2 million independent workers, depending on the fall in monthly income and historical level of their monthly income. Estimated cost of USD $332 million.17/06/20200.33
ChileIndividualsExpansion of IFE CoverageExpanded coverage with the aim of reaching the most immediately vulnerable, including households with no formal income or those who have formal income below the accepted threshold. Increased support for a 4-people family without formal income from CLP 260,000 to CLP 400,000.17/06/20200.00
ChileIndividualsPromotion and development of WomenWe are still standing is an initiative of the Promotion and Development of Women (in the Office of the Presidency). It aims to support women who have lost their jobs / are low-income as a result of the health crisis. The measure will benefit 500 women across the country, with each woman receiving CLP300,000 CLP. The initiative includes help with developing business ideas, such as the purchase of machines and tools, materials and supplies, labor, furniture and computer equipment, transportation and dispatch expenses, procedures, patents and leasing of physical spaces.16/06/20200.19
ChileOther sectorHealth SpendingFunds used to support the health system, with focus on primary care. Part of Emergency Plan for Protection and Reactivation carried out over 24 months.14/06/20200.51
ChileOther sectorPublic Investment ProgramFunds used for projects related to environment and nature, especially housing, drinking water, irrigation works, desalination plants, reservoirs, connectivity and digital logistics, clean and renewable energy and critical infrastructure.14/06/20200.00
ChileUnclearWorker retraining programsChilean government will use funds for retraining of workers, with special emphasis on the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Will strengthen labour intermediation network and digital training programs through the National Service of Training and Employment (SENCE), and the Technical Cooperation Service (SERCOTEC).14/06/20200.00
ChileIndividualsEmergency Family Income Law (IFE)Emergency Family Income Law will benefit almost 2 million households (close to 4.9 million people). Eligible include the 60% most vulnerable households, that are not receiving any other forms of income reported in the system. More detailed eligibility noted in www.ingresodeemergencia.cl. Part of Emergency Plan for Protection and Reactivation carried out over 24 months.14/06/20200.00
ChileUnclearFurther tax reductionsThe First Category Tax (IDPC) for companies under the Pro Pyme Regime will be temporarily reduced from 25% to 12.5%, for the income obtained during the fiscal years 2020-22. Provisional Monthly Payments (PPMs) for SMEs that benefit from this reduction will also be reduced by half. VAT tax credit refunds from the periods January-May 2020 will also be handed out to SMEs.14/06/20200.00
ChileEnergy and waterGreen CreditLoans for renewable energy investment projects; including projects for the generation or storage of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE), Energy Efficiency, and environmental improvements in production processes, such as waste reuse, recycling, and other projects. Main beneficiaries are SMEs.10/06/20200.04
ChileN/AUnaccounted spending, Emergency Plan for Protection and ReactivationAny spending not disaggregated for the package Emergency Plan for Protection and Reactivation01/06/20207.34
ChileTourism and leisureSercotec subsidiesTo activate the tourism sector, around CLP7 billion in subsidies delivered through Sercotec.01/06/20200.01
ChileTourism and leisureSernataur subsidiesThe National Tourism Service (Sernatur) will be given CLP1 billion to promote internal travel and resume social tourism programs.01/06/20200.00
ChileTourism and leisureFNDR fundsThe National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR) will provide 2 billion CLP (Chilean pesos) to regional governments for tourism promotion and "diffusion."01/06/20200.00
ChileIndividualsFree life insurance for public officialsThe Ministry of Health authorizes free life insurance for public sector officials working in the fight against COVID-19. The life insurance includes a capital of CLP7.2 million for each worker, which will benefit more than 235,000 health officials from both hospitals and primary care (a total of 1.692 trillion CLP). It will be in effect until December 31, 2020.01/06/20202.18
ChileIndividualsGuaranteed minimum income subsidySubsidy creation that complements the income of lower-income workers. Up to CLP59,200 available to claim for those who earned the minimum wage (301,000 pesos) in February. In addition, the benefit extends in a decreasing way to those who earn up to CLP384,363. It is estimated to benefit 700,000 workers and cost USD200 million USD. The first payment was in May 2020. Applications can be made at www.ingresominimo.cl.29/05/20200.20
ChileOther sectorRural water business supportThe Ministry of Public Works will provide CLP4.8 billion CLP over a period of three months, 1.6 billion CLP per month, to administrations of rural drinking water systems. The bonus will help 2,836 localities (roughly 680,000 families) to cover the deficit caused by the non-payment of the account from users of these rural drinking water systems who may have lost their jobs or wages during COVID-19. This measure is part of a national aid plan for the APR sector (Rural Potable Water System).29/05/20200.01
ChileIndividualsPublic Feeding ProgramProgram to distribute 2.5 million food baskets in aid, expected fiscal cost of US$100 million.17/05/20200.10
ChileIndividualsWinter bonusOne-time cash payment of CLP64,549 to alleviate financial stress of more than 1 million pensioners (approx. 1,352,000). All pensioners who are 65 years of age or older as of May 1 and whose pension is less than or equal to 166,191 pesos qualify. The Social Welfare Institute and its ChileAtiende network are coordinating the payment. The bonus will cost 87 billion Chilean pesos (roughly 106 million USD).04/05/20200.10
ChileUnclearEntrepreneurship and employment programsThe Social Solidarity and Investment Fund (FOSIS) to offer 30,396 positions in entrepreneurship and employment programs, a total investment of more than 23 billion CLP (Chilean peso). The programs include training, support, and initial capital support, which can be up to 500,000 CLP. Applications to be made remotely through www.fosis.gob.cl. Eligibility applies.24/04/20200.03
ChileUnclearCredit Guarantee SchemeScheme worth USD $3 billion, that could apply to credits up to USD $24 billion to bolster firms' financing. Scheme lasts till 30th September, 2020.08/04/20202.82
ChileIndividualsAdditional Employment SupportAdditional income support for the most vulnerable and independent workers of around USD $2 billion.08/04/20201.88
ChileUnclearEmployment Protection ActWorkers in Chile unable to work due to COVID-19 can continue accessing a part of their wages through Unemployment Insurance Support Fund of State and Employer Contributions to social security and health. Purpose is to reduce working hours - by also cutting the working day by up to 50%.31/03/20200.00
ChileIndividualsMandated public utility servicesMandates public utility services to provide benefits/payment facilities to those who belong to 40% of the most vulnerable households, according to the Social Registry of Homes. This will benefit 3 million families/7 million people, including those who have lost their jobs during this period. Under this measure, the Chilean government also reached an agreement with the electricity distribution companies to grant benefits and facilities to its users for the payment of their electricity bills.27/03/20200.00
ChileN/AUnaccounted spending, Emergency Economic PlanAny spending not disaggregated for the package Emergency Economic Plan19/3/20209.40
ChileOther sectorSpecial COVID-19 health fundSpecial COVID-19 health fund of CLP220 billion (roughly 269 million USD) to tackle emergency health issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.19/3/20200.26
ChileOther sectorRevision of COVID-19 health fundBudget Reprogramming to Health: Chilean health budget to be supplemented with a 2% increase (roughly 134 billion Chilean pesos or 164 million USD) to cover expenses arising from the health emergency, which is added to the special COVID-19 health fund of 220 billion Chilean pesos (roughly 269 million USD) that was previously announced.19/3/20200.16
ChileUnclearPPM SuspensionSuspension of obligation to pay monthly provisional payments (PPM) of corporate income tax for the months of April, May, June 2020.19/3/20200.00
ChileUnclearVAT Payments DeferralDeferral on VAT payments within the months of April, May, June 2020, allowing payments in 6 or 12 monthly instalments with 0% real interest. Only applies to companies whose sales are not exceeding USD $11.6 million.19/3/20200.00
ChileUnclearReal Estate Tax DeferralReal Estate Tax payments within April deferred for (a) companies with sales under USD $11.6 million, and (b) people owning properties with a tax assessment of less than USD $153,000. Deferred payment is paid in 3 instalments, with a real interest rate of 0%.19/3/20200.00
ChileIndividualsIncome Support BonusEquivalent to the Family Subsidy bonus, benefits 2 million individuals without formal work, with total cost of USD $130 million.19/3/20200.12
ChileUnclearExtension of income tax payment deadlineExtended deadline to pay the income tax declared by SMEs in April 2020, by July 2020. Release of cash resources of USD $600 million to around 140,000 SMEs.19/3/20200.00
ChileUnclearTemporary Reduction in Stamp TaxStamp tax reduced to 0% for all credit operations. Applies for the next 6 months (from April 2020 to September 2020).19/3/20200.00
ChileUnclearTax Debt ReliefGreater flexibility for tax debt payments with the Chilean General Treasury, without interest or fines, applying to SMEs and people with lower incomes.19/03/20200.00
ChileUnclearAccelerated Income Tax RefundAdvanced income tax refund payment, expected for April 2020, requested by companies classified as SMEs (sales no more than USD $2.5 million). Allows more liquidity for over 500,000 SMEs of US$770 million.19/03/20200.71
ChileUnclearSME liquidity injectionChilean government made a capital injection of USD500 million in Banco Estado (the only public bank). The resources will be used to provide financing to individuals and SMEs. This measure will increase Banco Estado's credit capacity by approximately 4.4 billion USD.19/03/20200.46
ChileUnclearSolidarity FundInjection of liquidity worth USD $100 million for companies, with particular focus on SMEs due to the large drop in their sales.19/03/20200.09
ChileIndividualsChildcare subsidyBenefit of $200,000 per month for working mothers in charge of caring for children below 2 years of age extended for three months15/1/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsFunding for social programsTransfer from FOME to the Department for Social Prosperity social programs such as amplification of 2 cycles of the Solidarity Income Program9/7/20210.26
ColombiaOther sectorFunding for vaccine acquisitionFunding from FOME for vaccine acquisition from SINOVAC Life Sciences7/7/20210.03
ColombiaOther sectorFunding for testingFunding from FOME for COVID-19 tests23/06/20210.21
ColombiaOther sectorVaccination rollout fundingTransfer of funds from FOME for vaccination, including national transporte of supplies9/6/20210.00
ColombiaOther sectorSpending for vaccinesFunding for vaccine acquisition from SINOVAC life sciences01/06/20210.04
ColombiaUnclearTransfer for rural subsidiesFunding from FOME for subsidies for rural areas established in Ley 207128/04/20210.00
ColombiaUnclearFunding for aid workers on contractual suspensionFunding from FOME for aid program for workers on contractual suspension31/03/20210.00
ColombiaEnergy and waterCreation of credit line Compromiso Reactivación MultisectorialNew line of credit from Findeter for green investments. Findeter is a publicly owned national development bank primarily financed by the federal government and fiscal flows. See https://www.findeter.gov.co/transparencia-y-acceso-a-la-informaci%C3%B3n-publica/estados-financieros#cont25/03/20210.16
ColombiaOther sectorAdditional spending for vaccinesFunding for vaccine acquisition23/03/20210.13
ColombiaOther sectorHealthcare support for militaryTransfer from FOME to the Health System of the Military Forces and the National Police26/02/20210.00
ColombiaIndividualsTourism project funding/income tax cutValuation of special tourism projects, benefits include some public funds and cut of income tax rate through Special Tourism Projects Program19/02/20210.00
ColombiaOther sectorFunding for women entrepreneursMujer Emprende fund to promote women's businesses16/02/20210.01
ColombiaOther sectorVaccine distribution fundingTransfer of funds from the FOME fund for the process of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine and to progress the national vaccine plan12/02/20210.19
ColombiaOther sectorVaccine transport fundingTransfer of funds from FOME for the international transport of 192,000 doses of the SINOVAC vaccine12/02/20210.00
ColombiaOther sectorEducation funding from the Emergency Mitigation FundTransfer to the department for education funds for paying entry fees for students of vulnerable families, credit lines for education to underprivileged families, and for general education spending03/02/20210.05
ColombiaOther sectorVaccine funding from Emergency Mitigation FundFunding for purchase of Moderna vaccine29/01/20210.30
ColombiaOther sectorHospital equipment transferTransfer of hospital equipment to the Miraflores hospital under the Adaptation Fund27/01/20210.00
ColombiaOther sectorCredit line for departments, districts, and municipalitiesTerritorial Bank Findeter with support of the government launches direct credit line so that territorial entities can initiate projects to promote economic recovery14/01/20210.43
ColombiaOther sectorExtension of Formal Employment Support ProgramExtension of program that gives employers wage support for their employees. Women and sectors most affected by the pandemic will have support of $454,000 per worker, whilst for other sectors the support will be $363,000 per worker07/01/20210.00
ColombiaOther sectorHospital resourcesSupply of medical equipment to new hospital in Soplaviento16/12/20200.00
ColombiaTourism and leisureTourism promotionInitiatives to promote tourism in Ocaña, La Playa de Belén, El Carmen, Río de Oro and Ábrego05/12/20200.00
ColombiaTourism and leisureAdditional funds for tourismAdditional 10 billion for tourism department to benefit regional entrepreneurs05/12/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsUnemployment subsidies160,000 pesos per month for those in vulnerable situations04/12/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearReduction in VATReduction of VAT on air tickets from 19% to 5% through December 2022 to promote tourism03/12/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearSuspension in energy surchargeSuspension of energy surcharge for providers in tourism industry03/12/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearCredit line for businessesCredit line to public and private businesses from Findeter03/12/20200.04
ColombiaUnclearReduction in consumption taxReduction in consumption tax to 0%03/12/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearVAT exemptionVAT exemption for hotel and tourism services03/12/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearVocational trainingTraining for workers in advanced technologies in the IT and BPO industries03/12/20200.00
ColombiaConstructionFinancing to SMEsCredit to SMEs to promote reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by scaling financing to SMEs investments in energy-efficient projects03/12/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearEntrepreneurship policyCreation of the National Entrepreneurship Policy to improve entrepreneurship financing, improve market access, and create platforms for sharing innovation, etc.30/11/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearSupport for small businessesContinuation of assistance program for micro businesses in Antioquia,27/11/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearYouth and entrepreneurship programProgram for young people between 14 and 28, where speakers and academics will provide training in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation26/11/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsExpansion of unemployment aidRe-opening of application channels for the Family Compensation Funds, which allows applicants to receive economic aid of 160,000 pesos for three months18/11/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearEntrepreneurship fundEmprender Fund to empower entrepreneurs in Colombia between 18 and 28 years old and to finance business ideals in the municipality of Samaniego17/11/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearSupport for economic recovery of TolimaSteps taken by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism to develop export potential, promote digital transformation, expand Bancoldex credit coverage, strengthen entrepreneurship, promote the region as an investment destination and improve tourism13/11/20200.00
ColombiaTourism and leisureSpending for Get up to Christmas and Buy Lo Nuestro campaignMoney for campaigns to promote spending in the tourism industry05/11/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsWorker subsidyAdvanced subsidy ahead of Christmas to around 1 million public servants04/11/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsCompensation FundsAid of 160 thousand pesos per month financed for three months to approximately 300,000 unemployed15/10/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsAdditional fundsAdditional 140 billion pesos to the Emergency Mitigation fund, with which an aid of 160 thousand pesos per month will be financed, for three months, for approximately 300 thousand unemployed15/10/20200.04
ColombiaOther sectorCredit for schoolsCredit line to support education institutions affected by COVID-1913/10/20200.05
ColombiaOther sectorFinancial recognition for first line COVID carersOne-time temporary financial recognition to health professionals and epidemiological surveillance personnel08/10/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearCredit lineCredit line from Findeter to departments and municipalities for recovery projects07/10/20200.21
ColombiaTransport and communicationsRestructuring of AviancaGovernment agreed to participate in the restructuring of Avianca (the Colombian air service), by financing up to USD 370 million as part of the process that the company will follow in filing for Chapter 11. The reasoning is to "guarantee the provision of the service, the air connectivity of Colombians and the general economic activity".31/08/20200.00
ColombiaEnergy and waterEnergy transition projectsFunding for 25 strategic renewable energy and transmissions projects, including the generation of 55 thousand jobs, include 9 wind, 5 solar, 3 geothermal and one hydrogenation, as well as 9 energy transmission lines.20/08/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorTree plantingPlanting of 180 million trees20/08/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearContinuation of solidarity income programProgram will continue until June 202120/08/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorEducational programsContinuance of programs such as Generation E, construction of educational infrastructure, and School Feeding Program20/08/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorRelief to SMEs and rural entrepreneursCredit and marketing provisions for rural producers, as well as relief for small and medium producers20/08/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorHealthcare provisionsTelemedicine promotion and vaccine access20/08/20200.00
ColombiaConstructionTotal program spending—disaggregated aboveTotal allocated for the Commitment to the Future of Colombia Plan, excluding energy transition projects20/08/20200.02
ColombiaIndividualsCash Transfers to Agricultural WorkersCreated the Support Program for the payment of the service premium (PAP) for agricultural workers who have experienced at least a 20% decrease in income due to COVID.09/07/20200.00
ColombiaConstructionInfrastructure fundingFundings to build resilient infrastructure against climate change and protect vulnerable populations for the Caribbean region08/07/20200.11
ColombiaIndividualsCash Transfers to Suspended WorkersMade the decision to extend the Formal Employment Support Program for one more month, until August, in order to reach more Colombians. Also, extended the breadth of the program to add non-formal education institutions to its beneficiaries.05/06/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsUnemployment benefitsAn economic aid of $ 160,000 will be received for 3 months by the people who lost their jobs and are on the waiting list to access the Unemployment Protection Mechanism05/06/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearCut in VATTransitory exclusion of the sales tax -VAT in the provision of hotel and tourism services04/06/20200.00
ColombiaAgricultureBenefits for farmers220,000 pesos per employee for producers or farm workers04/06/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsUnemployment BenefitExpanded unemployment benefits through the Family Compensation Funds to increase the coverage of benefits for people who meet the requirements.03/06/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsSupport of ElderlyProvided beneficiaries of the Columbia Mayor program who, to date, received $80,000, an increased total of $160,000 for the June period. This measure benefits more than 1,700,000 older adults in vulnerable conditions who benefit from the program.3/6/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsSupport Program for the Payment of the PremiumTransfer to employers to provide workers with a bonus of 220,000 for workers who make below one million pesos03/06/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsWage CompensationProvided a income of $160,000 pesos per month to those who have been fired or are on unpaid leave. The measure was expected to benefit about 4 million workers who have been fired and about 600,000 people who have suspended contracts.28/05/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsInvestment in the care and protection of patients with COVIDThe Legislative Decree aims to better address the care and protection of patients affected by COVID. Among the measures are temporary financial compensation for families affiliated to the subsidised scheme, as well as protection of contributors to the scheme who have been infected by COVID. Essentially, for those rendered unfit to work by COVID, the scheme will compensate them accordingly.21/05/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearVAT exemption datesEstablishment of three days of sales tax VAT exemption for covered goods21/05/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorStrengthening of SMEs in the Dairy SectorThe program aims to work to strengthen 40 SMEs in the dairy sector and to allow them to innovate and scale their business.20/05/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsCreation of Solidarity Fund for EducationFund to mitigate effect of crisis in education sector, providing funding of up to 1200000 pesos to more than 50,000 eligible families14/05/20200.00
ColombiaConstructionPlato Magdalena Aqueduct InvestmentCompleted the reconstruction work of the electromechanical pumping system, which guarantees a better flow of drinking water and optimises the aqueduct system. The reconstruction of the pumping system increases the capacity of the plant and triples the potential of its flow, guaranteeing the continuous supply of drinking water for more than 66,000 inhabitants of one of the poorest regions in the country, helping to minimise the impact generated by the spread of COVID. The investment exceeds The investment exceeds 3 billion pesos and benefits more than 66 thousand people.and benefits more than 66 thousand people.12/05/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearWage Compensation (PAEF)In order that millions of Colombians can keep their jobs, the government will subsidise payroll payments. This is with the aim of avoiding layoffs and encouraging companies that laid off workers to hire them again. Through this program, the government will subsidise the equivalent of 40% of a minimum wage of workers, depending on certain conditions.11/05/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearEmployment ProtectionIn order to avoid layoffs of employees, the government will subsidise the equivalent of 40% of a minimum wage for the workers whose companies have experienced a reduction in turnover of more than 20%. Further, in order to increase company cash flows, payment of income tax that is about to expire will be postponed.06/05/20200.00
ColombiaTourism and leisuretourism Guide Supporttourism guides will receive an economic support package of &585,000 to mitigate the economic impact of COVID. This support is intended to be given to the tourism sector for the next three months.02/05/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsEmergency subsidyLoan to unemployed through unemployed protection mechanism16/04/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearVAT reduction0% VAT rate for 211 goods, including medical equipment, soap, antibacterial gel, laundry detergent, some cleaners, special masks, gloves for surgery, nebulizers, vital sign monitors, portable x-ray machines and hospital beds. The 0% VAT rate will apply during the time the sanitary emergency is in place.15/04/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorEmergency fundingAdditional resources to Emergency Mitigation Fund15/04/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsWorker benefitsFinancial support for those demobilized from armed groups of 160,000 pesos for three months15/04/20200.00
ColombiaEnergy and waterFinancial support for green energyThe Ministry of Mines and Energy may use the uncommitted resources of the Electricity Networks Standardization Program -PRONE- with destination to the assignment and execution of new projects or that are already being executed15/04/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsSchool meal provisionsProvision of school means for kids learning at home09/04/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsSolidarity Income ProgramProvided income to 3 million households that are not part of the State's cash transfer programs but are in situations of extreme poverty and vulnerability. The measure is intended to mitigate the impacts of the COVID crisis. Households that are identified as beneficiaries will receive $160,000 during the month of April.07/04/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearTariff suspensionSuspension of tariffs in relation to the import of raw materials such as hard yellow corn, sorghum, soybeans and soybean cake07/04/20200.00
ColombiaUnclearNational Guarantee FundSpending to include the maintenance of rural cultural tourism spots, leisure agricultural scenic spots and the construction of roadbeds connecting the main roads of Tongxiang and Tongcun, tourism roads and trails in scenic spots.06/04/20200.00
ColombiaEnergy and waterProvisions for electric power and fuel gas utilitiesGranting of liquidity line to public utilities companies as well as provisions for the Ministry of Energy to provide them with subsidies04/04/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsCash transfersCash transfers to farmers over 70 years of age of $160,00027/03/20200.00
ColombiaN/ACredit line releaseAuthorization of Findeter and Bancoldex to release new credit lines to finance projects in response to the crisis23/03/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsEducational Aid PlanFor beneficiaries of the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Studies Abroad; includes granting of new credit, grace period of loan installments, and reduction of interest23/03/20200.00
ColombiaN/AEmergency Mitigation FundCreation of Emergency Mitigation Fund to be invested in acquisition of tests, flow of resources to hospitals, guarantee income to vulnerable populations, and any additional needs due to COVID. A21/03/20200.00
ColombiaIndividualsPublic service provision and rate increase suspensionProvision of drinking water and suspension of rate decreases for public services20/03/20200.00
ColombiaOther sectorCOVID Prevention CampaignDisbursed an additional $15 billion to the budget assigned to the Ministry of Health to attend to prevention and carry out campaigns aimed at alerting against the coronavirus.(N.B. - at this point, the virus had not yet reached Columbia but, as a preventative measure, these resources were transferred to strengthen the health portfolio capacity in the event of any eventuality.25/02/20200.00
Costa RicaTransport and communicationsRoad maintenanceThe CR Transport Ministry invested $22.5m into refurbishing improving a road in a popular tourism region.21/05/20210.02
Costa RicaConstructionGovernment digs a new wellA new well is being constructed in Marbella (Guanacaste), to serve approximately 1000 local residents, improving water access.21/05/20210.00
Costa RicaConstructionA new bridge has been builtThe government has invested in the construction of a bridge in the rural area between Puntarenas and Montes de Oro. Delivered on 21st May 2021.21/05/20210.00
Costa RicaIndividualsSocial benefits programmeThe Social Protection Programme by the Joint Institute of Social Assistance has disbursed 42bn colones. The program gives financial transfers to students, young families, poor families and people in need.19/05/20210.07
Costa RicaOther sectorCovid-19 vaccine purchasesBorrowed funds used for the acquisition, distribution and application of Covid vaccines for approximately 72% of the population. The loan from CABEI has a 20-year term.24/02/20210.08
Costa RicaAgricultureDonations to small agricultural producersDonations of equipment, supplies and tools allocated to 722 families by the Rural Development Institute (INDER) with total cost of ₡ 563 million.09/07/20200.00
Costa RicaUnclearVAT exemption on goods and services, income tax extensionA VAT exemption goods in the legally defined basic goods basket (canasta basica tributaria). VAT changes from 1% to 0% from 1st July 2020 until 30th June 2021. State School employees will now pay income tax (which was not the case before the crisis).11/06/20200.00
Costa RicaUnclearJet fuel subsidyJet Fuel Subsidy by executive decree, the Public Service Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) to set the exact price. The aim is to stimulate tourism.22/05/20200.00
Costa RicaOther sectorCovid-19 IMF Emergency AssistanceFunding under the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) to support essential COVID-19-related health spending and relief measures aimed at the most affected sectors and vulnerable populations.27/04/20200.56
Costa RicaUnclearGrants to 200 SMEs affected by Covid200 SMEs will be picked in an open contest by a committee of experts and will be supported with US $ 5.6 million in grants.17/04/20200.01
Costa RicaUnclearMoratorium on tourism/airfare taxesThe Costa Rican Tourism Institute introduces a moratorium on the $15 and 5% taxes on flight tickets. Taxes payable from April to July can be deferred until 30th November 2020.31/03/20200.00
Costa RicaOther sectorLiquidity support of state banksA disbursement of US $90 million to the National Bank of Costa Rica and the Bank of Costa Rica, to promote their continued funding of the industrial, agricultural and service sectors amidst the crisis.25/03/20200.09
Costa RicaUnclearPlan Protect ("Plan PROTEGER")Various forms of financial support: Monthly "Proteger Bonus" for formal full-time workers who were suspended, and independent, temporary or informal workers whose income or working hours were reduced as a result of Covid-19. Suspension of mandatory payments to the Social Security Fund.19/03/20201.77
Costa RicaUnclearFiscal Relief Law for COVID-19Introduces a tax holiday for the period from March to May, whereby the payment of four kinds of taxes can be postponed until 31st December 2020. Applies to (1) VAT, (2) Income Tax Payments, (3) Selective Consumption Taxes, (4) Tariffs on imported goods.18/03/20200.00
CubaIndividualsTax breaks for the self-employedExemption from the annual payment of the Personal Income Tax for self-employed workers who could not work for a period of six months or more due to COVID-19, as a compensatory measure for loss of income.17/12/20200.00
CubaUnclearTax incentives to stimulate food processing and marketingApproves bonus with the application of a tax rate of 5%, the payment of sales tax to municipal and provincial trade and gastronomy companies, as well as to other entities, for the marketing of food products from mini-industries.23/09/20200.00
CubaUnclearTax breaks for exportersVarious reductions on income and profit taxes for 100% Cuban-owned exporters operating in the Mariel Special Development Zone.27/08/20200.00
CubaUnclearRemoval of tax on foreign exchangeConversion to/from US Dollars from/to Cuban currency is no longer subject to a 10% tax.18/07/20200.00
CubaUnclearTax breaksVarious tax breaks and bonuses for individuals and firms during the first phase of repoening.18/07/20200.00
CubaAgricultureAgricultural investmentAgricultural investment, involving the: - Promotion of exports to bring in foreign exchange. - Increasing numbers of 'mini-industries' and 'micro-dairies' which provide agricultural products at the municipal level. - More livestock units. - Increased fish farming. - Increased production of animal and pig feed. - Investment in the use of sugar production by-products. - Agri-scientific attention paid to seeds. - Land reform to incentivise the use of idle land. - Rationalisation of state agri firms. - Concentration of dairy production. The strategy also calls for substitution to high-demand, high-yield, low-input crops (such as plantain, beans, cucumber).16/07/20200.00
CubaAgricultureInvestment in food productionInvestment in food production, especially in low-cost foods such as MDM (a mincemeat) and peasant sausage, as well as focus on soy through the building of two factories (aimed at substitution of imports), the operation of soy-based ice cream 'mini-plants', the production of goats and buffalo milk and milk products, freshwater lobster harvesting, and sugar for export. Adjustment to the production plan to achieving annual plantings of sugar of at least 130,000 Ha by 2022 and potential capacity utilisation of 70% in the 2020-21 harvest, and 80% by the harvest after.16/07/20200.00
CubaTourism and leisureInvestment in tourismPromotion of tourism by investing in: - An advertisement campaign. - Local representatives overseas. - The opening of direct flights to Cuba. - Hospitality training schools. - Online sales channels and platforms. - Marketing of 'health tourism' to encourage purchase of Cuban healthcare services. Aimed at increasing tourism in Cuba by 10% on the 2019 figures.16/07/20200.00
CubaEnergy and waterTourism development programmeReturn to use of unutilised hospitality venues and hotel rooms; investment in renewable sources of energy for use by the tourism sector.16/07/20200.00
CubaOther sectorInvestment in healthcareAimed at ensuring the provision of basic health services to the population, with priority to medical emergencies, cardiovascular diseases, maternal child health, the cancer programme, in addition to epidemiological monitoring and control measures, based on the situation created by COVID-19.16/07/20200.00
CubaOther sectorBiotechnology industryInvestment in Cuban biopharamacy and biotechnology with the aim of increasing the export potential of this industry. Focus on, for example, gene medicines, HIV treatments, electromedical equipment, immunity based vaccines (eg for HepB), and diagnostic systems (for domestic use).16/07/20200.00
CubaOther sectorRobotics educationImplementation of a network of robotics laboratories by the Young Computer and Electronic Clubs. Aim is to disseminate robotics to the community, and to develop intellect and creativity in this field for future contributions to the Cuban economy.16/07/20200.00
CubaTransport and communicationsImplementation of 4GExpansion of domestic production of digital TV reception devices in order to release the 700 MHz band, which is necessary for 4G mobile signal.16/07/20200.00
CubaTransport and communicationsInfrastructure investmentLocal level investment in roads (as well as other infrastructure needs identified by territorial governments).16/07/20200.00
CubaTransport and communicationsInvestment in railwaysContinuation of the process of improving the railway system, with the: - Creation of companies for the transport of sugar products. - Construction, repair and maintenance of railways. - Implementation of express services.16/07/20200.00
CubaUnclearImport replacementDevelop an import replacement strategy aimed at leveraging industrial capacity of no less than 80%, mainly in toiletries and cleaning products, textiles and clothing, plastic articles, polygraphs, electrical equipment and luminaires, medical products, pneumatics and mechanical productions for transport, agriculture and construction.16/07/20200.00
CubaUnclearModernization of industryModernization effort in industry, including: - Introduction of and education in new technology and manufacturing systems - Promotion of links between research bodies and industry - Investment in the computerisation and automation of industry - Development of management models (particularly focused on computerisation) - Development of industrial/technological parks at domestically and abroad16/07/20200.00
CubaUnclearJob creation programmeA program for the generation of jobs in the economy (especially in the territories with lower activity rates). Aimed at promoting an increase in national production, in particular that of food, production chains, the export of goods and services, import substitution, the application of science, and innovation.16/07/20200.00
CubaIndividualsBonuses for healthcare assistantsHealthcare support workers (food, clothing, hygiene, laundry) working in high-risk hospitals receive an additional CUP 250 per month in pay.22/05/20200.00
CubaUnclearSupport for affected business100% Cuban-owned firms (both in the state and private sectors) receive various tax breaks, as well as remuneration for any extraordinary expenses faced due to the pandemic.24/04/20200.00
CubaUnclearFurloughWorkers unable to start remote working will receive 100% of their salary for one month, and 60% after that. This measure also applies to carers of children unable to attend education and those vulnerable to the coronavirus through age or physical condition. Those required to self-isolated by the state health authority will receive 100% of their wage for the period of self-isolation.20/03/20200.00
CubaUnclearWage protection for the self-employedSelf-employed (non-state sector) workers are guaranteed at least the minimum wage by the state.20/03/20200.00
CubaIndividualsTax breaks for the cultural sectorArtists affected by lockdown measures may apply to defer taxes.20/03/20200.00
DominicaOther sectorWorld Bank supportAdditional financing of 16.4 million USD for Dominica to support ongoing projects in the areas of agriculture and infrastructure for climate resilience and economic recovery from COVID-19 impacts. (12.8 million USD for the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project to reduce Dominica’s vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change impacts. 3.6 million USD approved for the Dominica Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project, which aims to restore the livelihoods of farmers and fisherfolk affected by Hurricane Maria.)30/06/20200.02
DominicaIndividualsIMF Disbursement under Rapid Credit FacilityThis will help fill Dominica's balance of payments needs and create fiscal space for essential health expenditures, income support to workers, and cash transfers to households.28/04/20200.01
DominicaN/AFirst Covid-19 Response and Recovery Development Policy CreditThe operation seeks to support Dominica in its COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery by: (i) saving lives, protecting livelihoods and preserving jobs; and (ii) strengthening fiscal policies, public financial management and debt transparency for a resilient recovery18/03/20210.03
DominicaN/ACancellation of the Dominica – Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity ProjectCancellation of the Dominica – Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project to maximize the availability of IDA funds for COVID-19 recovery18/03/20210.01
DominicaOther sectorWorld Bank rapid support of 6.6 million USD US$5.1 million will be used to bolster the capacity of Dominica’s public health system to manage COVID-19. Funds will be available to purchase drugs, medical supplies and equipment, and laboratory supplies to boost testing capacity and for minor retrofitting of isolation units. Another US$1.5 million will be used to support agriculture and strengthen national food security during the pandemic. The intervention is targeted to reach an estimated 3,200 farmers to ensure that the local food supply chains are better able to meet the needs of the island.20/04/20200.01
DominicaOther sectorGovernment fiscal stimulus packageIncreased spending in the health sector to respond to the pandemic18/03/20210.01
DominicaUnclearLoan to counter the Covid-19 falloutThe Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) approved a US$20-million loan for Dominica to help close financing gaps, which have widened due to the Covid-19 pandemic.12/10/20200.02
Dominican RepublicAgricultureSafety and Agricultural Innovation Projectto improve animal and plant health services, for which three biological control diagnostic laboratories and 11 field laboratories will be built; financed by the Inter-American Development Bank19/07/20210.05
Dominican RepublicEnergy and waterFossil fuel explorationcontracts for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Costa Afuera SP2 area, of the San Pedro de Macorís basin, as a result of the first round of oil and gas blocks from the Dominican Republic.24/06/20210.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorComprehensive Management Plan for Priority Watershedsto recover and maintain the forest cover in important watersheds; will create 8,900 green jobs through the integration of community members to the reforestation and ecological restorations21/06/20210.00
Dominican RepublicAgricultureAgriculture 4.0providing 426 tablets and training workshops to support improved information-gathering in agriculture21/06/20210.00
Dominican RepublicUnclearRationing of public spendingDecree 396-21 establishes considerable reductions in expenses related to trips abroad, the purchase of luxury vehicles, remodeling high cost, entertainments and celebrations.20/06/20210.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorSustainable Management Plan of the Sabana Clara Projectreforestation and sustainable land management project incorporating labour from local low-income communities20/06/20210.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorReforestationreforesting 30,000 honey plants across the country14/06/20210.00
Dominican RepublicN/AReduction in debt serviceThe Government of the Dominican Republic, through the Ministry of Finance, carried out a Liability Management transaction in the local market that will allow a reduction in debt service of RD $ 74.908 million for the period 2022-2027.9/6/20210.00
Dominican RepublicConstructionGuajimía Fase II, Etapa Ifor the financing of the water and sanitary sanitation project of the Cañada de Guajimía phase II, stage I, proposed by the Executive Power.1/6/20210.00
Dominican RepublicAgricultureProject for the construction of thermal camerasconstruction of thermal cameras for the production of high quality banana planting material, along with the establishment and maintenance of germplasm multiplication fields28/5/20210.00
Dominican RepublicAgricultureEnriquillo region agricultural investmentsThe amount will be used for the production of different crops, financing for producers in four provinces, as well as the commercialization of food, construction and reconstruction of water wells and the clearing of agricultural properties27/5/20210.05
Dominican RepublicOther sectorpayments to onion producersthe payment of 405 million pesos to producers grouped in various associations in the southern region, for the marketing of the item.27/5/20210.01
Dominican RepublicConstructionRehabilitation and Expansion of Puerto Manzanillo(i) construction of a wharf and auxiliary facilities for handling containerized cargo, fruit reefers (refrigerated containers), bulk and general cargo; (ii) upgrading of the basic infrastructure of the logistics area26/5/20210.05
Dominican RepublicEnergy and waterEmission Reductions Programgovernment signed an agreement with the World Bank unlocking payments of up to US$25 million for verified carbon emission reductions between now and 2025 through the country’s emissions reduction program12/5/20210.03
Dominican RepublicOther sectorVaccine acquisitionPresident Abinader requests an increase of 2,000,115 doses of the Pfizer vaccine at an additional cost of $ US 24,001,380, for a total of 9,999,990 doses at a consideration of $ US 119,999,880.11/5/20210.02
Dominican RepublicOther sectorTablets for school childrendistribution of 800,000 tablets for an amount of RD $ 8,282,618,895.1213/4/20210.15
Dominican RepublicIndividualsAccompanied Families ProgramFuneral expenses will be covered for each family and they will also receive psychological support. For families who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.10/3/20210.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorPlan for Reactivating Micro, Small and Medium BusinessesProvides micro and small formal and informal companies with an amount of RD $ 2,500 million for new loans.26/01/20210.04
Dominican RepublicOther sectorTourism Sector Recovery PlanOn January 18th, the Tourism Cabinet announced that the Ministry of Health would be delivering 400,000 antigen tests for free with the COVID-19 Travel Assistance Plans currently granted by the government to all tourists. Part of a package worth DR$420 million.18/01/20210.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorVaccine AcquisitionsThe government signed an agreement with Pfizer and BioNTech for the acquisition of 7.9 million doses of its vaccine against COVID-19.15/01/20210.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsSupérateThe government will offer 1,650 pesos monthly (double the amount offered through Comer es Primero) to a million homes (an increase of 200,000 homes in comparison to the previous program).05/01/20210.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsChristmas Cash TransferThe government will distribute Christmas bonuses to a million families in the country, in the amount of 1,500 Dominican Pesos per recipient via a preloaded Mastercard. The cards are intended for people who do not receive any other state benefits.07/12/20200.00
Dominican RepublicUnclearFASE Christmas SupplementThe government established a special fund to pay the Christmas bonus to workers enrolled in the FASE I cash transfer program for suspended workers.30/11/20200.04
Dominican RepublicOther sectorPlan Nacional de Fomento a las ExportacionesSupport for entrepreneurial initiatives for the export of goods and services, based on training, mentoring, technical assistance, linkage and financing programs.30/11/20200.00
Dominican RepublicUnclearFortalecimiento de la Política Pública y Gestión Fiscaltemporary subsidies for formal employment that have guaranteed a minimum income for more than 950 thousand formal employees, as well as initiatives aimed at providing liquidity to companies affected by the economic and social consequences27/10/20200.70
Dominican RepublicIndividualsBono Estudio ContigoThe program will offer vouchers to university students who quit their studies since March. In its first stage, this program will have an investment of about RD $ 200 million pesos per month, and during each four-month period it will benefit 33,333 students.28/09/20200.01
Dominican RepublicTourism and leisureIncentive Plan for Internal TourismIncludes all of the hotels in the country's main tourism destinations and allows for the average Dominican family of four (two adults and two children) to vacation for three nights at an affordable cost with financing from the country's main banks.24/09/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsComedores Económicos del Estado DominicanoCEED (soup kitchens) made use of agricultural surpluses and decreases in demand for food to provide 115,000 additional meals per day (on top of 105,000 daily rations pre-pandemic). This was facilitated by the recruitment of a 2,000-strong volunteer force.17/09/20200.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorNational Education Plan 2020-2021Deliver a PC to each teacher and student. (Part of a RD$27 billion remote learning package.)24/08/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsFood Transfer ExtensionExtension of food transfers through August.26/06/20200.00
Dominican RepublicOther sectorMeasures to Mitigate Violence Against WomenCommunication channel for women victims of violence through supermarkets.12/06/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsIndependent Worker Assistance Program (Pa'Ti)Cash transfers of RD$5,000 per month from May (retroactively) through August 2020 to 202,000 informal sector workers.07/06/20200.09
Dominican RepublicAgricultureBusiness Support PackagePresident Danilo Medina ordered the delivery of an additional three billion pesos to the Banco Agrícola to address agricultural producers' demand for credit.27/05/20200.05
Dominican RepublicAgricultureCommercial Assistance and Food Supply Security PlanThe Ministry of Agriculture agreed to purchase 10 million bananas from national producers as well as an additional 1.5 million pounds of chicken.13/05/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsWomen's Health MeasuresFeminine hygiene products are included in the basic package of essential products provided through the Quédate en Casa program.06/05/20200.00
Dominican RepublicUnclearFiscal Policy PackageExemption of tariffs and internal taxes on the purchase of ethyl alcohol for pharmaceutical uses.05/05/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsPlan Social de la PresidenciaProvided food rations sufficient for 9 days to 315 thousand families nationwide.01/05/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsAsistencia nutricional a través de PROSOLIThe government developed a mechanism of assistance through community organizations to extend prior food assistance programs. This project provided more than 177 metric tons of fortified complementary food and micronutrient powder to more than 67,000 people.30/04/20200.00
Dominican RepublicAgricultureMinistry of Agriculture MeasuresProtects vegetable producers that supply hotels and restaurants by delivering 50,000 pounds of tomatoes a day from greenhouses and fields to the Merca Santo Domingo; coordinating with producer organizations to ensure the delivery of 10 trucks daily of cabbage, lettuce and beets to the Santo Domingo Market, and covering the costs of refrigeration and freezing for strawberry producers.26/04/20200.00
Dominican RepublicUnclearFondo de Asistencia Solidaria a Empleados (FASE)Compensated workers laid off because of the pandemic in the amount of an RD$5,000 basic salary and a 70% subsidy on any salary amount above RD$5,000 up to an amount of RD$8,000 from April-August 2020. Covered approx. 65,000 workers.07/04/20200.30
Dominican RepublicOther sectorCare Economy MeasuresInformation campaign on co-responsibility for care.06/04/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsQuédate en CasaRD$5,000-7,000 monthly cash transfers divided into two disbursements per month, covering the months of April-August 2020, to around 1,550,000 households.03/04/20200.62
Dominican RepublicIndividualsInstituto de Bienestar Estudiantil (INABIE)The government established mechanism for the delivery of raw food kits to 1.8 million schoolchildren.23/03/20200.00
Dominican RepublicIndividualsPlan de Asistencia Social de la PresidenciaPASP assisted households and institutions, such as shelters, with raw food through door-to-door delivery. Monthly deliveries increased 263% compared to pre-pandemic levels.21/03/20200.00
EcuadorIndividualsSupport for poor familiesPhase 3 of the Family protection bonus aims to provide 480,000 families with a one-time transfer of USD120. This is targeted at vulnerable families who have not already received other forms of Covid-19 related aid.28/01/20210.00
EcuadorOther sectorSupport for Indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and Montubio communitiesUSD40 million was loaned by the World Bank to fund a project to improve living conditions and address barriers to education and employment access for Indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and Montubio communities. This project aims to contribute to the recovery of these communities following the Covid-19 pandemic. It will support one million people in 15 territories in Ecuador.25/09/20200.04
EcuadorIndividualsNutritional support bonusUSD2 million dollars has been invested into providing 7,992 vulnerable families with a Nutritional Support Voucher worth USD240.24/09/20200.00
EcuadorOther sectorPurchase of vaccinesUSD200 million has been allocated for the acquisition of 18 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.17/09/20200.00
EcuadorIndividualsFood vouchers for children44,000 families will receive food vouchers to help combat child malnutrition.27/8/20200.00
EcuadorUnclearLoans for microentrepreneursUSD93 million has been allocated to the 'Yo Muevo al Ecuador' campaign. This campaign involves lending this money to micro entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.27/08/20200.32
EcuadorUnclearTraining for young peopleIn order to promote youth employment a digital platform has been created for young people to receive technical training. There have also been 5 training centres established to help young people train and gain employment.27/8/20200.00
EcuadorOther sectorProvide tablets for children to support educationThe government will deliver tablets with one year of free internet access to more than 18,000 households. This is intended to support the education of these children.27/08/20200.00
EcuadorUnclearLoans for Microenterprises and SMEsUSD260 million to increase the Reactivate Ecuador credit program. This aims to promote access to financing for microenterprises and small and medium enterprises by strengthening the country's financial institutions and encouraging them to lend to microenterprises and SMEs. Part of this project will also implement an emergency guarantee program, which will guarantee the liquidity of thousands of small businesses and provide them with the working and investment capital they need to maintain productive activity and create employment.01/07/20200.26
EcuadorOther sectorDiscounted education for children whose parents have lost incomeDiscounts of up 25% on education costs for parents who have lost their job or a significant amount of income. Moreover if there is a default on payments the child will still be guaranteed education.19/06/20200.00
EcuadorOther sectorHealth benefits for the unemployedThe Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security will provide 60 days of healthcare coverage for those who have lost their job due to the pandemic19/06/20200.00
EcuadorIndividualsUnemployment insuranceThose who become unemployed as a result of the pandemic will be able to access an unemployment insurance benefit.19/06/20200.00
EcuadorAgricultureCredit for rice farmersCompanies can take out loans of USD5,000 to 15,000 for rice cultivation. SMEs will be charged an interest rate of 9.76% and micro-enterprises will be charged a rate of 11.25%.03/06/20200.00
EcuadorIndividualsProvision of food basketsUnder the 'Canasta Solidaria' scheme (Solidarity Basket), the government will provide food baskets to at least 8 million Equadorians. These food kits will be delivered to families who have children in public schools.24/05/20200.00
EcuadorOther sectorCase Detection and MonitoringUSD7.973 million to support timely case detection and monitoring. This will be achieved through the formation of the first rapid response teams in the country, through the active search for and detection of cases,through acquiring technological equipment for the digital monitoring of cases and through the procurement of laboratory services to supplement the number of PCR diagnosis available. This is part of a USD250 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank.18/05/20200.01
EcuadorOther sectorImprovement of capacity to deliver healthcare for Covid-19 patientsUSD172.027 million to improve the capacity of the public health system to ensure to ability to deliver care to Covid-19 patients and ensure the continuity of essential care for other patients. This includes the procurement and installation of equipment to adapt existing adult ICU beds to care for Covid-19 patient, maintaining the operation of hospital beds in intensive and intermediate care units, the contracting and training of professionals, and supporting the services and supplies required for burial and disposal of corpses. It also includes purchasing services from private providers to provide care to patients with cronic illnesses, vulnerable patients and pregnant women. This is part of a USD250 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank.18/05/20200.17
EcuadorIndividualsCash transfers to poor householdsUSD70 million to finance cash transfers under the ' Contingency Bond' scheme, which provides payments of USD60 to poor and vulnerable households each month. This will finance transfers to 550,000 households, this is in addition to the initial 400,000 funded by the World Bank. This is phase 2 of the family protection bonus. This is part of a USD250 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank.18/05/20200.07
EcuadorUnclearSupport for microenterprises and small businessesUSD93.8 million loaned by the Inter-American Development Bank for the execution of the 'Global Credit Program for Safeguarding the Productive Fabric and Employment. This aims to support the short-term financial sustainability of Micro and Small Enterprises to help them maintain employment in Ecuador. This project will provide loans of up to USD50,000 to Micro and Small Enterprises to provide liquidity.11/05/20200.09
EcuadorUnclearTax deferral for SMEsAll non financial SMEs have the option to defer payment of some of their tax til the end of the year 2020. They also have the option of paying in 6 installments.04/05/20200.00
EcuadorIndividualsSupport for families of informal workersTransfers of USD60 per month to 400,000 families. This is targeted at families without a fixed source of income, such as street salemen, hairdressers, gardeners, and bakers. This is phase one of the Family protection bonus.16/04/20200.00
EcuadorOther sectorIncrease capacity of national healthcare systemUSD25.3 million was loaned by the Inter-American Development Bank. This is intended to strengthen its healthcare services and help meet the medical needs of individuals affected by Covid-19 with a specific focus on the Guayas province. Primarily , this will be used to prepare intensive-care-unit beds in 28 hospitals and provide protective gear for medical staff in the Guayas province.16/04/20200.25
EcuadorOther sectorCommunication campaign to prevent the spread of Covid-19USD400,000 was donated by the development bank of Latin America (CAF) to the Ministry of Economy and Finance to fund a communication campaign to to encourage sanitary habits and reduce the spread of Covid-19.02/04/20200.00
EcuadorOther sectorStrengthen public health systemsUSD50 million line of credit from the development bank of Latin America (CAF) to strengthen the response capacity of of Ecuador's public health systems to be able to preserve the health of the population. This money will be used to acquire equipment and medical supplies and ensure the safety of people who work in the prevention,containment and care of Covid-19 patients.02/04/20200.05
EcuadorOther sectorProcurement of medical suppliesUSD20 million is being spent on the procurement of medical supplies that are needed to treat COVID-19 and to better equip a large number of intensive care and isolation units. Part of this is also being used to contribute to financing the dissemination of prevention and protection messages for the short and medium term. This is being Financed through a ecuador02/04/20200.02
EcuadorUnclearTax deferral for microenterprises6 month deferral of income tax and VAT for those most affected by the pandemic, including microenterprises, taxpayers with less than USD300,000 of gross income, tax payers domiciled in Galapagos, taxpayers who work in the airline, tourism or agriculture, and taxpayers who earn their income from exporting goods.27/03/20200.00
El SalvadorUnclearProgram to Support Economic Recovery Measures Implemented to Benefit Companies and Employment Affected by COVID-19 Submeasure 1; Program financed by CABEIUS$140 million were allocated by the CABEI (in from of a loan for a term of up to 20 years, including a five-year grace period and an indicative annual interest rate of 2.5%). The submeasure targets employees of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MIPYMEs) with subsidies.20/06/20210.02
El SalvadorUnclearProgram to Support Economic Recovery Measures Implemented to Benefit Companies and Employment Affected by COVID-19 Submeasure 2; Program financed by CABEIUS$360 million were allocated to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MIPYMEs) with loans to alleviate the financial downfall due to the pandemic.20/06/20210.04
El SalvadorOther sectorProgram to Support Economic Recovery Measures Implemented to Benefit Companies and Employment Affected by COVID-19 Submeasure 3; Program financed by CABEIUS$100 million were allocated to support entrepreneurs and small traders in the informal sector.20/06/20210.01
El SalvadorOther sectorCABEI support for the MIPYME.US$41.5mln were allocated by the CABEI to five financial institutions in El Salvadore to support micro, small and medium sized firms. The funds of the Facility allow to attend to the different sectors affected by the pandemic, among them are: production of the agro-food chain, hotel and tourism, construction, creative industry and media, trade at a general level, and service provision companies.08/09/20200.00
El SalvadorEnergy and waterGlobal Line of Credit (by CABEI) to Banco Atlántida El Salvador to support MSMEsLine of credit of up to USD$20mln was made available by the CABEI to finance Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MIPYMEs), Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. 80% of funds will flow through Financial Sector Support Facility for the financing of MIPYMEs affected by COVID-19, the remaining funds will be disbursed to firms focusing on the energy efficiency and renewable energy. The total value includes only the funds that are earmarked for the support to the affected by the pandemic companies.24/02/20210.00
El SalvadorIndividualsCABEI funding for compensation bonus to unemployed and economically disadvantagedUS$50mln was allocated by the CABEI in a from of a loan to partially offset the costs of compensation bonus to unemployed and economically disadvantaged08/05/20200.01
El SalvadorOther sectorAdaptation and Equipment of the Teaching Polyclinic, Dialytic Therapy Unit and Pre-dialysis Clinic of the Salvadoran Institute of Magisterial Welfare, in the face of the Covid-19 emergency, San SalvadorUS$1.3mln is made available for an infrastructure update of a healthcare facilities and additional training for the staff.23/06/20210.00
El SalvadorOther sectorEl Salvador's Response Project to COVID-19US$20mln is made available to fund purchases of necessary medical equipment and personal protection equipment. US$18.5mln is to be disbursed in 2021 FY and the remaining US$1.5mln is for 2022 FY.23/06/20210.00
El SalvadorIndividualsFondo de Emergencia y de Recuperación y Reconstrucción Económica (submeasure 1)US$191.7 is allocated to be disbursed to the municipalities for development of social protection projects, support of basic needs of the population, hygiene products, housing26/03/20200.02
El SalvadorOther sectorFondo de Emergencia y de Recuperación y Reconstrucción Económica (submeasure 2)US$1808,3mln is allocated to address the effects caused by the pandemic, cover the budget deficiencies due to the fall of state revenue and provide complementary financing to the general budget. No value is attached here to avoid double counting, as the mode of spending this funds is not clear.26/03/20200.00
El SalvadorOther sectorPrograma de Respuesta de Salud Pública para Contener y Controlar el Coronavirus y Mitigar su Efecto en El Salvador (Program of Response for the Public Health)US$30mln is allocated to fund purchases of necessary medical equipment and to carry out the national plan of vaccination18/06/20210.00
El SalvadorEnergy and waterBANDESAL ENERGÍA SUSTAINIBLE Y PYMES COVID-19 (Sustainable energy and small and medium firms support)US$40mln are provided by the European Investment Bank to support the development of the sustainable energy and alleviate the financial needs of the small and medium enterprises that have seen backlash from COVID 19.09/06/20210.00
El SalvadorOther sectorProyecto de Respuesta de El Salvador ante el COVID-19 (financing of the Ministry of Health)US$15mln is allocated to the Ministry of Health to be utilise to provide necessary funding for public health protection during the pandemic.12/05/20210.00
El SalvadorOther sectorInvest in public sector companiesPublic sector companies have prepared an investment plan for next year that will contribute to the recovery process of the economy, after the pandemic and the impact of the heavy rains. The 2021 budget project allocates $ 191.6 million for the development and monitoring of investment projects in three public companies: the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA), the National Association of Aqueducts and Sewers (ANDA) and the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL). The purpose is to improve the living conditions of the population, create jobs, modernize institutions and turn the country into a competitive investment destination.24/11/20200.02
El SalvadorOther sectorEquipment, medicine and supplies for doctorsFurther spending financed by the World Bank13/08/20200.00
El SalvadorUnclearSupport micro, small and medium-sized companiesThe Legislative Assembly approved the creation of a trust for 600 million dollars to support micro, small and medium-sized companies, and self-employed workers who have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic (Ley de Creación de Fideicomiso para la Recuperación Económica de las Empresas Salvadoreñas). This trust will be managed by the Development Bank of El Salvador (Bandesal).09/07/20200.07
El SalvadorUnclearEconomic Recovery of Salvadoran CompaniesThe Legislative Assembly ruled in favor of the Law for the Creation of a Trust for the Economic Recovery of Salvadoran Companies. With this opinion of the Assembly, the programs will be implemented: Subsidy for employees of micro, small and medium enterprises; granting of loans to companies that demonstrate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis; and productive financing for entrepreneurs in the informal sector. The trust, which would be for $ 600 million, will be regularized by the Development Bank of El Salvador (BANDESAL).06/07/20200.07
El SalvadorUnclearEconomic plan (credit support for the business sector)The Government has a proposal for an economic plan that includes credit support for the business sector and aid for vulnerable sectors affected by the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. The Plan will serve to reactivate the economy, mainly for SMEs that have suffered economic losses due to the crisis. The opening of loans at low interest rates is proposed. A credit line with a fund of 100 million will be presented to finance the informal sector within three years.24/4/20200.01
El SalvadorUnclearHigher wage billInitial coverage of salaries and bonuses for immediately affected staff21/03/20200.01
El SalvadorOther sectorHealth SpendingHealth Spending21/03/20200.03
El SalvadorIndividualsOne-off cash transfer to householdsapproximately 75 percent of households will receive a US$300 one-time transfer, slightly higher than the average minimum wage.21/03/20200.05
El SalvadorEnergy and waterUtility payment freezesGovernment paid utility companies on behalf of vulnerable citizens21/03/20200.00
El SalvadorN/AMiscellaneous measures for reliefUnspecified in source document.21/03/20200.00
El SalvadorOther sectorCapital Expenditure on Hospital ConstructionCapital Expenditure on Hospital Construction21/03/20200.02
GrenadaIndividualsStimulus package: Internet subsidyThe government of Grenada is providing subsidies internet subscription to 1,500 families.04/08/20210.00
GrenadaIndividualsGrenada COVID-19 Crisis Response and Fiscal Management Development Policy CreditWorld Bank financing to support Grenada’s response to COVID-19 through (i) strengthening the Government’s health and social protection responses to COVI D-19; (ii) saving jobs and protecting livelihoods of households and firms; and (iii) strengthening fiscal management and transparency.17/12/20200.01
GrenadaUnclearCovid-19 Stimulus packageIncome and payroll support (13.3 Million EC dollars)16/04/20200.00
GuatemalaIndividualsSingle State Retired BonusTo grant a unique bonus to the State's retirees and pensioners06/07/20200.02
GuatemalaIndividualsElectricity SubsidyContribution to the National Institute of Electrification -INDE- for electric energy consumers up to 300 kw/month with an amount of 270.000.000 Quetzals. On April 16, 2020, the budget for this subsidy will be increased to 360,000,000 Quetzals.16/04/20200.05
GuatemalaIndividualsWage IncreaseWage increases for public officials in Ministry of Government16/04/20200.02
GuatemalaConstructionInfrastructure InvestmentExecuted by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance16/04/20200.00
GuatemalaIndividualsRisk Bonus for personnel exposed to COVID-19Executed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance with an amount of 26,000,000 Quetzals16/04/20200.00
GuatemalaOther sectorAcquisition of Fans, COVID-19 Testing and Protective Equipment, Suits and MaterialsExecuted by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance with an amount of Q370,000,000 Quetzals16/04/20200.05
GuatemalaN/AProjects for Economic ReactivationGeneral facilitation investment to make new works viable to reactivate the economy. With an amount of 600.000.000 Quetxales16/04/20200.08
GuatemalaIndividualsFamily Bonus FundExecuted by the Ministry of Social Development to support with up to Q 1,000 per month the population most affected economically by the emergency measures. It is delivered to households with electricity consumption below 200 kWh/month, prioritizing: People in poverty; Single mothers or single-parent homes; Older adults; People with disabilities; People with chronic or degenerative diseases; Families with children in a state of malnutrition; Concentration of labor force by department.08/04/20200.78
GuatemalaUnclearJob Protection FundExecuted by the Ministry of Economy in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to support workers whose contracts have been suspended, duly authorized by the Ministry of Labor, through a benefit of Q 75 per day per worker. 150 million Quetzals are transferred from the Employment Protection Fund to the Law on State Bonuses and Pensioners.08/04/20200.24
GuatemalaUnclearWorking Capital Credit FundExecuted by Credito Hipotecario Nacional de Guatemala in order to finance working capital with soft conditions to maintain productive capacity and continuity of operations for individual or social traders. With a maximum amount of Q250,000 Quetzals for individual and legal persons.08/04/20200.35
GuatemalaOther sectorSenior Citizen ProgramExpansion of existing programs and for the Elderly program under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare01/04/20200.01
GuyanaN/A2021 Budget - Covid 19The 2021 Budget was read against the backdrop of the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the protracted election process of 2020.12/02/20211.83
GuyanaOther sectorHealth system supportHealth system support10/09/20200.01
GuyanaOther sectorPPE PurchasesPPE Purchases10/09/20200.01
GuyanaIndividualsAmerindian Community SupportAmerindian communities will also be benefiting from the COVID-19 cash assistance announced by this Government – about 19,000 Amerindian households are expected to benefit from the $25,000 cash transfer, with an allocation of about $475 million.10/09/20200.00
GuyanaIndividualsHousehold cash transferHousehold cash transfer10/09/20200.02
GuyanaOther sectorExpenditure on drugs and medical suppliesExpenditure on drugs and medical supplies10/09/20200.03
GuyanaOther sectorSubsidies and contributions to local organisationsSubsidies and contributions to local organisations10/09/20200.04
GuyanaOther sectorSupporting frontline covid workersSupporting frontline covid workers10/09/20200.00
HaitiIndividualsUnconditional food assistance to food-insecure households affected by shocks (COVID 19)Provides for four months' food assistance for 700,000 of the most food insecure people through the World Food Programme.22/10/20200.02
HaitiOther sectorProviding an Education of Quality in HaitiSince April 2020, the Project has completed 3 communication campaigns on basic preventive information relative to COVID-19 approved by the Ministry of Health and Education.12/10/20200.00
HaitiIndividualsMunicipal Development and Urban Resilience ProjectProvisions for emergency activities in support of i. food security for vulnerable households in urban and peri-urban areas, ii. local governments, and iii. the Civil Protection Committees in response to COVID-19.04/08/20200.01
HaitiIndividualsSafety Nets for Vulnerable People Affected by CoronavirusSupports minimum income and employment levels for those affected by the coronavirus in the immediate period and during the recovery. Financed by IADB.08/07/20200.04
HaitiOther sectorCOVID-19 Response and Resilience Development Policy OperationThis program will support (i) the strengthening of health emergency preparedness and response capacity through the implementation of the JEE recommendations; (ii) the adoption of the National Policy for Protection and Social Advancement and update/expansion of the Social Registry to include beneficiaries that have received support during COVID-19 pandemic but are not part of the registry; (iii) the operationalization of the SNGRD and the new Civil Protection General Directorate (DGPC); (iv) the development of DRM and health-informed sectoral plans in key sectors; and (v) the development of a Disaster Risk Financing Strategy.08/06/20200.01
HaitiOther sectorFiscal Measures to Combat the Pandemicurban rehabilitation, sanitation and cleaning works throughout the country as part of the fight against the pandemic21/05/20200.00
HaitiTransport and communicationsCaribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity ProjectsOperational safety and navigation efficiency investments at PAP and CAP (Haiti's two main airports).06/05/20200.05
HaitiAgricultureHaiti Resilient Productive Landscape ProjectProvides funding for the agriculture sector to support food security in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.23/04/20200.01
HaitiOther sectorSustainable Rural and Small Towns Water and Sanitation ProjectWith World Bank funding, Haiti's Regional Water Supply and Sanitation Office (OREPA) launched a large-scale public awareness campaign, improved handwashing facilities, and provided water trucking to underserved areas.03/03/20200.00
HaitiOther sectorCOVID-19 Response and Resilience Development Policy Operation / COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness And Response ProgramSupports enhancement of disease detection capacities through provision of technical expertise, laboratory equipment, and systems to ensure prompt case finding and contact tracing.4/2/20200.02
HaitiIndividualsFAES Haiti (Fonds d'Assistance Economique et Sociale)Cash transfers to 1.5 million households for April 2020.15/04/20210.05
HaitiIndividualsFiscal Policy and Emergency Assistance PackageDistribution of food kits to the vulnerable for April 2020.15/04/20210.02
HondurasOther sectorHiring of additional medical staff14mln Ls were allocated for hiring additional nursing staff.21/07/20210.00
HondurasUnclearProductive Entrepreneurship Program in Choloma52 families received support to kickstart their enterprises. More than 20000 lempiras per family was made available as a part of Productive Entrepreneurship Program. The businesses are mostly services like restaurants, bakeries and the like.19/5/20210.00
HondurasAgricultureHonduras Se Levanta program in department of ComayaguaSupport for the guava producers in from of seed donation and biosecurity kits. The seed capital consists of 12,000 protective bags for Taiwanese guava and a biosecurity kit for 250 families from the municipalities of Ajuterique, Lejamaní and Villa de San Antonio, in Comayagua, with a total investment of 4,215,004.10 lempiras.18/05/20210.00
HondurasAgricultureSmall fishermen support funded through the Honduras Se Levanta project2.7 million lempiras was allocated to support micro-entrepreneurs engaged in artisanal fishing in the La Mosquitia region.14/05/20210.00
HondurasIndividualsHonduras Solidaria program (food support)Honduras Solidaria is an initiative aiming to provide food to 800,000 families, representing 3.2 million Hondurans in the different departments of the country who are most affected economically by the pandemic. The cumulative value of the program up to date is estimated at 710mln Lempiras13/05/20210.03
HondurasOther sectorVaccine funding by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI)Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) finances the purchase of 2.8 million doses of vaccines. The total value of the support is 35 mln USD which yields approx. 854mln lemprias.13/05/20210.04
HondurasConstructionInfrastructure projects and housing upgrades in Choluteca2.2 mln lumpiras funded infrastructure upgrades (pavements) and housing upgrades (roofs, ecofogones and cement floors) in addition to irrigation upgrades.12/05/20210.00
HondurasAgricultureInvestment in the agriculture sector18.6 million lempiras from the Trust for the Reactivation of the Agrifood Sector of Honduras (Firsa) and the Honduran Bank for Production and Housing (Banhprovi) were used to fund a La Sirena Export and Import Company and a processing plant in San Lorenzo. This measure aims to support the economic reactivation post-pandemic and spur job creation.07/05/20210.00
HondurasAgricultureSafe Harvest program55mln lempiras for protection equipment to ensure safe harvest30/04/20210.00
HondurasOther sectorProtective gear for front-line medical staffA purchase amounting to approx. 10 mln USD (approximately 240mln lumpias) was made to secure protective gear for the front-line medical staff. These include non-surgical gloves, surgical gloves, face shields (face shields), protective glasses, full coveralls and masks.29/04/20210.01
HondurasUnclearMSEs support600 million lempiras in aid to micro entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs was provided. These funds will be utilised as a starting capital for new firms and for goods and appliances crucial for conducting business.29/4/20210.02
HondurasOther sectorCOVID emergency funding for municipalities72.7mln lempiras was earmarked as emergency funding for municipalities to deal with the health threats posed by COVID28/04/20210.00
HondurasAgricultureSupport for agriculture (coffee)4.6mln lempiras were allocated through the Honduras Se Levanta program to support the coffee growers in the Yoro region. The support was in from of the appliances and tools relevant to the agriculture.22/04/20210.00
HondurasOther sectorUnited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) donation for PPE13.5mln lempiras worth of protective gear was supplied by the UNFPA program. These include surgical medical masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks for medical use and disposable anti fluidic gowns, among other supplies.19/4/20210.00
HondurasUnclearHonduras Se Levanta programHonduras Se Levanta program consists of 600 mln L allocated for 2021. The fund is used to support economic reactivation, targeting firms with credit and capital influxes. The total value is altered due to inclusion of some parts of the program as stand alones19/03/20210.02
HondurasConstructionHonduras Se Levanta Task Force in Villa Olímpica neighborhood of La CeibaThe Honduras Se Levanta Task Force will support the development of residents of the Villa Olímpica neighborhood of La Ceiba. The initiative consists of capital influx and grants to fund infrastructure development. The measure aims to provide remedy for the COVID-19 and Hurricane Eta.12/03/20210.00
HondurasConstructionHonduras Se Levanta Task Force in Buena VistaThe Honduras Se Levanta Task Force will support the development of residents of the Buena Vista neighbourhood, in the city of San Lorenzo. The initiative consists of capital influx and grants to fund infrastructure development11/3/20210.00
HondurasOther sectorVaccination purchaseHonduras has bought 4.2mln Sputnik V doses for 9.95 USD per dose. This after conversion with the exchange rate from the date of purchase yields 1,008,210,000 lempiras.09/03/20210.04
HondurasConstructionHonduras Se Levanta program in El TejarInvestment in infrastructure of 5.7 mln L allocated toward paving program04/03/20210.00
HondurasAgricultureSupport to the agricultural sector through BANHPROVI92mln Lempiras was allocated for the fiscal years 2021, 2022, 2023 for loans to the agricultural sector via BANHPROVI.16/02/20210.00
HondurasOther sectorFunding for the health care via the Honduras Force Program. Partially covered by the IDB250 mln L was allocated to 296 municipalities in 2020 for testing sites and wages for medical workers28/01/20210.01
HondurasUnclearProgram supporting agriculture funds up to 27/012625 mln L to provide financial products with a preferential rate of 5% annual interest that aims to strengthen the affected agricultural sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic and storms Eta and Iota.27/01/20210.11
HondurasConstructionBuilding of educational infrastructureThe government invests 1000 mln L for the educational infrastructure, mainly 600 schools across 17 districts. The project aims at supporting job demand and spurring economic recovery from crises20/01/20210.04
HondurasOther sectorInvest H program800mln lempiras was allocated for infrastructure projects aiming at reactivating the economy.18/01/20210.03
HondurasOther sectorBono Unico program to support self-employed and other eligible workers. Bono Unico program is a part of Honduras Se Levanta126 mln L was allocated to support independent or self-employed workers and others whose income has been affected by measures including lockdowns to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.28/12/20200.01
HondurasOther sectorAid from PAHO/WHO up to 25/08/20WHO/PAHO has supported Honduras with 3000 mln L in technical and financial support to face covid-19. This is a holistic account of funding from WHO/PAHO25/08/20200.12
HondurasOther sectorTransfer to Municipality of CedrosThe Government has transferred 8 mln L to the Municipality of Cedros to address the emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This measure consists of food provision and PPE.07/08/20200.00
HondurasOther sectorFunds for Olacho municipalityOlancho received 29 mln L as a part of Fuerza Honduras program to tackle the pandemic. The funds are mainly targeting the health protection.7/8/20200.00
HondurasOther sectorFunding for Alvarado Hospital and further funding for El Paraíso health centres12 mln L was allocated for the Alvarado Hospital. Additional 5 mln L was allocated for the El Paraíso region, to support purchase of PPE, medicines and other medical supplies.27/07/20200.00
HondurasOther sectorHonduras Force program to support municipalities, partially funded by the IDBTotal value of Fuerza Honduras program is 750 L. The remaining of the package that has not been accounted for previously aims at supporting municipalities, in particular with setting up health infrastructure. This is partially funded by the IDB.21/07/20200.01
HondurasAgricultureCoffee industry support300mln lempiras was earmarked toward support for the coffee industry to alleviate the market backlashes spurring from the COVID-19 pandemic.09/04/20200.01
HondurasAgricultureAgriculture (general) support200mln lempiras worth of funding is available for agricultural producers to ensure sowing of basic grains, fruit trees, provide birds for laying and the like.09/04/20200.01
HondurasAgricultureLoans for agricultural producers150mln lempiras worth of credit is made available for the agricultural producers via SEMPRENDE institution .09/04/20200.01
JamaicaUnclearGo Digital for MSMEsThe government is supporting MSMEs to the tune of $1 billion to 'Go Digital'. Through the SERVE Jamaica Programme, MSMEs that qualify for the Development Bank of Jamaica’s Go-Digital Grant of $200,000 will now be eligible for up to $800,000 in 2% interest loans to be used to enhance their digital capabilities.21/05/20210.01
JamaicaOther sectorMinistry of Health and Wellness COVID support$10.5 billion in special resources will be made available for the Ministry of Health and Wellness, including $6 billion for vaccines; $1 billion for personal protective equipment (PPE); $1 billion for drugs and reagents; $2 billion for the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs); and $500 million for additional Covid-related expenditure – extra cleaning, catering, and security.19/02/20210.07
JamaicaTransport and communicationsSpecial Public Investment Infrastructure Programme$17.7 billion allocated to the South Coast Highway Project (for highway construction).19/02/20210.12
JamaicaUnclearBusiness COVID financing$5 billion has been allocated towards targeted financing for business affected by the pandemic.19/02/20210.03
JamaicaAgricultureAgriculture support$1.7 billion for rural farm roads and productivity incentives to boost agriculture.19/02/20210.01
JamaicaTransport and communicationsInternet services$1.8 billion to expand Wi-Fi and broadband in schools and communities, especially the rural areas.19/02/20210.01
JamaicaIndividualsSocial Support$8.1 billion in targeted social support above and beyond what is usually provided, which will be targeted to the vulnerable and those who have fallen on hard times as a result of the COVID pandemic.19/02/20210.05
JamaicaConstructionUrban Development Corporation fundingFunding allocation to complete construction of the Closed Harbour Beach Park and other activities.19/02/20210.00
JamaicaUnclearMiscellaneous MDAsOther ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) are allocated a total of $0.8 billion under SERVE.19/02/20210.01
JamaicaUnclearExtension to Healthcare Workers Incentive ProgrammeAims to boost staff morale19/02/20210.00
JamaicaUnclearTax credit for MSMEThe tax credit was passed for the benefit of the MSMEs that were struggling during Covid-19. There was also a reduction in regulatory fees for coconut, coffee, cocoa and spice farmers.20/12/20200.00
JamaicaUnclearWelfare Programme for Public-Health WorkersIt aims to increase staff morale and build staff capacity within facilities.07/10/20200.00
JamaicaUnclearRural Economic Development Initiative (II)(funded by the World Bank)REDI II aims to improve outputs in both the agricultural and tourism sectors, with the overall objective of enhancing access to markets and building climate-resilient approaches for targeted beneficiaries. Building on the experience and outcomes of the initial phase, REDI II will focus on strengthening value chains and developing tourism clusters, with an emphasis on linking producers, service providers and buyers to improve economies of scale for small agricultural and tourism enterprises.30/09/20200.04
JamaicaOther sectorProduction incentive and Climate mitigation/drought mitigation programmeThe programme provides support for production incentive to include seeds and other planting material, input material and technical assistance; drought mitigation and climate management support to include water and irrigation systems28/07/20200.00
JamaicaOther sectorAssistance to farmers and fisherfolkThe Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries has been allocated 1 billion Jamaican dollars to support farmers and fisherfolk. It will support the provision of equipment and machinery, such as tractors, bulldozers, backhoes and drones; infrastructure, such as greenhouses, post-harvest packing houses, shade houses and nurseries; and assistance to the Livestock subsector, including poultry, pigs, and small ruminants. Included is also support for climate smart production practices and technologies.16/06/20200.01
JamaicaAgricultureAssistance to Small farmers (along with assistance to pig farmers)An additional 1 billion dollars allocated to the Productivity Incentive Programme of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries to assistance small farmers. It will also cover storage and slaughtering costs for 1000 pigs per month for 3 months starting May 2020.15/05/20200.01
JamaicaUnclearMeasures for the housing sectorMeasures to stimulate the housing sector were announced. These include: reduction of interest rates on all new loans by 1 percent. Existing National Housing Trust loans to be reduced by 0.5 percent. Interest rate discounts for special groups and greater benefits to contributors over 65 years.01/04/20200.00
JamaicaAgriculturePurchase Excess Produce from FarmersThe Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) spent 240 million buying excess produce from farmers. The objective was to bring fresh produce to market and minimise the threat of waste, which had happened due to the fall in demand from the tourism sector, due to COVID-19.01/04/20200.00
JamaicaOther sectorCovid-19 Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) programmeA temporary cash transfer programme to support individuals and businesses to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has 9 components: 1. SET CASH - SUPPORTING EMPLOYEES WITH TRANSFER OF CASH 2. BEST CASH - BUSINESS EMPLOYEE SUPPORT & TRANSFER OF CASH 3. COVID-19 GENERAL GRANTS 4. COVID-19 COMPASSIONATE GRANTS 5. COVID-19 PATH GRANTS 6. COVID-19 SMALL BUSINESS GRANTS 7. COVID-19 TOURISM GRANTS 8. COVID-19 STUDENT LOAN RELIEF 9. OTHER COVID-19 SUPPORT PROGRAMMES24/03/20200.07
JamaicaUnclearReduction in GCT (General Consumption Tax)General Consumption Tax (GCT) payable in respect to taxable goods and services was reduced from 16.5 percent to 15 percent.04/01/20200.00
MexicoOther sectorPlan Integral de Atención a Cananeain Cananea: improve the health system through the hiring of personnel, purchase of medicines, expansion of medical units and necessary equipment; solving the supply of drinking water, improving streets, strengthening sports infrastructure, as well as improvement and construction of housing; addressing the problem of contamination of the Sonora River04/07/20210.00
MexicoOther sectorSecond announcement of Projects to Support the Economic ReactivationSecond project agreement for infrastructure investment accumulating 68 projects with an investment of 228.632 thousand million pesos, where government finances up to 50% of cost30/11/20205.71
MexicoEnergy and waterHydrocarbon energy investment49490 million pesos for cokers, ethane terminals, and fertilizer plants for various dirty energy projects (half of projects funded via govt spending)05/10/20202.28
MexicoConstructionWaste management investment1066.5 million pesos for two urban waste management projects (half of projects funded via govt spending)05/10/20200.05
MexicoTransport and communicationsRoad construction investment79 billion pesos for the construction of 20 road works, including highway expansions05/10/20203.64
MexicoOther sectorEconomic Reactivation agreement with the Business Coordinating CouncilGovernment enters into finance agreements with private sector to promote actions in public infrastructure projects, including communications, transportation, energy, water, and environment, translating into an accumulated investment of 297344m pesos. Government finances at most 50%. Remaining funds not accounted for in listed budget items counted as value here.05/10/20200.88
MexicoUnclearExtension of Regulatory Facilities in the Financial and Housing SectorSpecial accounting criteria applied to restructure consumer, housing, and commercial loans, granting a grace period of 4 to 6 months, extended along with various other relief plans.29/06/20200.00
MexicoTransport and communicationsCycling network investmentExpansion of Mexico city cycling network. 54km of new routes constructed.31/05/20200.00
MexicoIndividualsSolidarity Coverage to Support the Health Sector50k pesos for relatives of public sector health workers who have died as a result of COVID-1914/05/20200.00
MexicoIndividualsLife insurance for health personnelLife insurance provided to benefit relatives of 1.6m public health workers who have passed away from COVID-19 related reasons, where in the event of death due to direct cause of disease, 50k pesos granted to family members retroactively14/05/20203.35
MexicoUnclearMass job creationThe President has promised to create 2 million jobs over the next nine months to assist in protecting the poor and the middle class.23/04/20200.00
MexicoN/ASocial spendingAdditional resources allocated to social spending related to infrastructure, security, education and other areas23/04/20202.02
MexicoUnclearPersonal loansPersonal loans at a low interest rate23/04/20200.12
MexicoIndividualsISSSTE 2020 Personal Loan Program672000 loans granted for 35 thousand million pesos with a 7.5 percent rate22/04/20201.43
MexicoIndividualsSupport for social programs and priority programsProvides funding to strengthen and protect social programs and priority projects. These funds will be obtained at least in part by enacting austerity measures, including a public sector hiring freeze and suspensions in government spending on some programs.22/04/20200.02
MexicoUnclearLoans for individuals and small businessesThe government will grant 3 million loans to individuals and small family businesses.22/04/20200.00
MexicoIndividualsPension advance schemePensioners will receive a 4-month advance pension receiving for two months, double the usual pension amount18/04/20200.00
MexicoUnclearSME loans25000 peso loans given to small business owners to be repaid over three years at lowest available rate05/04/20200.00
MexicoIndividualsTandas para BienestarMicrocredit Program for Welfare distributes an additional 450000 credits with an investment of 3400m pesos05/04/20200.14
MexicoOther sectorHealth institutional strength5bn pesos to strengthen the health sector in response to the pandemic05/04/20200.21
MexicoConstructionHome investment25bn pesos for the introduction of drinking water, drainage, pavement, and home construction, creating 228k direct jobs05/04/20201.03
MexicoEnergy and waterOil price controlDespite global increase in oil costs, government will not increase prices, meaning gasoline is 30 percent cheaper, handing 65bn to Pemex05/04/20202.67
MexicoConstructionSembrando Vida program177 thousand million pesos for housing loans creating thousands of jobs05/04/20207.28
MexicoTransport and communicationsRailway constructionConstruction, modernisation and expansion of railways completed with 35bn pesos05/04/20201.44
MexicoTransport and communicationsSupport for airport buildingContinued construction of the Santa Lucia airport project05/04/20200.00
MexicoEnergy and waterDirty fossil fuel supportOil refineries rehabilitation and construction of plants05/04/20200.00
MexicoIndividualsHousing credits to gov workersHousing credits for government workers with low interest rates05/04/20201.44
MexicoUnclearInfonavit deferralsDeferral of monthly mortgage, capital and interest (OUERP commentary: assume remainder of package split equally)26/03/20200.13
MexicoIndividualsInfonavit unemployment supportInfonavit will apply 25% of payment of wages for 12 months for unemployed workers (OUERP commentary: assume remainder of package split equally)26/03/20200.13
MexicoIndividualsInfonavit housing supportInfonavit will streamline procedures for verification of work and signing of credits through funding, to generate supply of real estate (OUERP commentary: assume remainder of package split equally)26/03/20200.13
MexicoIndividualsSubsidised unemployment insuranceProviding unemployment insurance with subsidised premiums26/03/20200.31
NicaraguaOther sectorCovid-19 vaccine purchasesThe government made available US $107 million for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines. The funds are sourced from CABEI and IDB loans.02/12/20200.11
NicaraguaOther sectorEmergency funds for reconstruction & pandemic assistanceBorrowed funds to be used for "health and food assistance" in the context of emergency (Covid-19, but also two hurricanes). The funds are drawn from IMF emergency assistance, amounting to US $183.5 million.24/11/20200.18
NicaraguaEnergy and waterLegislative approval of Natural Gas power-plantThe National Assembly of Nicaragua approved a law allowing the development of a natural gas power-plant in Central Puerto Sandino.29/10/20200.00
NigeriaAgricultureFood For All: Agriculture and Food SecurityCreate 5 million jobs in the agricultural sector while boosting agricultural production and guaranteeing food security29/07/20201.64
NigeriaConstructionJobs Through Homes: Mass Housing Housing StrategyUse existing institutions to build 25,515 affordable homes across the country in 12 months29/07/20200.82
NigeriaEnergy and waterEnergy For All: Solar Power StrategyCreate 250,000 jobs in the energy sector while providing solar power to 5 million households by 202329/07/20200.62
NigeriaUnclearJobs for Youth and Women Post Covid-19Create jobs for youths and women in relevant priority sectors29/07/20200.13
NigeriaUnclearNational Gas Expansion Programme - Track 1Launch a national programme to promote domestic use of CNG and support the creation of 1 million jobs29/07/20200.23
NigeriaEnergy and waterNational Gas Expansion Programme - Track 2Support the creation of 1 million jobs through the conversion of 30 million homes for dirty fuels to LPG and achieve emissions reduction in greenhouse gases while also applying LPG in other sectors such as agriculture, power regeneration, transport, industry and technology29/07/20200.06
NigeriaUnclearSupporting small businesses - Guaranteed Offtake Scheme for MSMEsSustain 300,000 jobs in 100,000 MSMEs by guaranteeing off-take of priority products, such as processed food, Personal Protective Equipment, hand sanitisers, face-masks, face-shields, shoe covers, pharmaceuticals29/07/20200.04
NigeriaUnclearSupporting Small Businesses - SME Survival fundEstablish the SME Survival Fund to sustain at least 500,000 jobs in 50,000 SMEs29/07/20200.67
NigeriaUnclearSupporting small businesses - SME intervention fundsSupport the creation jobs in priority sectors using BOI, NEXIM and other national development banks as fulcrums29/07/20200.90
NigeriaTransport and communicationsMoving People and Goods: Road Construction and RehabilitationUsing local materials, create 296,000 jobs in the construction and rehabilitation of roads in the 6 geo-political zones of the country29/07/20200.16
NigeriaOther sectorBuilding a resilient health sectorDevelop a robust health system with the capacity to withstand shocks29/07/20200.51
NigeriaIndividualsWASH Emergency Response to Covid-19WASH Emergency Response to Covid-1929/07/20200.03
NigeriaIndividualsSocial Investment ProgrammeIncrease support to vulnerable individuals and households in the context of COVID-1929/07/20200.23
NigeriaUnclearAviationSave existing aviation industry organisations and jobs, through a targeted stimulus package and fast track the establishment of a private sector driven national carrier.29/07/20200.07
NigeriaOther sectorScience and TechnologyEstablishment of an economically viable Science and Innovation ecosystem in Nigeria29/07/20200.37
NigeriaOther sectorInternal Security SectorStrengthen the national capacity to manage immigration, correctional facilities and public safety post-COVID-19.29/07/20200.01
NigeriaEnergy and waterSolid MineralsEstablish a programme to organise artisanal miners and develop the mineral value-chain in 6 geo-political zones.29/07/20200.02
NigeriaOther sectorDigital Switch Over ProgrammeStrengthen digital infrastructure29/07/20200.04
NigeriaUnclearSurvival Fund ProgrammeProvides medium and small enterprises MSMEs in meeting payroll objectives - each beneficiary can get up to N50,000 from the fund09/02/20210.19
NigeriaN/A12-Month Transit PlanGovernment will create the 12-Month Transit Plan in order to facilitate job creation. Will include the MSME Survival Fund that will support SMEs impacted by the coronavirus in order to increase credit support and meet payroll obligations.25/06/20205.93
NigeriaUnclearFunding for state governmentsLagos state granted funding to contain the outbreak.24/03/20200.03
NigeriaOther sectorDirect funding to health institutionsAllocation of funds towards the healthcare industry in order to support healthcare institutions. Spending went towards purchasing more testing kits, opening isolation centers, and training medical personnel.24/03/20200.02
NigeriaConstructionJob creation in labor intensive industriesFunding towards labor intensive projects related to the agriculture and infrastructure industries. Noted that a proportion of funding will come from the CBN.24/03/20206.03
NigeriaIndividualsSupport for individualsIncreased social register from 1 million to 3.6 million households in order to reduce lockdown impacts.24/03/20200.00
NigeriaOther sectorSupport for healthcare industryIn order to support the vulnerable, intervention funding has gone towards further health-related capital spending and public works programs.24/03/20201.31
NigeriaUnclearReduced tariffs for pharmaceutical industryReduction/Waiver of import duties on pharmaceutical firms.24/3/20200.00
NigeriaEnergy and waterReduction of fuel pricesRegulated fuel prices have been reduced and fuel subsidies have been eliminated through an automatic fuel price formula.24/3/20200.00
PanamaEnergy and waterTarif Stabilization fund B / .30.5 million has been incorporated to the Tariff Stabilization Fund (FET) as payment for the Covid-19 electricity subsidy to one million customers of distribution companies for the contributions granted to those who consumed up to 300 kWh during the first half of this year.9/8/20210.03
PanamaConstructionRecovering My Neighborhood program in Colón.19.3ml Vs will be invested for the rehabilitation of 65 multi-family housing buildings.20/7/20210.02
PanamaIndividualsFunding for Santo Tomás Hospital20.2mln Bs was allocated to the Santo Tomas Hospital, to attend contracts and purchase orders, facilitate payments of extra shifts and purchases of protective equipment for health personnel.2/6/20210.02
PanamaOther sectorinfrastructure investment in the tourism sectorCabinet approved an additional loan of up to 24 mln Bs in favor of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to reinforce the investment program of this entity, mainly with the objective of allocating 20 mln Bs for the continuation of the construction of the Amador Cruise Port and another 2mln Bs for the reconstruction of the Puerto Armuelles docks.26/5/20210.02
PanamaIndividualsPanama Solidario voucher recharge79,4 mln Bs was allocated toward a recharge of a digital vouchers used for purchases of basic necessities. The measures targets individuals in the most dire economic situation spurring from the lost of income due to the pandemic.09/05/20210.08
PanamaOther sectorUS support for the PanamaUS has allocated 18 min USD (18 mln PAB) for the fights against the COVID-19 in Panama. The support takes different forms, most significantly it consists of delivery of Mobile Medical Units for Emergencies15/03/20210.02
PanamaUnclearMaternity subsidyB / .5 million was allocated to the Social Security Fund to support the payment of the maternity subsidy indicated Law 201 of 2021, which establishes temporary measures to preserve employment, normalise labor relations and dictates other provisions.26/02/20210.01
PanamaUnclearExtension of tax amnesty and new tax relief measureProlongation of the payments of late taxes, with moratorium on additional charges; cancellation or lowering of nominal taxed owned for 2020; 5% discount for taxpayers with income of less then 2.5 mln PAB; extension of the deadline to present reports and omissions due in 2020; the amount of capitalisation and retained earnings is restored to spur liquidity; the benefit for prompt payment amounting to 10% in property tax is extended.15/02/20210.00
PanamaUnclearContributions to the Tariff Stabilisation FundThe state has allocated 40.5 mln PAB to support the Fund for Tariff Stabilisation to benefit consumers whose consumption of electricity is up to 300 kWh per month.15/02/20210.04
PanamaN/ASavings and pension capitalization systemTemporary measures on the use of the individual account of the members of the savings and pension capitalization system of the Public Servants In Attention To The State Of National Emergency12/02/20210.00
PanamaOther sectorGranting of Economic Assistance.Private schools can carry out the necessary corrections, to the documentation presented for the Granting of Economic Assistance.12/02/20210.00
PanamaTransport and communicationsExtension project of the Line 1 of Panama MetroThe project of the total value estimated of 177 mln USD (177 mln PAB) aims at facilitating mobility of the population and job creation. It is a part of a economic reactivation plan.14/01/20210.18
PanamaUnclearPayments for the medical personnel due to COVID-19The government has paid 20 mln PAB in from of the salary for the medical workers working overtime due to COVID-19 between March and November 202030/12/20200.02
PanamaIndividualsDeductibles extensionThe discounts and concessions made by businesses, restaurants, cinemas, and others to retirees, pensioners and people of the Senior citizens in the national territory will be 100% deductible as a tax credit for income tax that they must pay to the State.24/12/20200.00
PanamaIndividualsReform of tax regime for micro, small and medium-size firmsThis measure establishes a special rate regime from the fiscal period of 2020 for legal entities according to the total annual income of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The measure introduces lowered taxes on income exemption for small businesses, exempts from complementary tax on legal entities.17/12/20200.00
PanamaConstructionSupport in purchasing a houseLegal reform authorising MEF, through the Reverted Assets Administrative Unit, to sign lease contracts with the tenants or occupants of the dwelling in reverted areas, maintaining the current rental price for a term of five years.17/12/20200.00
PanamaN/ABIRF LoanSigning of the loan contract between the Republic of Panama, represented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the International Bank Of Reconstruction And Development (Birf)17/12/20200.00
PanamaN/ABID LoanSigning of the loan contract by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Inter-American Development Bank17/12/20200.00
PanamaAgricultureAdditional credit for General State Budget to be allocated toward the Agricultural Development Bank (BDA)8 mln PAB allocated toward BDA to reinforce the Panama’s Program of Agrarian Solidarity. The program aims to guarantee food security, the BDA provides loans to national producers The funds will be allocated toward equipping families with tools and grains to promote agriculture.01/12/20200.01
PanamaEnergy and waterTariff Stabilisation Fund reimbursement for the electricity distributors111 mln PAB to compensate the electricity distributors: Elektra Noreste SA (ENSA), Empresa de Distribución Eléctrica Metro- Oeste (EDEMET) and Empresa de Distribución Eléctrica Chiriquí SA, for the contributions granted to their clients benefiting from the Tariff Stabilisation Fund, for the months of April to September 202001/12/20200.11
PanamaIndividualsPanama Solidario Plan, total value up to November 2020The Panama Solidarity Plan pledges to support the individuals affected by the COVID outbreak directly or indirectly with provision of food. Moreover, Digital Vouchers are established to be utilised for provision of necessities.14/11/20200.58
PanamaOther sectorVaccination purchase48 mln Bs was allocated toward the purchase of the vaccines01/11/20200.05
PanamaIndividualsNational Mortgage Bank and UNDP program to reduce housing deficitThe National Mortgage Bank (BHN) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) accepted a bilateral cooperation agreement focused on improving the quality of life of Panamanian families through of the securitization of their properties, thus guaranteeing them legal security over their real estate assets.22/10/20200.01
PanamaIndividualsAdditional resources for Panama Solidario PlanAdditional 255 mln PAB was allocated for the Panama Solidario Plan. The plan consists of food support in from of goods, digital vouchers and cash handouts. The total value for November - December 2020. Part of the amount (0,13254 bln PAB) is accounted in a stand alone position above.20/10/20200.26
PanamaOther sectorIBD loan to support and strengthen the inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in rural areas of the countryIBD granted a loan of 40 mln PAB which aims to improve the quality of health and education services of the people with disabilities and their families20/10/20200.04
PanamaConstructionRegulatory support for the different sectors, including real estate and construction in from of Permanent Residence ProgramEasing of regulatory frameworks which objective is to stimulate economic reactivation by attracting high-net-worth investors to boost different sectors of the economy such as real estate and construction.16/10/20200.00
PanamaTransport and communicationsRepair of the Gatún highwayInvestment of 42 mln PAB for the repair of the highway02/10/20200.04
PanamaTransport and communicationsRepair of the La Encantada junction10.3 mln PAB was allocated toward construction of 13 km long road02/10/20200.01
PanamaOther sectorInvestment toward Anastacia Miter Educational CenterInvestment toward Anastacia Miter Educational Center with total value of 11.4 mln02/10/20200.01
PanamaTransport and communicationsInvestment toward road project to Fort San LorenzoInvestment toward road project to Fort San Lorenzo. The road will be 16.3 km long. The total value of investment is 9.2 mln02/10/20200.01
PanamaConstructionRestoration of the Portobelo Customs buildingRestoration of the Portobelo Customs building with total value of 3.5 mln PAB02/10/20200.00
PanamaOther sectorAdditional funding for governmental entities in charge of dealing with pandemic75 mln PAB was allocated for the dealing with situations related to the State of emergency resulting from the pandemic caused by Covid- 1929/09/20200.08
PanamaUnclearHand-out to workers whose contracts were suspended due to COVID 1912.5 mln PAB was allocated for workers whom, due to the effects of the suspension of their contracts, have not worked between April 15 and August 15, 202013/08/20200.01
PanamaOther sectorLoan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)Loan with value of 400 mln PAB was approved by the IDB for the implementation of the Emergency Program for the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Sustainability07/07/20200.00
PanamaOther sectorIMF loanIMF has granted a loan with total value of 513.5 mln PAB for emergency programs07/07/20200.00
PanamaOther sectorOpportunity Bank program for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises20 mln PAB is allocated across the National Bank and Savings Bank to finance loans of 2000 to 5000 PAB to new micro-entrepreneurs and the ones embarking on new business activities. The timeframe of the loan is 84 months.01/07/20200.02
PanamaOther sectorFund for micro, small and medium-sized firms150 mln PAB is allocated across National Bank and Savings Bank and other financial institutions to finance loans with low interest rates for micro, small and medium-sized firms. Three channels are stipulated: 1) Micro firms can get between 5k to 25k PAB; 2) Small firms can get between 25k to 100k PAB; 3) Medium-sized firms can get between 100k and 250k PAB. The measure is aimed at stabilising employment and creating new jobs. The timeframe of the loan is 84 months.01/07/20200.15
PanamaOther sectorGuarantees Fund for micro and small firms50 mln PAB is allocated for Guarantees Fund, utilised discretionary by small and micro enterprises to source loans from independent financial institutions.1/7/20200.05
PanamaAgriculture1st phase of Panama’s Program of Agrarian SolidarityThis measure targets small producers of agrarian products, fishermen and family-owned agricultures. The support takes from of a program with total value of 150 million PAB, administered by the Agricultural Development Bank as quick loans with low interest rates.01/07/20200.15
PanamaConstructionPlan for the Recovery of My NeighborhoodThis measure consists of creation of temporary jobs aiming for the rehabilitation and renovation of public buildings and infrastructure with the participation of local labor.01/07/20200.00
PanamaConstructionReinforcement of the Housing Solidarity FundAdditional 80 mln PAB was allocated for the Housing Solidarity Fund. The measure increases the amount available for applicants from 10k PAB to 70k PAB. The money is accessible for individuals purchasing their first houses.01/07/20200.08
PanamaUnclearSpecial Fund for Strengthening of the Credit500 mln PAB are allocated for the support of the financial system01/07/20200.50
PanamaUnclearTax exemptionFirms suffering loss in revenue due to COVID-19 are to be exempted from 4.67% of the gross taxable income (excluding exempted and non-taxable income and foreign-source income) called CAIR for the period of 3 years.01/07/20200.00
PanamaAgricultureWater resources programThis measure is an investment of 2 bln PAB to secure drinking water, water for agriculture and functioning of the Canal.01/07/20202.00
PanamaUnclearLoan from IDBInter-American Development Bank (IDB) destined to help the economic and financial recovery of micro and small businesses, as well as national producers affected by the effects of the pandemic.09/06/20200.00
PanamaOther sectorHospital constructionInvestment of 6.5 mln PAB for new hospital to treat COVID-19 patients16/04/20200.01
PanamaOther sectorPurchase of medical supplies40 mln PAB was allocated toward purchase of medical supplies to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic18/03/20200.00
PanamaOther sectorSupport for food production20 mln PAB allocated toward food production sector to increase security and hygiene of the work-place13/03/20200.00
ParaguayUnclearPublic sector salary supportPublic sector salary support01/07/20200.31
ParaguayIndividualsRetirement SupportRetirement Support - pensions01/07/20200.06
ParaguayIndividualsState provisions for older adultsState provisions for older adults01/07/20200.06
ParaguayIndividualsNangarekomonetary transfers to families who get their income from subsistence activities and activities strongly affected by social distancing. Transfers were carried out through Electronic Payments Entities (EMPEs). Each beneficiary received a single transfer in one month of G 500,000 destined mainly to food purchasing. This amount is equal to 23% of the country’s current minimum wage.14/6/20200.03
ParaguayIndividualsPytyvõThe program consists of temporary economic aid for two months of approximately G. 548,000, which corresponds to 25% of the current minimum wage. These payments were carried out twice, in April and June. Beneficiaries add up to a little over 1,150,000 people.14/06/20200.31
ParaguayIndividualsTekoporaAssistance program for vulnerable families and the elderly14/06/20200.03
ParaguayOther sectorIPSStrengthening the health system14/06/20200.10
ParaguayOther sectorHealth Expendituretransfer of resources to cover health needs in terms of of infrastructure, Human Resources, Supplies, Medicines, Equipment and others.30/05/20200.54
ParaguayUnclearMIPYMES and CapitalizationTransfers to institutions such as Crédito Agrícola de Habilitation, Development Financial Agency and the Guarantee Fund for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, to ensure financing for producers and small and medium enterprises30/05/20200.07
ParaguayUnclearSubsidies to Public ServicesTransfers to ANDE, COPACO and ESSAP for the granting of exemptions and deferral of payment to users.30/05/20200.06
PeruOther sectorVaccine acquisitionPurchase of 20 million doses of the vaccine20/07/20210.00
PeruTourism and leisureCharming Towns initiativePlan to promote tourism of selected towns26/06/20210.00
PeruOther sectorFunding for expanded health coverageTransfer of funds to public health establishments of second and third level of case for the financing of medical care09/07/20210.03
PeruOther sectorDelivery of PPE to ArequipaLarge delivery of PPE, medicine, vaccines, etc. to Arequipa25/06/20210.00
PeruOther sectorFunding for social inclusion projectsExpansion and investment in social inclusion with delivery of food, bonds to vulnerable households, expansion and redesigns of social programs, and consolidation of strategic interventions25/06/20212.01
PeruUnclearCapital Fund for Innovative EntrepreneurshipFund to develop venture capital investment funds with the objective of developing entrepreneurial capital industry and supporting startups15/06/20210.02
PeruIndividualsPayments to suspended workersPayment of S/760 to workers in perfect suspension of work01/04/20210.00
PeruOther sectorTransfers to hospitalsTransfers to ensure timely supply of medicines, supplies , materials and medical procedures for the care of the insured and financing priority health care26/03/20210.25
PeruConstructionUrban development projectsInvestment in six urban development projects in La Libertad19/03/20210.38
PeruIndividualsFood services for children (Qali Warma program)Guarantee of school food services for 4 million children and adolescents17/03/20210.00
PeruOther sectorScholarships for training programs3,000 scholarships to unemployed people or those earning less than S/2,400 to participate in training programs16/03/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsTransportation and communication projects (Cusco)Investment in road infrastructure and internet provision in Cusco15/03/20213.19
PeruTransport and communicationsTransportation and communication projects (Lambayeque)Investment in road infrastructure and internet provision in Lambayeque15/03/20212.27
PeruTransport and communicationsSanitation and road infrastructure projectsFour sanitation and road infrastructure projects for the Amazon region, part of 50 project to be implemented through work for taxes mechanism15/03/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsRoad maintenance in PunoRoad maintenance in Puno through Start Peru program that will create more than 40,000 indirect jobs14/03/20210.10
PeruAgricultureFunding for agriculture infrastructure projectsFunds for maintenance activities for irrigation canals and drains to promote reactivation of agricultural sector14/03/20210.02
PeruOther sectorPublic investment to reduce deforestationFour projects to reduce deforestation and effects of climate change through the Bosques program14/03/20210.05
PeruTransport and communicationsInfrastructure funding to native communitiesFunding for cocoa cultivation and road infrastructure for 112 native communities12/03/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsTransportation and communication projects (Amazon)Investment in road infrastructure and internet provision in the Amazon11/3/20210.24
PeruOther sectorMedical supply distribution328 tons of PPE and vaccines to Ica and Huanaco07/03/20210.00
PeruConstructionGap Closure PlanRegional projects such as drinking water and sanitation projects as well as 18 interventions through the Trabaja Peru program to generate employment06/03/20210.06
PeruConstructionUrban infrastructure projects50 water and sanitation and urban infrastructure projects to maybe be executed through private companies in the Works for Taxes program (public investment mechanism)04/03/20210.39
PeruUnclearPayroll subsidySubsidy of 35-55% of workers' salaries in April4/3/20210.00
PeruUnclearIncrease of Trabaja Peru budgetExtra funding for the Trabaja Peru program to generate an additional 107 thousand temporary jobs4/3/20210.06
PeruOther sectorEconomic support for culture workersAdditional budget for projects in culture sector04/03/20210.01
PeruOther sectorAdditional emergency measuresBudget for temporary employment programs, bonds for vulnerable families, and support for SMEs03/03/20210.16
PeruAgricultureAgricultural construction projectsConstruction of protection modules for livestock in 13 departments of the country25/02/20210.01
PeruEnergy and waterLPG Discount VoucherS/18 discount for purchase of gas cylinder, with aim of reaching more than one million households in 202123/02/20210.00
PeruTourism and leisureTourism Emprende Program: first contestS/ 27 million total for around 400 SMEs that win financing from program23/02/20210.01
PeruOther sectorTransfer for vaccine purchaseTransfer to Ministry of Health for financing of vaccine purchases21/02/20210.06
PeruOther sectorEmployment program Trabaja Peru 2021 callLaunch of trabaja Peru for 2021, through which local and regional governments can access funding for immediate intervention programs and benefit vulnerable populations19/02/20210.00
PeruUnclearBusiness Support ProgramProgram granting credits up to S/ 60,000 to SMES affected by COVID15/02/20210.55
PeruIndividualsBono 600 SubsidyGranting of S/600 to households in extreme health risk provinces14/02/20210.00
PeruOther sectorTransfer for school hygiene measuresTransfer of funds for school maintenance and improved hygiene10/02/20210.10
PeruAgricultureFinancing for agricultural organizationsFunding for agricultural organizations whose members are part of the chain of South American camelids08/02/20210.01
PeruOther sectorPPE distributionDistribution of more than 2 million medical supplies (PPE) for workers administering the vaccine in Lima08/02/20210.00
PeruOther sectorPPE deliveryDelivery of more than 6 million protective equipment to health personnel07/02/20210.01
PeruOther sectorPulse oximeter distributionDistribution of 11,602 pulse oximeters to 182 health establishments07/02/20210.00
PeruOther sectorAntigenic test distributionDistribution of 887,350 antigenic tests in total05/02/20210.01
PeruOther sectorHealthcare supply distributionDelivery of 37 tons of medical supplies to Puno and Arequipa05/02/20210.00
PeruUnclearVocational programFree vocational guidance and information service program for young people04/02/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsInternet access initiativeEmergency decree to contract internet services for Peruvians in rural regions03/02/20210.05
PeruOther sectorPhone service provisionTransfer to continue phone service free telephone line 113 to provide health and institutional information03/02/20210.00
PeruIndividualsSubsidy for families living in povertyS/600 to households living in poverty in 10 regions (Áncash, Pasco, Huánuco, Junín, Huancavelica , Ica, Apurímac, Lima Region, Metropolitan Lima and Callao)01/02/20210.00
PeruOther sectorTransfer for mental health supportAuthorization of budget to finance 133 current mental health sectors, implement 15 new services and create 1505 jobs in mental health support30/01/20210.02
PeruOther sectorMedical supply transferSupply of oxygen to Huánuco region29/01/20210.00
PeruOther sectorTest distributionSupply of 15,000 antigen tests to Apurímac region29/01/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsInternet provisionFunds to to finance the internet service of students and teachers of public universities29/01/20210.02
PeruOther sectorTransfer to maintain isolation centersTransfer to finance Centers for Attention and Temporary Isolation (CAAT) until March 2021 for health personnel who work with COVID-19 sample processing activities28/01/20210.02
PeruAgricultureFunding for projects in rural communitiesInvestment in agricultural production projects in 24 rural communities26/01/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsCommunications infrastructure fundingTransfer to regional governments to finance functions related to communications systems26/01/20210.01
PeruOther sectorMedical supply provisionMedical equipment delivery to hospitals in Apurimac23/01/20210.00
PeruConstructionUrban habilitation projectsFunds for the completion of housing projects in Piura stopped due to COVID22/01/20210.00
PeruIndividualsElectricity service provisionProvision of electricity services to 168,000 people living in rural areas22/01/20210.08
PeruOther sectorSanitation servicesFunding for provision of sanitary water21/01/20210.12
PeruOther sectorMedicine and health equipment distributionFour tons of medicines and health equipment were transferred for the Loreto region21/01/20210.00
PeruUnclearFinancing for SMEsOpportunity for SMEs to apply to receive up to 1 million in funding for business plans20/01/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsRoad maintenanceRoad maintenance program in Cajamarca to create jobs and contribute to economic reactivation in the region17/01/20210.07
PeruOther sectorFunding for tendersFunding for 14 calls from competitions in health and general research15/01/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsHighway maintenanceRehabilitation and construction work on Autopista del Sol15/01/20210.13
PeruOther sectorFace shield distributionDistribution of face shields for uses of urban public transport in La Libertad15/01/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsAirport maintenanceAirport maintenance for passenger terminal optimization and rehabilitation of landing strip in Trujillo Airport15/01/20210.07
PeruTransport and communicationsPort investmentInvestment in mandatory port maintenance in port terminal of Salaverry15/01/20210.26
PeruTransport and communicationsFiber optic deploymentTo give citizens high-speed internet and reduce digital divide15/01/20210.09
PeruUnclearLocal government support: Start Peru programTransfer to 58 municipalities to fund productive activities and projects such as road maintenance, reforestation, etc.15/01/20210.02
PeruOther sectorVaccination programTransfer of funds to support COVID vaccine program14/01/20210.03
PeruOther sectorMedical supplies transferDelivery of medical supply to northern regions14/01/20210.00
PeruOther sectorHealth care system supportFunding to hire additional healthcare personnel14/01/20210.04
PeruUnclearCommunity infrastructure maintenanceMaintenance on 12 community infrastructures in the districts of Padre Abad, Irazola and Curimaná of ​​the province of Padre Abad (Ucayali).13/01/20210.00
PeruOther sectorHealthcare supportExpansion and improvement of healthcare in Pasco:13/01/20210.00
PeruAgricultureWood processing and agroindustrial plantInvestment in construction of wood processing and agricultural plant where SMEs can add value to goods and guarantee export quality07/01/20210.00
PeruOther sectorFunding for rapid response teamsHiring of mobile rapid response teams for indigenous populations07/01/20210.02
PeruOther sectorVentilator provisionDelivery of 20 ventilators to two hospitals by the Ministry of Health06/01/20210.00
PeruTransport and communicationsHigh speed internet for rural areasHigh speed internet services for more than 370 rural towns in Cusco05/01/20210.10
PeruUnclearTechnological vouchersTechnological vouchers for companies affected by the pandemic to provide technology and innovation services05/01/20210.00
PeruIndividualsFunding for teachers19 million soles to alleviate teacher debt04/01/20210.01
PeruConstructionInfrastructure investmentFunding to restart work on previously abandoned or paralyzed projects04/01/20210.13
PeruIndividualsBonus for pensionersAdditional bonus for pensioners of S/ 93022/12/20200.00
PeruTransport and communicationsFunds for regional infrastructureInvestment for transport infrastructure and digital connectivity in Pasco region13/12/20201.28
PeruOther sectorPPE for region4 tons of PPE supplies delivered to Tumbes region to face pandemic11/12/20200.00
PeruAgricultureInvestment for fishing landingFunds to build fishing landing in Arequipa region due to significant growth of sector11/12/20200.01
PeruOther sectorIrrigation infrastructure supportMaintenance activities of canals in Chincha10/12/20200.00
PeruConstructionFunds for irrigation projectsInvestment for irrigation projects and dams in the Andean region of Challhuahuacho to strengthen the agriculture sector10/12/20200.03
PeruUnclearFunds for good purchaseFunds for the Ministry of Agrarian Development, Production, Defense, Interior, and Social Health to purchase goods from small businesses9/12/20200.13
PeruConstructionRegional infrastructure supportConstruction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of highway, bridges, ports, and airports in Piura, as well as financing for digital connectivity improvement6/12/20201.44
PeruTransport and communicationsTransport financingFinancing for the Metropolitano transport system to reduce the impact on the company caused by the reduction of passengers due to COVID5/12/20200.00
PeruOther sectorDistribution of medical suppliesDistribution of more that 676 tons of medical supplies to healthcare providers in metropolitan Lima and provinces2/12/20200.01
PeruOther sectorBonuses for health personnelFinancing to 25 regional governments to grant bonuses to healthcare personnel2/12/20200.09
PeruIndividualsFood aid for indigenous peopleDelivery of food for more than 20,000 citizens of 36 localities of indigenous or native peoples, Ashaninka , Asheninka and Shipibo-Konibo, from the district of Iparia, in the province of Coronel Portillo in the Ucayali region.29/11/20200.00
PeruUnclearFunds for producers12 million from the Regional Government of Lima to finance business plans in 18 production chains26/11/20200.00
PeruUnclearTraining of health workersProgram in Lima training citizens as community health guardians to promote COVID mitigation guidelines24/11/20200.00
PeruConstructionRegional infrastructure projectInvestment by the REgional Government of Lima in infrastructure in Huacho in order to modernize the city23/11/20200.02
PeruTransport and communicationsFunds for bicycle lanesMunicipality of Ica, Chiclayo, Mariscal Nieto, San Roman and del Sanat will receive 4 million for the implementation of bike lanes to promote use of bicycles and prevent the spread of COVID-1621/11/20200.00
PeruOther sectorGovernment purchases from small businessesGovernment purchases of face masks and hospital garments from micro and small companies20/11/20200.02
PeruIndividualsFood aidDelivery of food baskets for citizens in vulnerable situations belonging to indigenous people in the regions of Apurímac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cusco and Huancavelica.19/11/20200.00
PeruOther sectorExtension of testing campaignExtension of the Lima Te Cuida campaign to test merchants in Lima17/11/20200.00
PeruOther sectorInvestment in hospital infrastructureInvestment in ICU and hospitalization infrastructure including medical equipment at Huacho Regional Hospital to strengthen care for COVID patients by regional government of Lima17/11/20200.00
PeruOther sectorFunding for benefit projectsSubsidies of 200,000 pesos for five winning projects of innovation and technical development in response to COVID-1911/11/20200.00
PeruIndividualsElectricity BonusSubsidy of 160 soles to each user to finance electricity consumption18/10/20200.06
PeruIndividualsUniversal Family Bonds Second BonusSecond round of bonuses of 760 soles to families10/10/20200.11
PeruOther sectorSupport to artists and tour guidesEarmarked grants for artists and tour guides whose main income relies on revenue from tourism27/9/20200.01
PeruTourism and leisureSupport to MSMEs in the tourism sectorLiquidity support to micro and small businesses within the tourism sector through the government agency FAE TOurism. The program is expected to reach 20 000 enterprises.2/9/20200.14
PeruTourism and leisureSupport to businesses in the tourism sectorEstablished a business support fund for SMEs in the tourism and hospitality industry30/6/20200.14
PeruIndividualsEmergency support to workersTemporary cash transfers to employees of small companies of up 760 soles25/6/20200.00
PeruUnclearCreation of temporary markets50 temporary markets were created to facilitate supply of essential goods. 4000 merchants are expected to benefit25/6/20200.00
PeruTransport and communicationsHelping businesses digitaliseCreating an initiative for the digitalisation of micro and small companies to mitigate their decreased revenues from traditional shopping21/6/20200.00
PeruUnclearJob creation programAdditional funds to the Trabaja Peru program, which aim to generate 226 thousand temporary new jobs15/6/20200.20
PeruOther sectorAcquisition of COVID-19 testsGovernment sets aside 100 mn to secure roughly 1.6 bn COVID-19 tests15/6/20200.03
PeruIndividualsCash transfer to affected workersRedirected social benefit credit to finance cash transfer to workers with COVID-1928/5/20202.90
PeruOther sectorCulture sector supportAllocation of funds to artisan activity across the country,3/5/20200.01
PeruFood service for people in vulnerable situationsProvisions for Qali Warma School Feeding Program to provide free food care for those in vulnerable situations due to the pandemic30/4/20200.00
PeruIndividualsLowered income taxTemporary suspension or reduction of payments of income tax for persons of the "third income category".30/4/20200.00
PeruAgricultureAgriculture sector supportAllocation of funds to small scale farmers in the from of grants through the Agroperu fund28/4/20200.13
PeruIndividualsSupport to vulnerable households and familiesSubsidy to poor families in rural areas of 760 soles19/04/20200.00
PeruUnclearLowering ot VATExtended and broadened the scope of application of the Special Regime for Early Recovery of the General Sales Tax (IGV), with the aim of promoting the acquisition of capital goods.17/04/20200.00
PeruIndividualsExtension of electricity bills for 24 monthsTo ensure access for vulnerable households, payment of overdue bills for electricity, natural gas and telecommunications from homes is deferred.04/04/20200.00
PeruUnclearLoans to SMEsBank loans made available to SMEs, guaranteed by the government04/04/20200.00
PeruIndividualsDirect payments to affected workersA subsidy to encourage workers adversely impacted by the pandemic to stay at home25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisAgricultureExtension - XCD$5 million stimulus in agriculture and waving of water payments for farmersPart of a wider extension of parts of the initial XCD$120 million stimulus package. An addition XCD$5 million investment (over two years) to boost production in the agriculture sector and ensure food security. Water payments for farmers continue to be waived until June 2021.17/12/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisUnclearExtension - tax cuts for businessesPart of a wider extension of parts of the initial XCD$120 million stimulus package. Until June 2021: reduction of Corporate Income Tax from 33% to 25% for businesses that retain at least 75% of their employees; reduction of Unincorporated Business Tax from 4% to 2%.17/12/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisUnclearExtension - tax cuts and removal of import duties (affecting consumers)Part of a wider extension of parts of the initial XCD$120 million stimulus package. Removal of VAT and import duties until June 2021 on COVID-related health products (hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves etc.); removal of import duties and customs charges until June 2021 on vegetables, fruit, fruit juices, and some medications.17/12/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisEnergy and waterExtension - water payment waiverPart of a wider extension of parts of the initial XCD$120 million stimulus package. Waiver for the consumption of water for individuals either newly unemployed or facing a reduction in earnings, until June 2021.17/12/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisIndividualsExtension - XCD$3 million extra to Poverty Alleviation ProgrammePart of a wider extension of parts of the initial XCD$120 million stimulus package. An additional XCD$3 million invested into the Poverty Alleviation Programme, financing claims from up to 500 individuals should their situation warrant it.17/12/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisIndividualsExtension - additional XCD$7 million of funding for the Severance Payment Fund.Part of a wider extension of parts of the initial XCD$120 million stimulus package. Extra money to facilitate the payment of severance claims.17/12/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisOther sectorExtra boost to education spendingEducation spending boosted by XCD$28 million in the 2021 budget with COVID-19 cited as a justification for the move. The boosted spending is going to capital expenditure and additional funding for scholarships.16/12/20200.01
Saint Kitts and NevisUnclearConstruction Sector StimulusA wide collection of tax cuts and customs duties exemptions for construction carried out both by homeowners and on a commercial scale between 23rd July 2020 and 31st December 2020 in Nevis (scheme run by Nevis Island Association).23/07/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisOther sectorInjection into the FRESH Start Programme of XCD$5 millionPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. FRESH Start Programme intends to provide SMEs with capital.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisAgricultureXCD$10 million for agriculture and waving of water payments for farmersPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. To boost production in the agriculture sector.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisUnclearTax cuts for businessesPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. from April to June 2020: reduction of Corporate Income Tax from 33% to 25% for businesses that retain at least 75% of their employees; reduction of Unincorporated Business Tax from 4% to 2%.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisEnergy and waterElectricity payments grace periodPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. Moratorium on electricity payments for businesses and individuals for the three months from April 2020 to June 2020.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisIndividualsMortgage payment supportPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. $30 million of funding, through the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, for mortgage loans to citizens.25/03/20200.11
Saint Kitts and NevisUnclearTax cuts and removal of import duties (affecting consumers)Part of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. Postponement of property taxes from June to September 2020; removal of VAT and import duties for 6 months on COVID-related health products (hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves etc.); removal of import duties and customs charges for 6 months on vegetables, fruit, fruit juices, and some medications.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisEnergy and waterWater payment waiverPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. Waiver for the consumption of water for individuals either newly unemployed or facing a reduction in earnings, from April 2020 to June 2020.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisIndividualsXCD$5 million extra to Poverty Alleviation ProgrammePart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. Extra funding for the Poverty Alleviation Programme, to support poverty eradication, building upon the previous $500 per month top-up for the poorest citizens by providing this to more people (940 extra individuals by October 16 2020).25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisIndividualsIncome Assistance FundPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. Payments up to XCD$1000 per month for workers whose income has been impacted by COVID-19, from a fund of XCD$15 million. This is alongside additional income support for self-employed people who can show that their income has been impacted by COVID-19.25/03/20200.01
Saint Kitts and NevisIndividualsInjection of XCD$12 million into the Severance Payment FundPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. XCD$12 million to capitalise the Severance Payment Fund (that those who are newly unemployed can claim for support from) in response to higher COVID-19-generated unemployment levels.25/03/20200.00
Saint Kitts and NevisOther sectorAdditional Health System FundingPart of a XCD$120 million stimulus package. Extra XCD$16.9 million of funding to help the health system deal with COVID-19 (this is on top of a budgeted XCD$62 million expenditure on the health system for 2020).23/03/20200.01
Saint LuciaIndividualsIncentivizing the Commercial Banking Sector to Lend to Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises.Operates through commercial banks receiving a 50% waiver of corporate Income Tax related to earnings from MSME lending. Intended to: 1. Ensure the solvency of otherwise viable MSMEs, 2. Enhance the resiliency of MSMEs, and 3. Sustain and eventually improve upon the level of employment12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorProvide Blended (loan/grant) Support to Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises With a Focus on Food Security and Adoption of Digital Technologies.Through grant funding to the Saint Lucia Development Bank, this policy allows for lending to MSMEs in the agro-processing and digital industries.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearWaiver of Commercial Property Tax for Landlords Who Extend Moratorium or Rent Reductions to Their Tenants.Registered landlords who provide and eligible rent reduction or moratorium on payments will receive a waiver on their next annual property tax payment of 50%.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearElectricity Assistance Program for Persons Adversely Affected by COVID-19Poor and vulnerable citizens will be eligible for a part or full payment of their electricity bill. This should benefit approximately 10,000–12,500 households.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearWaiver of Duties on Personal Hygiene Products.A waiver on duties for selected personal hygiene products, in order to lower their cost to the general public by 10% or more.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorIncrease in the Subsidy on Flour Purchased by Bakers.Increase the subsidy on flour used by bakers from $12 to $17 to assist the baking community by reducing production cost. Should save 54 bakers about $6,000.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearWorking Capital Injection Program.Low cost (~2–3%) loan financing to help MSMEs maintain sufficient working capital; roughly 350 firms with a turnover of less than $1 million will receive a maximum of $250,000.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearWaiver of Route-Permit License Renewal Fees for Minibus Operators and Permit Holders.Approx 1,300 minibus operators will receive a relief from the payment of route permit renewal license for two years.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearWaiver of Duties for the Purchase of Vehicles for Taxi Operators.Taxi operators will be exempt from the payment of duty on new vehicles for two years.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearWaiver of Duties for the Purchase of Vehicles for Minibus Operators.Minibus operators will be exempt from the payment of duty on new vehicles for two years.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaConstructionUnrolling of an Ambitious Portfolio of Public Sector Capital Projects and Private Sector Shovel Ready Projects.Money to fast track a number of public sector capital projects and aid project owners in rolling out private sector shovel ready projects. For example, the government is funding road building and resurfacing, the building of hospitals, and the building of community centres. These projects are intended to: Generate over 1500 jobs for local citizens Increase disposable income for households Increase the sale of local goods, services and materials Provide financial injection to the local economy to stimulate economic activity Build resilience of local infrastructure12/07/20200.15
Saint LuciaTourism and leisurePublic Sector Procurement will Prioritize Local Goods and Services as a Vehicle to Stimulate Domestic Demand with Government Expenditures.Through prioritising the procurement of local goods and services, the government intends to: Stimulate domestic demand for local goods and services Increase the sale of local goods and services Increase local participation in public sector procurement12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaConstructionAccelerate Reforms at the Development Control Authority to Unlock Both Public and Private Sector Investment Projects Pending and Improve Service Delivery.Fast tracking investment12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaIndividualsExpand Saint Lucia’s Public Assistance Programme by 1,000 Households (2,600 to 3,600).To increase the number of indigent, poor, and vulnerable households which are part of the Public Assistance welfare programme.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaIndividualsThe Provision of COVID-19 Cash Top-Up to Households With Marginalized Persons and Persons Living With Disability Cash Transfers.Increases in the level of grants to those receiving the Child Disability Grant, Foster Care Grant, and transfer for persons living with HIV.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorProvision of COVID-19 Hygiene Care Packages to Indigent, Poor and Vulnerable Households.Money to supply a total of 6,000 Hygiene Care Packages (Masks, Hand sanitizers, sanitary napkins).12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaIndividualsMicrofinance Loans to Households to Diversify into Small and Micro Enterprise and Cottage Industries.To supply poor and displaced households with micro credit to diversify into Small and Micro Enterprises and Cottage Businesses.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaConstructionRural Community Small Projects Economic Stimulation Initiative.The government will fund small construction projects, geared at renovating existing community facilities and completed by micro contractors, to stimulate economic activity and income in rural communities geared towards repairing community infrastructure.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearDuty Free Concessions on Vehicles to Essential Service Staff.To lower the cost of acquiring an eligible vehicle for frontline essential public service officers (Doctors, Nurses, Police and Fire Officers) by reducing the duties on the purchase of vehicles, in order to assist officers to respond to national emergencies.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaAgricultureIncrease Local Output, Stimulate Domestic Demand and Strengthening Food Security.To create a thriving local economy by maximizing the potential of local businesses and increasing their market share in the local domestic space. This measure includes: 1) A 'Love Saint Lucia Campaign' aimed at increasing output and stimulating local demand. 2) Strengthening food security with an injection of $7.2m to support farmers and fishers through the provision of inputs and fuel subsidy. 3) Supplying 2,500 Crop Farmers with necessary inputs to cultivate short term crops.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaTransport and communicationsBuilding Competitiveness Through Digital Transformation and Adoption.To support the digitisation of Saint Lucia's economy. The programme will: 1) Provide workforce ready digital skills to prepare individuals to participate in digitally-enabled professions. 2) Support to purchase digital devices and associated digital content to support e-learning for vulnerable students without the ability to afford. 3) Undertake a programme to facilitate the adoption of technologies and associated tools for businesses. 4) Provide support through digitization efforts to allow MSMEs to have an online presence in an effort to facilitate e-commerce. 5) Commencement of e-transactions legislation.12/07/20200.02
Saint LuciaUnclearSupporting the Business Environment by Fast-Tracking Legislation for Increasing Access to Finance by Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises.Provide businesses with the opportunity to access financing using business movable assets such as equipment, receivables and inventory.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearSupporting Business Continuity in Firms.To provide assistance to business to support their efforts to build business continuity in their operation. The project will: 1) Provide Technical Assistance to firms in supporting business continuity through–Supply Chain Mapping Exercise through Export Saint Lucia and Ministry of Commerce. 2) Provide Technical Assistance & Capacity Building in building business resilience and the adoption of productivity tools.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearIntroduction of a Comprehensive Labour Market Enhancement Program.To support initiatives that will create employment and provide job opportunities to displaced workers. Includes: 1) Training and certification of workers. 2) Matching displaced workers to jobs available in sectors where jobs are being created such as Manufacturing, Construction and Agro-Processing. 3) National Program for Young School Leavers to ensure they are engaged productively to include national service, volunteerism, youth entrepreneurship and other employment initiatives.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorBuilding Capacity of Primary Care Health FacilitiesSpending to build and improve primary on Saint Lucia.12/07/20200.01
Saint LuciaOther sectorMainstreaming Care for Long-Term Management of COVID-19New facilities to strengthen the country’s COVID-19 Health response and enable long term management of the virus. Includes a respiratory hospital and two isolation centres.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorManaging and Coordinating Efforts to Limit The Impact of COVID-19 on The Population.Efforts to manage and coordinate efforts to limit the spread of the virus and the impact of COVID-19 on the populace. Includes: 1) Targeted approach for purchasing of PPE and COVID-19 tests; 2) Public Education Campaign and Protocols developed; 3) Mental Health Campaign; 4) Increase compliance and digitization of vaccination; 5) A streamlined approach to Telemedicine.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorManage Symptoms of Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients and Reduce the Risk of Contracting COVID-19To assist individuals to manage their health conditions (Diabetes and Hypertension) to reduce susceptibility to COVID-19. Includes: 1) Mandatory self-management through the Stanford Self-Management program. 2) Provision of testing strips and glucometers to Diabetics. 3) Home care visits to provide counselling and direction on the management of symptoms.12/7/20200.00
Saint LuciaIndividualsIncrease Population Access to Healthcare – National Health Insurance SchemeThe implementation of National Health Insurance will increase access to health services for the poor and financially vulnerable in society in the first phase and provide access to all citizens in the later phases.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearProvision of 800 Water Tanks to Vulnerable Communities and Essential Public Services. To provide vulnerable communities and essential public service agencies with 1,000 gallon water tanks to ensure water security in the event of a natural disaster.12/07/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorSt Lucia COVID-19 ResponsesRescue spending including building respiratory clinics and respiratory facilities and bringing in nurses and doctors from Cuba.09/04/20200.01
Saint LuciaIndividualsUnemployment Relief3 months of subsistence allowance ($500–$1500 pm) to those who lose their jobs due to covid.09/04/20200.02
Saint LuciaOther sectorSelf employed subsistence allowance$500 monthly for 3 months to those who have lost income due to COVID but don't contribute to NIC (eg, taxi drivers, vendors, small businesspersons, creative industry)09/04/20200.01
Saint LuciaUnclearWaiver of interest and penalties on all tax types for March 2020.Due dates extended for filing various taxes without penalty.09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearTax creditsTiered tax credits for companies and other entities which retain at least 30% of their staff.09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearImport duty waiversWaivers on import duty on personal items imported in barrels, with an upper limit of a value of $2,500 for the items within the barrels.09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaUnclearHealthcare products subsidiesConcessions to companies which produce sanitation and healthcare products, such a facemasks, hand sanitiser, and vitamin C supplements.09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorRent breaksSuspension of all rental payments for six (6) months for Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises renting from Government. This includes vendors and operators of hospitality operations, including restaurants, which are accommodated in units owned by the government, for SMEs that can demonstrate loss of business.09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaAgricultureSupport to agricultureMoney to support increased productivity and inputs to farmers including fertilizer, seedlings and other inputs to help increase food production to supply the local and regional markets.09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaEnergy and waterFuel rebate to bus driversPayment of a fuel rebate to minibus operators.9/4/20200.00
Saint LuciaOther sectorSubsidies to entrepreneurs producing healthcare suppliesSubsidies to produce: Hand sanitizer Liquid hand soap Rubbing alcohol Face Masks Disposable gloves (latex/surgical) Bathroom tissue Paper towel09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaIndividualsSubsidies to produce household cleaning itemsSubsidies to produce: Bleach Soap powder Disinfectants Liquid soap09/04/20200.00
Saint LuciaIndividualsNational meals programmeDistribution of meals to benefits around 5000 vulnerable people.09/04/20200.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesOther sectorPackage to Address the Fallout from the Volcanic Eruptionhumanitarian support, income support for affected sectors and displaced workers, and cleanup and reconstruction spending01/07/20210.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesConstructionSupplemental Financing for the Second Fiscal Reform and Resilience Development Policy Creditsupport for the recovery from the volcanic eruption, financed by the World Bank25/06/20210.05
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesOther sectorVolcano eruption reliefUSD$20 million for relief and recovery in response to the La Soufrière volcanic eruption21/04/20210.02
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesUnclearCOVID-19 Recovery & Stimulus Packagean additional 1,100 Vincentians have received a similar $300 per month via the Unemployment Benefit offered by the National Insurance Services.22/06/20200.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesOther sectorOrganisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Regional Health ProjectThe World Bank provided funding to strengthen the capacity of the health system.17/04/20200.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesOther sectorCOVID-19 Health Initiativesconstruction of Isolation Unit and associated facilities; equipment, supplies, materials, drugs; hiring of additional nurses and medical interns; accommodation, food transportation and associated expenses for 12 Cuban nurses and four doctors, specialists in handling infectious diseases25/03/20200.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesOther sectorVolcanic Eruption Aidto assist with the relief efforts following the volcanic eruption16/07/20210.00
SurinameEnergy and waterProvision of electricity subsidy for low-income individualsThis year, however, a subsidy of SRD 500 million will be provided under the Social Safety Net in a different way. This will go to people in the lower tariffs who have difficulty paying an increase10/05/20210.04
SurinameUnclearContinuation of payroll tax creditThe tax credit of SRD750 per person on payroll tax has been extended from December 2020 until the introduction of VAT, at a cost of SRD480 million this year10/05/20210.03
SurinameIndividualsBenefit increase for persons with disabilitiesBenefit increase from SRD375 to SRD500 per month, will reach 13,000 people10/05/20210.00
SurinameIndividualsBenefit increase for vulnerable householdsFinancial assistance for vulnerable households increased from SRD33 to SRD500 per month, reaching around 5,000 people10/05/20210.00
SurinameIndividualsCOVID-19 unemployment benefitBenefit for persons who lost their job due to COVID SRD 1500 per month10/05/20210.01
SurinameIndividualsFeeding programme for poor householdsThis is a temporary measure during the COVID crisis to provide food to the poorest households10/05/20210.01
SurinameOther sectorSchool Bags projectThe Ministry will, as a temporary COVID measure, distribute 20,000 schoolbags to help poor pupils and students10/05/20210.00
SurinameUnclearEmergency and production fundSupport for companies and sectors directly affected by the COVID crisis10/05/20210.02
SurinameUnclearCentre for Innovation and ProductivityEstablishment of an innovation centre to promote economic and social development, in particular sustainability of income and productivity10/05/20210.00
SurinameOther sectorCreation of a distance learning education centreThe COVID pandemic necessitates a distance learning centre for GLO, VOJ and VOS levels. Instructional manuals and videos can be developed, and there are radio and television studio facilities10/05/20210.04
SurinameOther sectorContingent loan for natural disaster emergencies and COVIDIDB financing to support pandemic-related expenses and purchase of COVID vaccines10/05/20210.00
SurinameIndividualsContinuation of increases support for elderlyThe increase of the transfer to the elderly to SRd750 has been continued for 2021. This is expected to cost SRD180 million and reach 64,565 people.12/01/20210.01
SurinameIndividualsContinuation of increased child supportThe increase in child support payments to SRD 75 per month per child will continue in 2021. This is expected to cost 27.6 million and reach 90.000 children.12/01/20210.00
SurinameIndividualsContinuation of increased support for disabled peopleThe increase in transfers to disabled individuals to SRD 500 per month will continue for 2021. This is expected to cost SRD 16 million and reach 10,500 people.12/01/20210.00
SurinameIndividualsContinuation of increased assistance for low income householdsThe increase in transfers to low income households 50 SRD500 will continue in 2021. This is expected to cost SRD 30 million and reach 5,000 households.12/01/20210.00
SurinameOther sectorFree school transportCover the costs of bus transport to and from school for students. This is expected to help 40,000 students and will cost SRD 80 million12/01/20210.01
SurinameIndividualsProvision of baby foodSRD 87 million will be spent to provide baby food to 5,000 babies through outpatient clinics.12/01/20210.01
SurinameIndividualsAssistance for very poor familiesSRD26 million to support very poor families through religious organisations.12/01/20210.00
SurinameIndividualsFood couponsThe food package program will be replaced by a system of food coupons to ensure the poorest households have access to good nutrition. This is expected to cost another SRD 200 million for 2021.12/1/20210.01
SurinameOther sectorSupport for poor studentsSRD2 million has been allocated to distribute 20,000 school bags amongst poor students12/01/20210.00
SurinameOther sectorSupport for production sectorSRD 300 million has been allocated to continue the production fund created to support the restart of companies and reactivate lost jobs.12/01/20210.02
SurinameIndividualsIncreased allowances for vulnerable peopleSRD200 million increase in the Covid-19 emergency fund in order to fund increased allowances for the elderly (increasing from SRD525 to SRD750); increased child benefit (from SRD50 to SRD75 per child per month); and increased financial assistance for low income households.29/09/20200.01
SurinameIndividualsIncreased provision for food packagesit was announced that SRD200 million has been spent on providing food packages. This is SRD100 million more than was originally allocated29/09/20200.01
SurinameIndividualsCash assistance for vulnerable groupsSRD 350 million has been allocated to increase the monthly allowance distributed to vulnerable groups, including the elderly, people with a disability, households with children, and low-income households. Jobseekers and unemployed people will receive SRD1,500 monthly. The allowance for the elderly has increased by an additional SRD525. The allowance for low income households has increased from SRD37 to SRD250 per month. This is part of the SRD400 million Emergency Fund created for the pandemic.11/05/20200.05
SurinameConstructionHousing construction fundSRD50 million has been allocated to provide housing and housing improvements for those in need of housing. This is part of the SRD400 million Emergency Fund created for the pandemic.11/05/20200.01
SurinameAgricultureLoans for the agriculture sectorSRD30 million has been allocated to provide small loans to the agricultural sector. These loans charge 3% interest and have a 12 month grace period. The loans are intended to support the development and implementation of short term interventions such as setting up hydroponic systems, planting fruit trees, creating vegetable gardens.11/05/20200.00
SurinameIndividualsFood packages for vulnerable groupsSRD 100 million has been allocated to purchase food for food packages for vulnerable groups.11/05/20200.01
SurinameOther sectorAdapt education provision to pandemic situationSRD 30 million has been allocated to ensure that students still receive education despite the pandemic. This plan focuses on innovation and technology to increase the reach of quality education for all in Suriname.11/05/20200.00
SurinameUnclearTraining for unemployed workersEmpower workers who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 through providing technical and vocational training for the unemployed and SMEs.11/05/20200.00
SurinameUnclearWage subsidiesAssist employers in not terminating employees by granting wage subsidies to companies that agree to non-termination conditions.11/05/20200.00
SurinameOther sectorSupplies for the health sectorUSD4,759,995 has been allocated for the purchase of test kits, masks, gloves, ICU equipment, and drugs. This is worth SRD63.4 million as of 21/03/2021.11/05/20200.09
SurinameIndividualsIncome tax creditTax credit of 750SRD for 6 months. This is expected to incur losses to the state of SRD480 million.11/05/20200.06
SurinameIndividualsDeferral of income taxTaxpayers who are struggling with cash flow problems can apply to defer payment of taxes, including corporation tax and income tax. They can also pay their tax bill in 4 equal installments.9/4/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsFood basket programmeFunding for five more months of the Ministry of Agriculture's programme to distribute about 25,000 food baskets per month; this also acts as stimulus for farmers.10/06/20210.01
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorVaccine procurementTo purchase vaccines sufficient to inoculate approximately 85% of the population.10/06/20210.02
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsSalary relief and income support grantsSupport for those who suffer a loss of income/employment due to the May 2021 emergency measures; the SRG is for those with a NI number, the ISG is for those not in the NI system.10/05/20210.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsEmergency food cardsCards for purchasing food, to be distributed through MPs.10/05/20210.00
Trinidad and TobagoUnclearSME GrantsMicro and Small Enterprises that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can receive grants up to TT$20,000 through NEDCO, funded by the MoF.10/05/20210.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsFood supportMoney to be given to churches to distribute food packages.10/05/20210.00
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorSupport to hospitalityTo assist employees of bars and restaurants who have either lost their jobs or suffered a reduction in income, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.21/11/20200.01
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsSupport for the self-employedTo be provided to the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services to assist self-employed citizens who lost income as a result of the pandemic.21/11/20200.03
Trinidad and TobagoAgricultureAgriculture stimulusThe funding will support the rapid expansion in production and marketing of selected high-demand commodities with short production cycles such as vegetables, legumes, roots and tubers, grains, fruits and small live stock; adequate quality seeds will be secured; the use of alternative feedstock will be encouraged; and land issues will be addressed with a view to accelerating land tenure and access to idle state lands. The linkages along the food value and distribution chains will be strengthened by making locally produced foods more attractive within the country. This will be accomplished by: (i) providing training and technical support to ensure that producers maintain international quality standards; (ii) emphasizing the link between local and agricultural production and the health of the population; (iii) guaranteeing state agricultural purchasing and distribution of local content to supplement state-funded initiatives such as the School Feeding Programme, public hospitals and the protective services; (iv) increasing the use of digital technology to foster agricultural marketing and distribution by increasing public education campaigns; and (v) influencing the food service industry to provide meals which cater to local tastes05/10/20200.07
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorTechnology for studentsComputers for the thousands of students who did not have access to the internet or to computers to be able to take part in the 'new system of teaching'.5/10/20200.01
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorYouth Training and Employment Partnership ProgrammeThe programme enables unemployed citizens of Commonwealth Member States, young people and all those who are at the verge of losing their employment to have free and unlimited access to over 4,000 courses and 400 specializations on Coursera as a means to develop skills which are required for re-entering the labour market. This intervention, being an immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis, will commence in January 2021 and will conclude in September 2021.05/10/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsPersonal tax allowance increaseFiscal stimulus to the economy by increasing the personal income tax exemption limit from $72,000 to $84,000 per year. All individuals earning $7,000 a month or less will now be exempt from income tax. This will put additional income of $3,000 per year into the pockets of over 250,000 individual taxpayers. Intended to stimulate the demand side of the economy, by stimulating economic activity, consumption, sales and growth by putting more money in the hands of consumers.05/10/20200.11
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorRelief grant to micro and small businessMSEs that earn less than TT $1,000,000 in annual revenues, and have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic, can apply for financial help through the Entrepreneurial Relief Grant Programme. MSEs can access up to TT $20,000 in grant funding to help cover business-related expenses such as salaries, rent, stock and other working capital. As of 05/10/2020, 528 grants had been made from a maximum of 5,000.29/07/20200.01
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorCultural relief grantAdministered by Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, the grant is a one-off payment of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) in financial assistance for artists and creatives who lost income as a result of the necessary measures implemented due COVID -19. Creatives and Artistes who are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and who have not received any other COVID-19 relief grants are eligible to apply. The Cultural Relief Grant targets artistes and creatives who have been affected by cancelled exhibitions, classes, conferences, workshops and other cultural events between March and December, 2020. Creatives and Artistes must fall within the genres of Music, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Dance, Theatre Arts, Film, Craft and Fine Art. As of 22/12/2020, the Ministry had disbursed over $10 million in cultural relief grants to 2,152 artistes and creatives. The Government approved and allocated a maximum of $25 million in cultural relief grants for disbursement.02/07/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorRegional health authority supportTo enable the Tobago Regional Health Authority to meet expenditure associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic. This includes the cost of: i. training healthcare workers and educating the public - $4,271,000; ii. establishing primary care facilities to meet the healthcare needs of persons in quarantine or self-isolation and manage patients who test positive for the Covid 19 virus - $16,568,000; iii. maintenance of a distinct Covid-19 Pandemic response service so as to avoid disruptions in the primary and secondary health care service - $5,900,000; and iv. acquisition of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment, as well as employment of additional staff - $23,261,00012/06/20200.01
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorHealthcare fundingHealth expenditure under the various Regional Health Authorities and designated quarantine facilitate.12/06/20200.04
Trinidad and TobagoEnergy and waterFuel support grantA one-time payment of a TTD2,000 Fuel Support Grant available for registered maxi-taxi and taxi operators, in order to allow reduced capacity public transport as T&T enters phase 2 of reopening. The sum is required to facilitate the disbursement of a fuel relief grant to 5,000 registered and/or active maxi taxi owners and 15,000 registered and/or active taxi owners who have been adversely affected economically by the Covid-19 Pandemic.16/05/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsSanitisationPublic sanitisation by the Ministry of Rural and Local Government.12/05/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorPPE for policePersonal protective equipment (PPE) for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS)12/05/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsFood provisionProvision of fresh food by the Ministry of Agriculture, Land, and Fisheries; budget to last through September 202012/05/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorSecurity services additional expensesAdditional expenditure faced by the Ministry of National Security due to Covid-1912/05/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorFree face mask distributionMasks distributed free of charge to the public. Measure targeted to support seamstresses, with a focus on small businesses. In sum, 359,000 cloth face masks were distributed free to the public.14/04/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorFunding for religious organisations to distribute foodGrants totalling $10 million per month for three months, May, June and July, given to religious bodies in proportion to the size of their congregations for them to distribute food to the poor and needy in accordance with their existing procedures and programmes. Used to fund 49,330 hampers for needy persons. from the Office of the Prime Minister.26/03/20200.00
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsSocial support measuresMinistry of Social Development and Family Services programme. Included the following measures: - Food Cards - additional support to existing beneficiaries of food support, persons who were retrenched, terminated or income reduced, as well as to households that receive meals from the School Feeding Programme but are not current beneficiaries of food support. - Income Support - support to current beneficiaries of the Public Assistance and Disability Assistance Grant. - Senior Citizens Pension - food support to persons who applied for Senior Citizens Pension but their applications not yet finalized. -Disability Assistance Grant - food support to persons who applied for Disability Assistance Grant but their applications not yet finalized. - Hampers - executed in collaboration with the Municipal Corporations, emergency hampers were provided to families in urgent need during the stay at home period. - Food Vouchers - food vouchers and market boxes of fresh produce, inclusive of two chickens, were provided to families, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, during the stay at home period25/03/20200.06
Trinidad and TobagoUnclearVAT bondsTradeable bonds to businesses owed VAT refunds, redeemable at commercial banks and maturing in several years. Given to 460 companies with up to $10 million in refunds per VAT cycle.23/03/20200.44
Trinidad and TobagoUnclearVAT refunds to SMEs5,010 small- and medium-enterprises with a per VAT cycle threshold of up to $500,000 received (in cash) accelerated VAT refunds.23/03/20200.10
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsIncome tax refundsIncrease in the volume of Income Tax refunds.23/03/20200.04
Trinidad and TobagoIndividualsSalary relief grantsGrant provided to persons who were terminated, suspended or had suffered loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic with $1,500 per month for three (3) months.23/03/20200.07
Trinidad and TobagoUnclearLiquidity support loan programmeGovernment will provide $100 million to the Credit Union movement to allow them to provide loans to their members at favourable interest rates with a long repayment period beginning after the situation normalises.23/03/20200.01
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorEnterprise development fundingThe Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Enterprise Development Facility will be supplemented with up to an additional $5 million.23/03/20200.01
Trinidad and TobagoOther sectorForeign exchange provisionIncreased allocation of foreign exchange through the Export-Import Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (EXIMBANK) to established importers of food, pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment and other essential good. Totals USD 175 million.18/03/20200.18
UruguayIndividualsShelters for homeless peopleTransfer of 1000 million pesos from the Ministry of Finance and Economy to Social Development for the extension of hours and the creation of new shelters for homeless people03/02/20200.03
UruguayUnclearPayment facilities and exemptions for companiesOn 26 March 2021, Uruguay enacted Law No. 19,942 (the Law), which allows certain companies to pay only 50% of their employer social security pension contributions accrued from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.05/05/20210.00
UruguayUnclearSupport for companies affected by pandemicAntel will grant benefits to more than 2,000 companies in sectors affected by the pandemic04/05/20210.00
UruguayUnclearSoft loans through the National Development Agency (ANDE)Soft loans through the National Development Agency (ANDE) with fully or partially subsidized rates, depending on the amounts granted.20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearAccess to credits and interest rate capsGreater access to credit with measures in force until September 2021: strong state guarantees, interest rate caps and reduction of commissions, increase in the ceiling of SIGA Emergencia.20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearBenefits to MSMEsOther benefits to MSMEs and sectors most affected: urban and interdepartmental ticket subsidy, extension until June 2022 of the subsidy for the lease of POS to monotributistas and small companies (literal E), suspension of the payment of canon for freeshops and granting of benefits of the Investment Law Enforcement Commission (Comap).20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearMonetary aid for self-employedMonetary aid for the self-employed in the most affected sectors.20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearTariff SubsidiesUTE, OSE and Antel tariff subsidies for all affected sectors and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearAccess to payment facilitiesAccess to payment facilities for all companies with debts before the BPS and the DGI and monotributistas.20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearRefund of VATContinuation, until June 30, 2021, of the refund of 9 points of value added tax (VAT) to gastronomy. (04/20/2021)20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearWealth tax for IRAE taxpayersReductions, between 50 % and 1 % , of the contribution to the wealth tax for IRAE taxpayers and the tax on the sale of agricultural assets (Imeba).20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearExemption of wealth taxExemption of the advance payment for the wealth tax during the first half of the year for the sectors most affected by the pandemic.20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearTax reductionTax reduction and new payment opportunities and access to credit for monotax holders. Small businesses in literal E will pay based on their turnover and will also access new opportunities. Taxpayers of income tax from economic activities (IRAE) will not pay a minimum advance.20/04/20210.00
UruguayUnclearReduction in employment pensions50 % reduction in employer pension contributions between January 1 and June 30, 2021 for companies with up to 19 employees and annual income of up to 10 million indexed units.20/04/20210.00
UruguayOther sectorHealth InsuranceExtraordinary extension of health coverage until December 31, 2021 to dependent and non-dependent workers who have ceased their activity. Applies to those who appear in the register as of February 2020 with a quota of up to 28,000 workers.20/04/20210.00
UruguayIndividualsAllowance for partial unemploymentSpecial allowance for partial unemployment until June 30, 2021.20/04/20210.00
UruguayN/AExtension of benefits to activity sectorsuntil May 31, 2021 the benefits to the activity sectors: Hotels, Restaurants, Gastronomy, Party Halls, Cultural Institutions and Travel Agencies. The discount applies to the entire fixed charge and power charge for customers with contracted power less than or equal to 40 kW and provides a proportional discount with respect to the consumption of the same month of 2019, prior to the effects of the pandemic, at the customers with power greater than 40 kW.26/03/20210.00
UruguayIndividualsSickness subsidyThe Executive Branch decreed that, as of March 23, all workers who make use of the sickness subsidy for having maintained contact with a person with COVID-19 will have the right to receive the subsidy from the first day of the quarantine indicated by their health provider.23/03/20210.00
UruguayIndividualsContribution of two months salariesContribution of two months of salaries of public officials with liquid salaries higher than 80,000 pesos, to which a discount will be made, on a scale of 5, 10 and 20 %, according to the nominal amount received. Moreover, for those elected and appointed political positions - a 20% discount on their nominal salary will be applied27/02/20210.00
UruguayIndividualsInternet access benefitExtension of the Internet access benefit to 120,000 services of the Universal Hogares plan, free of charge.23/01/20210.00
UruguayUnclearJob grants to unemployedThe MTSS and the OPP drafted a bill that awaits Parliament's approval and that will grant 15,000 jobs to the unemployed for 6 months. The measure will be carried out together with the departmental municipalities. (05/01/2021)05/01/20210.00
UruguayUnclearZero VAT rates and discount of VAT pointsGovernment implemented the zero VAT rate for hotels, discounts of 9 VAT points for gastronomic activities and car rentals, monthly discount of 8,000 pesos in employer contributions for new contracts or the reinstatement of employees, and access to credit guarantees through the National Guarantee System (SIGA), as measures to support the tourism sector.29/10/20200.00
UruguayEnergy and waterFinancing of electricity consumption billsFinancing of 70% of the value of electricity consumption bills corresponding to the period from April to November of this year, for hotels and restaurants registered with the Ministry of Tourism. Payments can be made in four installments starting in December. Exemption from the payment of fixed charges and contracted power of the electrical service, between April and August, to kindergartens, cultural centers, gyms and small sports05/07/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsSubsidy to workers in the artistic sectorSubsidy of 6,800 pesos to workers in the artistic sector who do not have income from unemployment insurance, fees or contracts26/06/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsAssistance to most vulnerable groupsCash grants to people in vulnerable groups (extreme poverty) to be given by the "Social card" (Tarjeta Uruguay Social").01/06/20200.01
UruguayIndividualsAssistance to vulnerable groupsCash grants to people in vulnerable groups (extreme poverty) to be given by the "Social card" (Tarjeta Uruguay Social").01/06/20200.01
UruguayUnclearTax relief, easing of bank regulations and postponement of other obligationsDeferral of minimum VAT applicable to small and micro enterprises (income below Ps. 113,612; deferral of annual income tax affidavit presentation for all taxpayers; a 60% deferral in the payment of workers’ social security tax collected by Banco de Previsión Social, etc.11/05/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsDeferral of social security bank (BPS) loansDeferral of the May, June and July installments of the Social Security Bank (BPS) loans for some 150,800 retirees and pensioners who receive less than 13,600. This is intended to be a relief for the elderly, as almost 60% of the liabilities are paying off loans.23/04/20200.00
UruguayUnclearAccess to a loan for sole proprietorshipsAnnouncement of access, from May 5, to a loan, for 12,000 pesos in May and 12,000 pesos in June, for sole proprietorships. The benefit will be granted in indexed units (UI), without interest rate and can be paid in 24 equal and consecutive instalments.05/04/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsFood supportProgram aim to increase the amount given to population in extreme poverty through a "food card". First amount approved was in April 2020 for $277.6 million pesos uruguayos and then in May 2020 a second amount was approved for $697 thousand pesos uruguayos.01/04/20200.01
UruguayIndividualsFood basketsPublic officials with liquid salaries higher than 80,000 pesos, to which a discount will be made, on a scale of 5, 10 and 20 %, according to the nominal amount received. The amount of food baskets doubled as on 3 Mar 2021.27/03/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsSickness subsidy mechanismExhortation of people over 65 years of age to comply with preventive quarantine.For 17,000 dependent workers in private activity, over 65 years of age, in the Industry and Commerce, Construction, Rural and Domestic Service branches, sickness subsidy mechanisms will be generated and the exhortation to comply with the recommendation24/03/20200.00
UruguayEnergy and waterNo cost roaming service (Antel)Antel roaming service at no cost from Sunday March 22 for Uruguayans who are stranded abroad21/03/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsPostponement of payment maturitiesPostponement of payment maturities of the General Tax Office and the Social Security Bank20/03/20200.00
UruguayOther sectorDevelopment and preparation of COVID diagnostic toolkitDevelopment and preparation of a COVID-19 diagnostic kit in the short term, with financing of up to 80% of the project, for a maximum amount of 6 million of Uruguayan pesos.20/03/20200.00
UruguayUnclearExtension of the maturity of loans granted to non-financial sectorsAuthorization by the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) to financial intermediation institutions, financial services companies and credit administrators to extend the maturity of loans granted to the non-financial sector by 180 days.19/03/20200.00
UruguayN/AANDE's directed credit programsOffer of credit lines under flexible conditions by Banco República up to a total amount of 50 million dollars and work with multilateral credit organizations to increase it to 125 million dollars. Postponement of maturities for all beneficiaries of ANDE's directed credit programs.19/03/20200.00
UruguayN/AIncrease in credit guarantee fundIncrease in the credit guarantee fund of the National Development Agency (ANDE) so that financial institutions have access to loans for an amount of up to 2,500 million dollars.19/03/20200.00
UruguayUnclearTax deferralDeferral of payment to companies that contribute the minimum value added tax (VAT) (literal E) for February and March, which will be paid without interest in six equal, consecutive and monthly installments.19/03/20200.00
UruguayUnclearPostponement of the payment of the employer contributionsPostponement of payments for monotributistas, sole proprietorships and personal companies with up to 10 employees (Industry and Commerce), in six equal and consecutive installments from June . That corresponds to 60% of those payments, the remaining 40% will be fully subsidized by the State.19/03/20200.00
UruguayIndividualsSickness allowanceExtension of sickness allowance to workers over 65 years of age to remain in isolation07/01/20200.00
UruguayOther sectorDirected Credit Program (National Development Agency)Consists of loans for working capital and favorable conditions for the refinancing of debts. The Groups currently assisted are: i) Working Capital - Post COVID-19; ii) Capital for investment - Post COVID-19; iii9 COVID-19 Tourism Sector and event rooms; iv) Reprofiling of the debt of MSMEs affected by COVID-19; v) Program to support investments with positive environmental impact - Green Financing; vi) Dairy Sector Competitiveness Program of the Salto - Paysandú - Río Negro region.28/10/20200.00
VenezuelaUnclearIncrease in Minimum WageThe Venezuelan Labour Minister announced a raise in the minimum wage applicable to employees of the public and private sector.27/04/20200.00
VenezuelaUnclearPricing Control MeasuresVice President of the Economics Area published a list of new price controls for 27 basic food items, fixing the price of eggs, some cuts of meat, and sausage.26/04/20200.00
VenezuelaUnclearDecree No. 4168President ordered the Minister of Economy and Finance and the banking regulator (SUDEBAN) to provide financial relief for bank loans for debtors of Venezuelan state-owned and private banks for 180 days23/03/20200.00
VenezuelaUnclearDecree No. 4166VAT and custom duties were exempted for imports and sales of face masks and other related goods by public entities.17/03/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsHealth Heroestransfers of funds frozen by U.S. sanctions; payments of 100 USD to individual Venezuelans; facilitated by the parallel government of Juan Guaido05/09/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsHogares de la Patriavarious cash transfers depending on family size07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsBono de Economía Familiarsupporting those who, due to their family composition or particular situation, require economic assistance; an additional amount of Bs. 200,000.00 is provided from May07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsBono 100% Escolaridadfor households with a school-age boy or girl, Bs. 224,000.00 will be added. and in case of having more students at home Bs. 160,000.00 for each student.07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsParto Humanizadofinancial support to help mothers pay for some maternity costs07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsLactancia Maternaprograms to encourage breastfeeding and support breastfeeding mothers07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividuals100% Amor Mayorpensions for older adults, 400,000 Bolivars07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsPromotoras, formadoras y facilitadoras de Parto Humanizadofor promoters, trainers and facilitators of Parto Humanizado07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsMadres y padres elaboradores de las Casas de Alimentación, los comedores Mamá Rosa y los Centros de Recuperación Nutricional(i) socio environmental management programs for the construction and operation of the shipping terminal and for road rehabilitation; and (ii) development and implementation of the disaster risk management plan07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaUnclearBono Aquiles Nazoa (Cultores Populares)bonuses for workers07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaOther sectorBecas de Educación UniversitariaCollege Education Scholarships07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaUnclearChamba Juvenilpromoting young Venezuelans between 15 and 35 years of age to train and join the professional field07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsSomos Venezuelasupport for community social workers07/05/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsIncome Tax waiverIncome tax exemption for residents whose income does not exceed the amount equivalent to 300% of the minimum wages as of December 31, 201904/03/20200.00
VenezuelaIndividualsTax waiverResidents that had already filed and paid total or partial income tax for the fiscal year 2019 will receive tax credits in the equivalent amount of 2019, which may be applied in the subsequent years.04/03/20200.00
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